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Faction Idea! The Cult of The Rat.

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I don't have to much lore for this yet, and I think it is best if it is vague so if Rob does like this idea it is less likely to conflict with things. Basically, on the South Side there is a large faction of totalitarian fanatics who worship a hat rat. This society is large enough that it is a fairly large threat in the South Side and has a modest amount of influence. Why do so many people worship a hat rat you may ask? Well that will have to take some explaining.

History of The Rat
Basically, there once was a Nisovin believer who was collecting powerful magical artifacts and scrolls such as the Medusa Curse and various legendary spell scrolls. He also happened to have a pet Hat Rat. One day a group of adventurers came to raid the Nisovin's tower. While the adventures fought the Nisovin they accidentally spilled the Medusa Curse and the hat rat managed to drink some of the bottle off of the floor. Once the adventurers killed the believer Nisovin and found the hat rat, the rat had already been cursed by the medusa. The entire party was charmed and as one tried to pick the rat up it happened to cast a legendary spell out of his hat. This was a fluke, just like every other hat rat casting legendary spells, just a fluctuation of Urealms magic or the Old Gods. But, this caused the twisted and charmed minds of these adventurers to think the hat rat was a divine or maybe even a god.

After slowly befriending the rat, they made their way South Side, to one of the unnamed towns that exist over there. They began construction on a church, it was fairly easy to gain funds because the Medusa Curse made everyone who looked into the rats eyes to believe it was god if told. As they grew in strength their society also began to grow more complex. When near that rat, the corrupted minds of some began to hear voices. Thinking that it was the rat, they quickly began doing its bidding. This of course was not from the rat, it was either from some divine, side effect of the curse or maybe the Old Gods themselves. Quickly the ranks of The Cult of The Rat grew to a frightening size and when it could be stopped, those who tried either died in the process or were charmed by the rat.

At this point in time, the rat lives in one of the largest, and most defended castles in the realm. Many members of the cult have not ever seen the rat. Only few have the privilege to visit or care for it. These include its trusted caretakers, one of the highest positions one can achieve in the cult, they are those who bathe, feed, pamper and give silver to the rat. Then there are the royal guards, who rarely see the rat other then glimpses but guard the castle and are made up of many legendary heroes. Finally, there is the High Speaker, the one who relays the messages sent by the rat. Of course it is not actually the rat speaking but the speaker does not know that, and neither do their followers. They are the defacto leader of the Cult, having basically absolute power within The Rat Cult because of their supposed connection to the rat.

Although it quickly grew at first, it began to slow down, as the rat became more protected less people became charmed and thus less people joined the cult. But even with the slower expansion, this is still a large faction within the South Side. The Rat Cult has some serious influence within South Side politics and despite the want of other factions to destroy the cult, the way the cult is formed makes that extremely difficult. Many of the cult members will lay down their lives for the rat, either because of indoctrination or because the rat's charm. They would also fight to the bitter end, the members of the cult would keep fighting for the rat no matter the loss. And, that is not to mention all of the charmed heroes who have already tried to defeat this faction which have neatly filed into the cults ranks. All of these factors make being on the cults bad side a very dangerous game.
(hbh, I just want this because in a campaign I started a cult around a hat rat and I love the idea of a large, powerful faction building their entire society around something so weak as a hat rat)


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