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Campaign Thread: A Fate Worse than Death

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It's so much better when I get to put up the campaign threads ahead of time for your guys predictions. I'mma try to do that better this season okay?


  • ….This will be so much fun to decide, I just looked at the donation page
  • Absolute hypest intro, I'm so set for this weekend.
  • Soo ... ya think Janah will become the old god divine?
  • @BegbertBiggs ;

    Likely, some sort of sacrifice, I am more curious about the choice we can make
  • The chaos of our decisions will be glorious...
  • Agreed, I wonder what the choices will be like

  • Man I missed this show, only 5 days left  >_<
  • Honestly, I just had a thought, I think it could be kind of fun to have a mini version of this, just for fun
  • Tis is a good day today
  • This gonna be fun!
  • It is time for Frank to rise
  • "This is my kind of fun!"
  • So we are getting a total of 20 divine decisions. And we are picking things like race, personality, abilities, it’s purpose, and how it arrives into this world.

    Any thoughts on which way you would like to take some of these?
    for purpose I thick it would be interesting to not give it a purpose. And see what it does from there
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    Anyone else extremely concerned about Ghostblade after that video? Maelstrom, you better not get our beautiful bird hurt.
  • I'm so aboard this hype train :)
  • I just hope the memes don't win 
  • the memes always win
  • 16 Race Options. I'm excited! Can't wait to help make an Old God this Weekend!
  • pfffff who needs theories when you can just be along for the ride on mister morans wild ride

  • This seems ominous. I like it.

    Am i the only one getting Lovecraft vibes?
  • @PurpleDynamite ;Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn elder god divine sounds great

  • Decisions decisions... The big shake up is coming soon and who knows what is going to happen. I also wonder if all the Old Gods chosen for the 20+ Divine Decisions will be added to The Order of Chaos board. But whatever happens, the end result will be a world changed for better or for worse.
  • Nice super excited for this!
  • "I am not sure if professionally killing is something I can do anymore, honestly..."
    You could still be a killer for fun, Ghostblade. Don't let your job suck out the joy from your hobby.
  • Was watching the last season again and did it out of order and ended on the perfect one. I ended on "A Night To Remember". And I remember Rob talking about a fate worse then death for Roamins character (Janah Barringster).

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    Do you only get the purple name for 50 this time around? Also do you have to donate the full amount in one go or can you spread it out? I know I'm donating at least $10, but not sure if I want to (or if it even works this way) hit that 50 with two additional $20 donations

    EDIT: just watched the trailer an additional time and what I thought was at first just weird sound effects similar to a clock now makes me think they are *gulping* sound effects

    The description reads "The Old Gods have given Ghostblade a second chance at life, but only if he completes one final task for Maelstrom."

    A second chance at life ay? Sounds promising, but is it really? We have been fueling a chalice of blood. At first I thought it was just a cool generic thing, but what if it actually has a purpose? 

    In grand paladin order we had the goblet of mysteries and this is where I wish the wiki page had the legendary effects as well as the card name. If I remember correctly it transformed into a chalice of old god blood with the ability to bring someone back from the dead. But what was really interesting and admittedly this part is hazy in my memory. I'm looking for a clip where the card is shown, but I believe it had the effect of changing your attribute before it got upgraded. 

    Now I might be getting wrapped up in a ball of assumptions and mis-remembering, but thats the fun of theory crafting isn't it? So what do we get when you can hear someone drinking a supped up version of the attribute changing reviving blood goblet when a certain bird friend is being asked to do one thing for a new chance at life?

    Well in my eyes it gives you a whole new personality, no a whole new *person*. Rob loves his "no tricks" and this is no different. Finally we are getting everyone favorite birdy boi back so how funny would it be if they died before us? No not died before us. This is far worse than dying. Drinking a goblet of blood and feeling your life, your memories, your hopes and dreams all drain out of you. That is **a fate worse than death**. Also if ghostblade had become a dragon only to have this happen to them that would have been even funnier.

    Now there is one more point to wrap this all up. We have the ability to make a second being. But who else would be willing and available to make a custom made being specifically for our entertainment? Hmm I wonder? If what I have said here is true I must wonder if I really want to donate towards this goal.
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    I think last time we did a big dono event (Lightbeards) you coupd donate in parts towards the whole, but don't quote me on that
    Also, I'm p sure the purble is exclusive to 5s this time, yea

    Edit: Wow, don't type with sudsy hands, kiddos. Hoo boy..
    Also PhatSass "who else would be willing and available to make a custom made being specifically for our entertainment? Hmm I wonder?" If that means what I think it means, and it turns out to be true, I /will/ neck someone lmao
  • Rob
    edited April 2019
    Name being purple is all colors. Only difference is the banner when it shows your name on stream. There really isn't any reason to donate for higher tiers unless you just wanna support the show as the difference is some experience.

    Also note that I will be awarding all the DeadRealms EXP from the last few shows before the Old God Show, most likely on Wen/Thru this week.
  • I am so hype, I need to wake up at like 3 am because I temporal living in Australia. But I can't miss this one stream, that I have been hyped for the last two years.  Hopefully, I don't sleep through the alarms I have set!
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