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Timeline question

So in the skeleton king campaign the kobold village attack takes place and it was my impression that the fight with Virgo takes place pretty soon afterwards. This kicks off the whole war and all the major events until the current point in the timeline. My question is, since the sandbolds campaign picks up at this point and then lasts for several "decades" that means Maelstrom won't be a dragon for decades after the ageless war starts.

Doesn't this also mean that the sanbold meet up with Lynn Azveltara happens years after the war starts? It feels like that's supposed to be a pretty major event and unless Dragon Maelstrom shows up after Bopen is defeated, won't the war just go on for decades? 


  • Yeah many of the events in the sandbolds probably take place during or after the war. I don’t see how this is a problem though. The elves are going to have more going on than just dealing with the war, and the war probably isn’t going to effect every, so seeing no reference to the war during that sandbolds doesn’t seem to odd a thing.
  • Well, the Sandbolds were pretty much there to stop time magic from being abused and were essentially the time police. Wouldn't surprise me if their cave manipulated time so they could have quicker recruits (well, same time but quicker in the outer world) to keep up their policing.
  • The virgo fight could have been a long time after
    For all we know it could be 50 years after the end of sandbolds, because silver and stuff
  • The timeline is only concrete in reference to other parts of the timeline. Unless Nader tells us a story, everything is headcanon. Timeline is probably left open ended like this to allow flexibility in the stories Rob wants to tell.
  • like @UnluckyBimi said, Sandbolds are time-police creatures.

    so it's entirely possible that Final Talon exists outside of time in some way and the Sandbolds are able to effectively (but not actually) time-travel to different points in time when need be.

    to prevent wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff and help with the "No time-travel" thing, i'd say that From final Talon's point of Veiw: The rest of the world is on "pause" time-wise. You can move this pause forwards, but not backwards. So you could enter Final-talon, stay there for ten years, and come out two minutes after you went in, but not two minutes before you went in.

    Probably not the case though as i could see that being far to complicated.
  • @TamTroll That'd actually be a pretty good way to keep that in the timeline and not in the future, that or have it so every 1 second in the Outer World is like 10 minutes in the Sandbold time. (Seeing as Sandbolds wouldn't really notice that much since they've existed since the Birth of Magic, so a short time to them probably is a very long time to a Dwarf or something)
  • the timeline thing is very important though

    because our Old God Divine is being brought in by Dragon Maelstrom, meaning our OGD might not be coming in for a very long time, timeline wise. so if Final Talon doesnt have some time shenanighans going on, that can create some interesting scenarios.

    FOR EXAMPLE....if we put something down like “Our divine kills Bopen” when creating our divine (this is a hypothetical)

    Wouldnt that force a scenario where Bopen would have to live that long, thus continuing the War for that long? Or...Bopen wins the war. 

  • Couple things to not about this though:
    1. we don't know how long it is between the kobold village and running into Virgo, could have been hours or even decades because of ageless and silver
    2. it would have definitely been a few days at minimum between Virgo's death and GPO happening since you need to take into account the time it would take for the higher ups of the Paladin Order to gather to choose who should be the successor, days is the minimum assuming they were all close and immediately gathered but it was likely more
    3. the war didn't start immediately upon Gwyneth taking charge or Bopen getting the favor of Deadlantis, it would be slower than that. it would start off with Gwyneth leading for a purge on ageless as seen in The Purge all the while Deadlantis starts preparing weapons for war under the leadership of Bopen. I'd say at the minimum a few months between the death of Virgo and the war truly begins with an actual army of ageless actively fighting against the paladins
    The only definitive thing we know about the end of Sandbolds in relation to other events is that it is the most recent event to happen out of every campaign so far. Whether this places it at the very beginning of the war, in the middle of the war, or after the war is entirely dependent on how long it took for the steps between(Bopen killing Virgo, both sides deciding to go to war, and conflict actually starting) to actually happen and we just don't have any concrete info about that which is how it was intended. Rob wants to keep the timeline relatively loose only definitively saying "this campaign happened after this other campaign" this allows for more stories to be weaved in without contradicting eachother.
  • @UnluckyBimi

    Rob and deadbones WERE considering a form of hyperbolic time chamber in one of the lorestreams. Our ideas wouldn't really work with what they were thinking though, as last i recall, the idea was you had a limited time in the chamber, only able to stay in there for twenty five years or something during the entire span of your lifetime.
  • @TamTroll Good point, although they could have had a small section in the Sandbold cave that did that? I guess we won't know 'til we get told by Rawb.
  • your assessment of time is correct and the conclusions you draw from are not necessary wrong.

    The Sandbolds campaigns leads us to the furthest time forward (potentially) of all campaigns. The war is either on going or concluded potentially by the same the Sandbolds are destroyed and Maelstrom becomes a Dragon.
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