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DEBUNKED: Lynn, the Beenu Old Goddess?

With what we know about Lynn Azveltara right now, it makes complete sense for her to be, and for to have always been, the Beenu Old God we're currently crafting.
  • She's not only the Warden of the Realm, she holds greater sway over Rohbear then she probably should.
  • She seems to know everything, and knows how to plan for things even when they go wrong due to her underlings incompetence.
  • She seems pretty powerful, more powerful then your standard Elf. Even Virgo had trouble with fighting Players, which Lynn did not.
  • She had a Beenu 'Disguise', which could be her real form.
  • Most importantly, she gave birth to a Beenu after sacrificing the Beenu to the Old Gods.
I'm convinced, until shown otherwise, that Lynn might be the Beenu Old God who's infiltrating everything for her own personal gain.


  • Wait, what about her family then? Like her sister..? *looks at my own avatar*
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    @Astora To be fair, we don't know how the Family structures before the Birth of Magic work; for all we know, Phanto/Kallisto just said "Hey, you two are family now, accept it". They could've found the family-less, Elf disguised, Lynn, which confused them, then went to Lucida and said "Hey, this is your older sister now, accept it". Might be part of why Lucida hated her so much.

    Also, since we don't know how the Old God came yet, it's also possible that Lynn was born/created properly to Phanto/Kallisto.

    EDIT: And now they might have Memory Skin, so it's possible they just took over the Real Lynn whenever they arrived.

    EDIT 2: Ignore Edit 1.
  • I guess it could be possible. I feel like it would overwrite our precognition of Lyn Azveltara though, which is neither good nor bad. No matter what, the OGD will be interesting...
  • With the reveal that the Old God is a Creature that arrives from a Painting, there is no way that this Beenu Old God can be Lynn, who has existed since the Birth of Magic. And thus this theory is dead.
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