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  • @WritingWyvern
    Albert notices that inside the book there's a compartment for a tiny book which he takes out and reads
    @Writingwyvern  ;@Gushy48 ;
  • @WritingWyvern ; "Well it sounds nice. Id like to know what you need my help with first though. Unless its a secret"
  • @WritingWyvern ;
    "Oh no what is this" *he gonna cast magic shell and jump into then*
  • @WritingWyvern
    ”I’m sure there are many ways to fix it, surgery and magic, to name two” he says rather coldly now
  • @WritingWyvern @Murlin22 ;
    Sorry for being missing the last few days but it's more of a palace than a castle taken inspiration from the taj mahal but it also does have typical European castle defenses like towers and walls, also yes there are 100% many guards all around and they're specially trained known as "The Blood Guards" they kill on sight if they for whatever reason deem you as an enemy... or inconvenience... or they're bored 
  • @WritingWyvern ;
    After the bartender and Mike head off Onin takes Natalia's hand "Now where were we Lady Natalia?"
  • ( @nikiduke )
    "Oh it's very simple, there is another Medusa here, but unlike you, that demon had taken full control of her. As a Medusa, you can use your powers and possibly take her's. For doing this I will allow you to keep your powers if you do not miss use them, and grant you one reasonable wish. Sounds like a deal Ron?"
    ( @Loreteck )
    Samuel notices the extra magical power within this new body, it's very strange
    ( @Gushy48 )
    While Bastien, he remembers Beyonder casting many spells into the body, but now looking at it again, the body seems very enchanting and very beautiful. For some reason, Bastien feels a strong attraction to her new body.
    (basically, Bastien is on the edge of getting brought under the control of that new body, without Beyonder being inside, so Bastien will have some trouble here pretty soon)
    ( @Personguy )
    Okay well then, he was able to form this massive shell protecting him from the hands pushing the many hands away from him. Doing so he notices where he really is, as the walls of the maze broken down he notices this isn't the normal world, it's an illusion of some kind, a trick you can say. The sky can be red, blue, green, or anything at the moment. So yeah what does he do next?
    ( @Murlin22 )
    Vivian takes his masks off to see his face, "Mike why are you so... cold? I can feel it and know of many people with this pain. Please tell me what is bothering you, Mike."
    (Also we do know more about the Palace now if Mike wants to continue with his mission of climbing it for no good reason)
    ( @Kingedyou )
    "Yes, let's talk my King," She said very nervous and blushing at the moment, as she follows him inside
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    @WritingWyvern ;
    can he alter the illusion. Like is he changeing the sky colour or is it random
  • @WritingWyvern  ;@Gushy48 ;
    He shakes his head"Did you make that body...Your lucky I can caught on, that body is too unstable for use I'm afraid." 
  • @WritingWyvern Been busy with ACT and still trying to think what to do with Ace.
  • @WritingWyvern
    the moment he sees the guards he decides against the idea and just strolls to wherever he has been put up.

    ”I apologise, I don’t much care for talking about my past, I only brought it up when we were alone because of something that happened”
  • @WritingWyvern @Loreteck ;
    Well, that's not good!
  • @WritingWyvern ; "Thats it? Alright then. Who is it?"
  • ( @Personguy )
    GIve me a roll to try to change the color of the sky.
    ( @Loreteck )
    hm since I don't know how this works and you were the one making it up, I'm going to roll to see if that is true  high is yes low is no
    ( @Toruk )
    Oh, I see, I understand m8, those tests are annoying, good luck m8.
    ( @Maris )
    The dwelf and walks away, he still has a big smile on his face as he does. so she can continue with her job
    ( @Murlin22 )
    You would be by either Rick or the Bartender,
    meanwhile in the past, "Oh, I'm very sorry to intrude on it, but it's just, as I told you it's been a while since I was with anyone. And I just wonder about you."
    ( @Pufflemore )
    Oh sorry, it would be any time of day if you want it to be. Since things are happening through time and space and all.
    ( @nikiduke )
    "Her elf name is Cathrine Usher, but the demon in control of her is called Beyonder, and this isn't good. She at the moment has a lot of power, as she was in control of her for many years now. You need some more power since all you have is one eye to use."
     @Loreteck , he quickly points to Dan Gesling, "If you wish to come to the ritual, you may, it's quite an interesting one, to say the least..
  • @WritingWyvern
    I really want to ask about something involving the Make a Body and Morgana but ik you will not tell me...
    *she walks in the garden some more trying to see if their any flowers she recognizes from her home
  • @WritingWyvern ; "Well yeah. I suppose you're right about that."
  • @WritingWyvern She sighs and goes back to feeding the raskums.
  • @WritingWyvern @Gushy48 ;
    Even your rolling for it I'm going to say no since it's way to overpower otherwise to magically applyfiy bodies and I would image when I say husk I mean empty of all magical material since the soul is tenically the thing that would be thing to inhabit it that brings the knowologe and experience of said magic to the body. All I'm saying is that I'm not making this into a build a demigod workshop. Plus I doubt she has knowologe of the process so I Don't how she could make a body.

    @WritingWyvern  ;@nikiduke ;
    ".....Dan gesling is extremely lost and will require an exstive backstory from both of you also you never let me talked once..."
  • @WritingWyvern
    is it a separate room or shared?
  • @WritingWyvern
    ”Understandable” he says “If I may ask does my appearance revolt you?”
  • @WritingWyvern
    (Ok but actually where were we it's been months)
    He leads her into his chamber 
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