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Divine Decisions and Choosing not to Decide

Really just a thought I had that would toss out to the community and see where is anywhere it goes.

One of the themes that seems to drive Urealms is that the Old Gods interfering are responsible for a lot of the awful in the world. This comes with the corollary that Urealms may in fact be a better place if the Old Gods were not interfering and just maybe a good and wise god does not interfere with the world.

This led me to the thought that maybe it would be worth offering a little encouragement to not participate in Divine Decisions. Maybe an EXP bonus for giving up the opportunity to influence the course of the story, and even a little consolation to those who for reasons could not make it to the divine decision. The added EXP would also translate to greater opportunity to influence future decision that may actually matter to an Old God.

Again, just a thought, and the encouraging people to not decide is more the core of the idea than the bonus EXP.

So discuss, or not.


  • Its impossible to do that it only takes one person to mess the entire thing up and there just characters
  • edited April 2019
    The way I see it, EXP is a symbol of our ability to impact the realms and how much we do so (via donations, etc.) I could see a different reward to some degree, but I don't think EXP as a reward for abstaining really makes sense
    Oh, I just read your last part about decisions that may actually matter to an Old God. Doesnt't that contradict your point, or are we on different hype train tracks, here? lol
  • Well it's meaningless, much like internet points. Just because some would choose not to decide doesn't mean others won't someone always will. It does give you the opportunity to do things like say, "This decision doesn't matter to me, so I'll take the EXP and give those who care a better shot at their decision." Or just the feeling of being wise. I mean i guess Rob could add an "Allow events to progress naturally" button, but that isn't actually any different from just adding a third choice.

    But impossible is a very strong word.
  • i'm all for other people not voting, just gives me more of a chance of getting selected. kek
  • @PoppyrusRose It's really just a thought I felt was worth exploring. EXP was only a suggested mechanic. Also a wise old god need not stay wise.
  • I could see this as you not using your power to compete and by doing that increasing your power for future decisions
  • I think it's fine the way it is. Rob acknowledges that it's impossible for everyone not to decide.
  • After watching Rob's newest video on YouTube, What is URealms Live? I am reminded of the important of choice in Urealms, in particular the power to not choose. Nader Leomaris literally calls out the possibility of not choosing in the video. So, I decided I would revive this topic simply to explore no possibilities of not making a choice.

  • @Harkmagic If you think I'm not voting to get Scrooges to fight Bopen, you've got another thing coming. Sure, the Scrooges then become the richest race in the Realm, but I'm fine with that. :p
  • Almost got my no-vote scenario
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