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    @friskyBrisky You have to hit... Right? Okay. That might've been my problem, because I tried using the imgur link and the actual image link itself in the text bar, but then I just gave up hyperlinked the imgur page.
    Hey, hitting Enter was the problem! Thanks Frisky! Never would've realized that. Also, Rawb mistook my meme for yours when you re-posted it  :( I am le sad. But oh well, at least Rob enjoyed it.
  • @CaesarBarringster a direct link to the image will end with .png or .jpg and then it will work right, You don't have to hit right, just anything but enter. I think I hit usually just hit the space bar. It's been the way images work on the forums since the forums began so a lot of people who use the forums figured this out way back  when they were posting their selfies wearing merch in the No Tricks thread :)
  • @Meganzoor So only Enter doesn't work? That's... strange. I only ever hit Enter when I tried to post images, so that explains why the couple times I've tried to post an image, it wouldn't work. If only I had ever bought a T-Shirt and got in on the #noTricks deal, I would've seen that link explaining how to post images and I would've seen "Enter" alone was a no-go. But now that I know Enter was the problem, I can post memes!
  • I love how active the meme page is again :)
  • just heccin paste it in discord and take the link from there
    1. I see people are having trouble with posting images so i will make a comprehensive guide on how to post photos on the forums
    2. post the image on imagur
    3.  copy it into microsoft word from imagur and save it
    4.  use the image as you wall paper (for your computer)
    5. use a usb port to plug your computer into a potato this should give it the perfect resolution for transmitting the photo to hell but first
    6. plug you nintend 3ds into the potato via the charger and buy the photo off the nintendo e-shop you must do yhis because satan has a contract with nintendo
    7. Unplug you charger from the potato and put it into your phone and text the image to the devil (his number is 666-666-6669) and say you wish to sell your soul for the ability to post an image on the urealms forums
    8. then plug your phone into your computers disc drive
    9. download the image onto your computer
    10. do the ritual on page 103 of the necronomicon
    11. pray to wattever being that you worship that it will work (ive found allah or the chaos gods work well for this)
    12. drag the photo into the box
    13.  and thats all you need to do ping me if there is any problems
  • Some people also forget to make the image i.imgur instead of just imgur with either .png or .jpg at the end 
  • or just use discord..
  • leaked image of our beautiful divine:

  • @Noubi Perfection.
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    Love it
  • this is an old one I never posted

  • @erock1118 love it ahahaha, it's my new headcanon
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    Hah! That last one is amazing
    Terrible for my character, but they're a lil bitch, honestly

  • We have fun here on the memes page

  • The way I see it, this means all Beenu no longer “hover” they fly 
  • @Dart why all Beenu? It was an OGD power? Not changing all Beenu
  • @MasterDJV probably stemming from how they were talking about how the OGD would define a new race, but i doubt flying carries over seeing as its an OGD power.
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    I was under the impression Beenu could fly due to previous Streams and Lore canonically stating they lived in the sky at some point. And the whole reason Rob killed them all was so he didn't have to consider flying in combat, which is why we have very few, if any, flying creatures to begin with.
    Then again I might be seeing things that aren't there and it is just a massive coincidence with the game's design.
  • I do not regret giving a bird flight. Even though I will probably get ripped to shreds by a mob, at least I die happily knowing it can fly free! Besides, the powers it got before make it pretty op.
  • i can post this meme without a caption and y'all already know what i'm talking about.

  • @ZeoCobra
    Yeah I thought so too since they were mentioned to have that sky city that's a massive trek to get to unless you're a beenu then you just fly up
  • The old god divines are so cool

  • Are sad memes welcome here?

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