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Campaign Thread: A Fate Worse than Death



  • @Spacewalker ;
    Maybe we can set something up together? I also live in Australia and desperately want to watch this
  • So Janah Barringster might be used as parts for our god? I feel That would be indeed a fate worse then Death, at least If she is awake during the proses. Am really exited to se how things go!
  • How will xp be earned this show?
  • ......*thinks about what you just said*
    If we make a second old god... who are we going to use for the second old god?...

    Great now I am worried about ghostblade.

  • @BlackWhiteCavias Supporting the show (donating) = you get XP. XP = levels = more chances to be picked for each of the divine decisions 
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    @BlackWhiteCavias the amount of XP is equal to the amount donated towards the main goal. Each  donation milestone reached for each person increases the multiplier of XP they get (5--2x, 10--3x, etc.)

    e.g. If the total donated is $10100, and I donate $50 out of that, I get 40400 XP (this hypothetical assumes I have moneybags lol)
  • @PoppyrusRose i believe you also get experiance (and gold) relative to the dollar amount you donate. I believe its 10 xp per dollar so 50 dollars is 500 xp times four is 2000 so over all you would get 42400.
  • Oh, I didn't know that was a thing! I trust your judgement, bc your level implies more experience in the matter 
  • @Dolfinmaster ; @PoppyrusRose
    I am not too sure about the 10xp per Dollar thing, maybe one of the admins could enlighten on this discussion.
  • I am rather excited for this show, so much to decide, so little time.
  • Donations are up
  • @ZeoCobra ; there is an option to claim past donations (s1 and s2) for xp and gold underneath where it shows your actual value. Ive also noticed getting  odd amounts of XP outside of the normal bulk from the campaign, but that could just be them making a miscalculation and not adding that extra amount, but it has always corresponded by being 10 times higher than the amount ive donated. I also think it might be 100 but im not too sure, so I decided to lowball it here.
  • we could make Cell

  • and then glados
  • i made a poll to see which one of these ogd are the most popular you may vote more than once
  • @Revoltman I voted on your poll, but the results don't show on my end--is it just me? It might be bc I'm on mobile, but even in desktop mode, I still see 0 votes across the board
  • @PoppyrusRose its not working for me eather ill remake the poll
  • nvm tomorrow 
  • Will we also have a divine decision that let you choose the gender of the old god divine (man, female, neutral)? and which style of clothes it will wear, if it wears any clothes? (because it is an old god divine, it can wear  any style we know, like old roman or old greek or business man and so on)
    And which color eyes the divine  (like red, orange, gold?)
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    >old roman or old greek or business man
    >business man

    I'm an Old God Divine, I'm doing my business!
  • i still think we need to bring gobos to the center stage 
  • Geeze donation already halfway, it's almost guaranteed to be fully funded during the campaign now
  • Is this going to be an actual campaign? Or is it just an audience special?
  • Can we still donate to it during stream or do we have to donate before stream?
  • Rob
    edited April 2019

    $1 donated = 1 xp for everyone. Basically if the campaign is funded it's 10,000 XP (+any overspill) and then you guys get bonuses. 10k XP is 1 level (or more if your new to urealms) so this week people can gain a bunch of levels before season 4 divine decisions and beyond.

    So if you come watch the show and were funded this week. Your guaranteed a level. So you can look at all the 2x, 3x, 4x, as additional levels. You guys are already crazy supportive and were at 70% so it looks like we might be doing a double god show!

  • I hope this ends up being a long one so I can participate a little bit, unfortunately going to be without technology from 9 to 5 today. 
  • I wonder how long this will be, as well it isn't a normal campaign, so it will be curious
  • i wonder if all the sinners will show up
  • @Faust now I'm imagining Rob and DB rping all of them by themselves lol
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