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Roleplay Spell Ideas!

Last time they were streaming Rawb mentioned that he was thinking about making more roleplay spells, so this is a place for you to share your ideas for those. I'll start:
Find Cheesewheel - A simple spell used to find the location of the nearest cheese wheel, sometimes used as an impromptu clock spell in certain locations. 


  • Purge Impurities- Cuts the crust off of bread. 
    Mend Soul- Repairs the sole of your shoes
    No ice- Removes all ice from your drink, but will often depress you with how much of your drink was ice
  • Brown Noise - Release a magical tone so low that it makes all Targets in an Area centered around you, especially you, deficate immediately.
  • Erectus Defectus
    Makes the target loose excitement and become depressed. They cannot move any part of their body upward during the duration
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    Blank Spell:

    Pick a non-magical non-living item. That item becomes magical. No further effect.

    player 1) I cast blank spell on my gloves.
    player 2) cool, what does that do?
    player 1) it means they’re magic gloves
    player 2) how are they different from regular gloves?
    player 1) they’re magic.
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    Saggneeos the spell of Multiplication
    custom card
    (It's a calculator)
  • Grampa’s Chair

    Conger a wooden Rocking Chair from The Realm of Holding to rest your tired body.
  • the realm is holding 
    Enchante an item to give that item access to the realm is holding.
  • The Critical hit - You conjure up a flashy spell that seems to excite everyone at first but just starts to quickly realize it's a cheap trick. This spell always critically hits unless you roll a critical failure. DO NOT ROLL A CRITICAL FAILURE!
  • Book of Omniscience - Summon a magical encyclopedia to settle arguments with. Believers that possess a Book of Omniscience immediately go through an existential crisis and cease to exist. It's rather unsettling to watch.

    Conjure Rimshot - The sound "ba dum tiss" is heard by everyone in range of the caster. Criticals cause everyone who hears it to break out into uproarious laughter.

    Thoughts and Prayers - Send positive mental energy toward a target. This spell has no effect.
  • Acnestis Enkratês

    You possess absolute control over the power to scratch your own back (all of it). This includes the ability to apply ointments or perform any actions that involve reaching the hard to reach part of your back.
  • Glowing Mark
    mark a target giving them a magic aura That leave glowing marks on what every they touch, you can natural sense the general deration of where they are as long as they stay markt, the aura can be watched off with warm water.
  • Megaton Influx Channel
    You look super cool and dangerous while charging this impressive spell, but that's all it does. 

    Summon Furniture
    You ever wanted to drop a piano on someone or been in a position where you need an extra chair? Well have I got the spell for you.

    Spell Of Extreme Movement
    Naruto run everywhere, make yourself look really fast when you're just running at normal speed.

    Set The Stage
    Get the lighting just right for your big entrance, get your theme music pumping before you make your final play, or ruin the mood for the BBEG's speech. 

    Inscribe Tattoo
    Give yourself a sick permanent tattoo and certainly don't regret getting it later as the only way to get it off is with deadly lazers.

    Quick Change
    "With a wave of my hand, I am in my comfy pajamas and am ready to eat this entire tub of ice cream."
  • Mirror Image
    Create an illusion that shows each person who looks at it, an image of themselves as they currently are. More advance versions of the spell allow for freezing the image in different poses and changing clothes, hair style, and makeup.
  • Perceived Perception
    At the start of the Game Master's turn, make a guess on what the Game Master will do. If the player is correct, the Game Master's turn must be played out as such, and the player is awarded one Bonus Action for this Round.

    Dance of Kamattamay
    Attempt to grab the attention of all Targets in your line of sight with a dance of your own description. The higher you roll, the complicated the dance must be, but the more likely Targets will notice you. If successful, all Targets affected feel compelled to only attack you.

    Voluntary Halitosis // Range: 3
    Take out a raw onion (or similar foodstuff) from your pocket and bite into it. Targets and Allies will not want to be adjacent to you during the next Round because of your now-bad breath.

    Instead of dodging out of the way of an attack, attempt to distract the Enemy with a loud quacking sound.
  • I'm not wearing PANTS

    Turn pants into a skirt

    10 range
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