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Niki's art dumpster (Come one! Come all!)



  • @Toruk ; It's Julia Von Artem
  • You know its not exactly the usual art i do. But i like making maps. So here's a map for today 
  • Not all vampires are monsters... just most of them. statistically you could argue all of them. But i mean... ok fine you win 
  • Don't worry. It's not ketchup. It's blood 
  • Dolls are cute. I drew one. That's about it 
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    Apologies for no art yesterday. I played to much of the mines and the crafts. That said.
    I think i like this drawing enough to justify the gap 
  • You could say that digging graves for a living would be a depressing job.
    And you would be right 
  • May i introduce you all to Sir Galeric the glorious. Son of Gromar, Savior of the maidens, Hero of the seven oracles, Slayer of the ice drake, the champion of Bermuda, Human #1, The vanquisher of the leprechauns, And winner of the annual worlds stupidest hairdo award 5 times in a row 
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    BIRD PEOPLE (Applause at the epic super funny rick and Morty reference)
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    Now all i need is to draw a ranger love interest. A small child that can make portals, A tree lady, and an old man
  • Sugar
    And everything nice.
    These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girl 
  • I know that ive drawn changelings before. But my love for shape shifting things is too big for only a couple drawings
  • You shall not pass mister UwU 
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    The forest calls. For Athel loren! the wood elves!
  • I feel weird. I didnt draw anything today. (Also for some reason i forgot to attach the drawing yesterday. Whoops)
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    Tim: Hey Bob. Are we a cult?
    Bob: Why ofcourse not Tim! What made you think that?
    Tim: Yeah you're right. Sacrificing small animals in the name of the forgotten old god Sa-nath the unforgivable is just our duty as small pitiful mortals.
    Bob: Indeed. Now come here and let me set up the stand for the great prophetess. She requires atleast 4 sacks of goat entrails
    Tim: Alrighty. Hope shes satisfied with store bought ones...
  • For the Lady! Light! 
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