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Legends of the Crossing (Short stories thread) (Story 1: Ancient blood)



  • @Toruk ; "Ofcourse not. The important vampires are entombed and put into the towers dungeon" You poke around the corpses*
  • @nikiduke "What does that mean?"
  • @Toruk ; "It means exactly that"
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    @nikiduke ;
    Welp might as well fear roll still 

    Heh noice
  • @Sabertooth1114 ; You are petrified at this sight
  • @nikiduke
    Isabelle scurries behind her master because of the horrible thing she just saw
  • @Sabertooth1114 ; Your master just scoffs "Damn Mortals. How dare they!" *He then punches a wall*
  • @nikiduke "So if he is entombed. Does he .. regenerate? Is that a thing Olaf"
  • @Toruk ; "Oh no my child. Once we die we are dead for good. However! The power left within us at death can be used as a source of energy for the tower."
  • @Toruk @WritingWyvern @Sabertooth1114 @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ; After an hour or so of panic and anger. The vampire kings corpse is dragged away.
    And the realisation that a new ruler of all vampires must be decided now sets in.
    Immediately many nobles spring into suggesting themselves or their close allies.
    What was once a simple visit turning into a full political debate
  • @nikiduke
    "...Okay, i'm not political genius or anything, but everyone trying to nominate themselves or those they can manipulate won't do shit but lead to civil war on a hundred fronts. Now isn't the time to be fighting about who will lead if this is how it ends up happening..."
  • ( @nikiduke )
    Blaze will lick the heart before going in front the groups of vampires talking, “oh why not vote for the top 5 candidates and have them go on fun quests to prove themselves to be king, like slay more heroes across the land or burn cities! The best one becomes the next king!” She says jumping up and down with the heart in hand
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @WritingWyvern ; All of the debating vampires look over to you "Deciding a leader is quite simple. It is to be put up to a vote"
  • @nikiduke
    "I'm just saying that with so many nominating themselves, it'll be hard for anyone to get a majority for a safe leadership unless narrowed down, perhaps to the heads of large families for example."
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ; "Oh! Oh! I vote for me!"
    *The woman that Vera told you to keep wary of says excitedly raising her hand*
    "Typical Von Artem. Always looking to lead. I say i would be a better Queen!" *Another vampire says raising her voice*
  • @nikiduke ;
    Jeremy just says nothing, but rolls his eyes slightly. In his mind, he thinks of the Von Artem head to be enthusiastic at the least, though whether that is good or bad is unclear.
  • @nikiduke @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @WritingWyvern "We need quicker action then sending them on a quest or something. They just killed the king, the humans are always the issue, along wit any that ally them. We need a leader who can fight in wars and lead well in stressful times"
  • @Toruk @WritingWyvern @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ; "I know! Who here has killed the most mortals this year?"
    Everybody begins to think back and count in their minds
    "So there was... and then 2 divided by 12. Carry the 4" *All but Julia Von Artem. Who confidently stands up
    "Ive killed 500"
  • @nikiduke
    "Eh, this doesn't really matter, but my total is 6. My life wasn't exactly peaceful before all this after all."
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ; "I don't believe that counts as you've pointed out. But its nice to know"
    Vera says with a smile* "Not counting goblins and other monsters. Ive killed around 200 so far this year"
  • @nikiduke I look to Olaf as they do all these numbers, expecting a big number from him as well*
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    @Toruk ; Sir Olaf counts his kills on his two hands. Calculating roll 
    "I think ive killed atleast 190. More or less. Depends if you count Forest Elves as Mortal"
  • @nikiduke (I got that itching feeling that this is gonna end up with Julia on the throne, as 2/2 they have the best stuff, unless I do something kinda out of char as I am a kid and can't really sense if she is lying or if I smell the old blood on her, which is way out of my liege)

    "Forest Elves kinda count, they are not undead.. so I guess you can call my nature loving kin mortal for this?"
  • @Toruk ; "Oh well then uhhh..." *Lets see how many forest elves our dear friend Sir olaf has killed 
  • @Toruk ; "So thats... around like 40 i think. That would be like 230 more or less. I did also kill some goblins. But do we really count those weaklings?"
  • @WritingWyvern @Toruk @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @Sabertooth1114 ; The vampires continue to argue over who should be the leader. When suddenly you hear a loud sound of doors slamming open. And you see a woman walk out and stand at the top balcony overlooking the room "SILENCE YOU IMBECILES! MY HUSBAND IS DEAD! THIS IS NO TIME TO DISCUSS WHO WILL LEAD US NOW! THIS IS A TIME! FOR REVENGE!" *Thunder can be heard from the outside. As a swarm of bats flies out of the room that this woman had walked out of. Everybody goes silent*
  • @nikiduke "Sir Olaf..who is this lady?" *He whispers in Olaf's ear when everyone goes dead silent*
  • ( @nikiduke )
    Is she better looking then Blaze Jr’s mother blaze?
  • @WritingWyvern ; Besides some running mascara. She is wearing a very flattering red dress and has long grey hair. Her face is pretty fair. Depends on what you would see as beauty. But most vampires would consider her very beautiful
  • @Toruk ; Olaf swallows his spit and stands straight "Queen Tamara"
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