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War's Expansion For Urealms

I have currently only made one class Called "Glass Canon" I do plan on making more and adding races and even fabled legendaries. Anyways I hope you guys like my BRAND NEW CLASS!
PS: I don't know how to link the card thing so the image appears if you hover over the URL and the image shows up, also too lazy to remake all the cards just to do it so please forgive me. This was made for season 3 and I will decrease the card count to 6 but that will happen once we get to season 4 and will be in a separate forum post.

PS PS: This Class is all about dealing MAJOR damage and infecting people with glass and spreading it dealing Aoe or Forcing them to stay in combat.

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!

-War_master_9 OUT
Until Next time!


  • Looking at the races, I noticed you said "triple effectiveness" on the Old Porc card, which I think is kind of vague. I get the limitation with space for card text on the race card, but triple effectiveness could be interpreted different ways, and so a stricter GM may choose to interpret it as 3x damage, while other GMs may do triple damage and be kinder with how well you need to roll for abilities that don't do damage.
    Also, I think the elemental spell decks are being cut out of URealms, if I recall correctly from the lore streams? If so, the "up to 3 elements of your choice" part of the High Elf card will be irrelevant.
    Does the Middle Dwelf class get two items *and* two spells, or do you get a pool of 6 items and spells and choose any two of them? I assume the former (in which case saying "2 items and 2 spells" may be better if only for clarity), since it's better and the latter would be mess to set up (unless there's a random item+spell deck, but I don't think there is IIRC).
    Magicbold could be reworded for grammar, but the random spell basic attacks is cool. Though, I don't know what you mean by "ignore any effects that would cause you to die". Do you mean the effects from the random spells? Or do you mean death rolls caused by dangerous terrain or specific text in a card? There's not many things in the game that simply *kill you* without a death roll. If you mean one or both of the options I listed, then perhaps you could reword it to say "you only death roll from damage". However, that's still kind of powerful, as it would technically make you from legendaries that cause death rolls, and would also... make the body switching Legendaries a bit awkward. Maybe it would be simpler to have Magicbolds only do regular death rolls except when it is caused by damage, because even those resistant to magic aren't immune.
  • @CaesarBarringster Thanks for the feedback, so yea middle dwelf is supposed to select 2 random items from a selection of 6 and then select 2 random spells from a selection of 6. As for the magicbolds ignore any effects that would cause you to die is to prevent you from getting shred flesh accidentally and killing yourself or any other similar spells. Tripple effectiveness for the old porc was supposed to be like if it does dmg it does triple dmg or if it is healing it heals 3 times as much, or if you get levitate 3 targets 5 spaces it 3 targets 15 spaces.
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