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Legendary Spell Ideas!



  • Weapon Refit - All numbers on a weapon's card are multiplied by 10.
  • Begone Thought  - Completely destroy a targets memory. They remember how to do things, but forget people and past.

    Basically the backfired memory charm on Lockheart from Harry Potter. 
  • Goodbye Birdie- Summon the power of the old gods with a wave of your hands turning all characters facing you to painfully and slowly transform into bird people. After the transformation all the bird people flee in utter terror. Characters must get a high roll to resist this transformation and the feeling of pure fear it causes.  
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    Cost: 500 // Element: Arcane/Light
    Merge your soul with the other party members, who are then able to perform all your spells for quadruple damage for each round of combat that this Spell if active. At the end of each Round, you may either reform back into your body, or Death Roll to keep the Spell active; failing a Death Roll will result in both killing the spellcaster and removing the additional-spellcasting effects of your Allies.
    Note: If you are currently anti-party, the spellcasting ability will instead be awarded to the party's Enemies.

    Cost: 500 // Element: Arcane/Dark
    Cause a Target to fade away into nothingness, after which everybody in the Realm (except the spellcaster) will forget the Target ever existed and will fervently refuse to believe otherwise.
    (alternative Effect:)
    Remove a Target from the battlefield, causing everyone on the board (except the spellcaster) to believe the Target has been killed; and that any future encounter they may have with the Target is with an imposter, fervently refusing to believe otherwise.

    Unquenchable Anger
    Cost: 500 // Element: Earth/Fire // Range: 8
    Allow yourself to submit to the stress of the battlefield and turn into a 5x5 tile, which lasts until the end of combat. You now may only perform Basic Attacks which do 99 Damage to any Target.
    At the end of combat, you must Brutal Death Roll in order to return to normal; failure will result in you literally exploding in rage, doing 65 Damage to anyone within a 4-tile radius.
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    Dizango Bango // Element: Fire/Earth
    Call down a massive meteor to land on the battlefield, dealing 99 damage and turning the entire targets area into dangerous terrain.
    Radius: 10
    Note: honestly I just really want a spell called dizango bango, regardless of whether you use that effect
  • an aging spell that doubles the damage of all your abilities/spells till the end of combat, at the end of combat do an impossible death roll
  • Shift Gravity
    Leviate all enemies in a targeted area high into the air. Then increase gravity slamming them into the ground.
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    Final “wish”: A “wish” spell that changes the casters perception of reality. The spell does nothing to the real world other than make the caster go mad. Some people think it’s a wish granting spell that makes those weak of mind go mad or that the caster ascends to a different world leaving there body behind. But in reality it simply breaks there mind trapping them in a fantasy indistinguishable from reality forever seeing the world as if it really was a Wish spell and had worked. They still move and talk but can not perceive what is actually happening. 

    Ex: I wish for a ham sandwich.

    Result: They sit there with a ham sandwich and the world carry’s on as it would but the caster now sees a ham sandwich that they think everyone else can see. It may do nothing or a king could slip on it and die. 

    For the caster the wish may as well have actually happened and every small change the wish would have caused would change how they see and feel the world. If a wall is in the way that wouldn’t be there if the wish went though they would walk in place as if there was nothing there. Dying in reality or in the fake world would kill them ending the spell.

  • Judge or be Judged- The caster chooses a target who will be judged by the light. If this target is good then they are given unbelievable power but, if they are evil they take damage. If they are really evil they outright die. If the caster of this spell doesn't or cannot choose a target then hits them.  
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    Lurking Curse - Draw a random spell, the target is now permanently affected by this spell. If the spell deals damage then they must impossible death roll.
  • Ideas for Legendary Spell Names
    Vosrada's Incantation or Vosrada's Cry
    Crystallising Shower
    Shatter Fate
    Unending Repeat 
    or Endless Loop
    Wallow's Embrace
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    Alright! Let's give this a go...

    Casting this spell on an ongoing spell effect causes it to become permanent.

    ^ It's inspired by games like D&D, maybe add some rule that you can't make legendary spells permanent unless you roll a natural 20? Alternatively, due to some... balancing problems (like a spell that effects more than one person), this could also only be used on spells that only affect 1 character.

    As an example of a use of this spell, if someone has cast a spell that Enlarges someone, but it ends at the end of combat, this spell would allow it to remain.
  • Time Turner:
    Return the world to a state 1 minute(round) before this spell was cast. Only you and your allies can remember what happened in that 1 minute. The use of this spell causes causes your time to be ripped off, and thus requires a brutal death roll after its been cast.
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    Hey, I was just watching some of Rawb's vods on new legendary spells and I suddenly felt inspired to create this. If something like this was already created by Rawb or someone on this forum I apoligize.
    custom card

    I like the idea of this spell because it is a legendary spell that almost guarentees a kill, It is a kill at point blank range so it is pretty fair. Something awesome happens if you crit with it, but something even awesomer happens it the target of the spell survives, which as we have seen in the show when characters survive a impossible death roll it is really dramatic and really turns the tide of battle. It can be used on yourself at a incredible risk. All and all I think it is a very balanced card.

    Onto what this spell has the potential to do. Anything. If a character were to survive this, they would automatically become a meta character because they know that their universe is a show. This only has a 1/20 chance of occuring, but the idea is really compelling.

    P.S. Because it wasn't explicitly stated, if the caster of this spell uses it on themselves and survive the brutal death roll, they would not gain the benefit of knowledge of the universe, only the spells. Making it so the caster can't just instantly use it on themselves if they have a item that negates a deathroll or is a dverg dverg.

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    The Floor is Lava - A volcano grows out of the ground and erupts all over the battlefield. The entire battlefield except for the spaces you and your allies are standing on turn into dangerous terrain.

    (card: custom card )
  • Kallisto's Armament
    Pray to the Sun God and materialize a weapon of pure energy. Draw a random Weapon and add it to your inventory until the end of combat. This weapon deals 50 damage, has twice it's normal range, and Basic Attacks with this weapon will never miss unless you roll a Critical Failure. Natural Critical Successes when casting this spell allow the weapon to become permanent.
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    Massive Destroy Undead- unleash a wave of light energy in every direction releasing the souls of all ageless in that area killing them instantly.
    9999 range, 9999 damage 
  • @Whightknight16 99 damage to the Ageless (that are presumably already vanquished), or to the living caught in its fire?
  • Apotheosis
    • LIMIT - 1/Season (shared cooldown across all characters/NPCs)
    • RESTRICTION - Must choose an element you have the most affinity among spells you can cast. Your/GM choice if tying affinity.
    A colossal burst of radiating <ELEMENT CHOICE> bursts from you, immediately inflicting a status on all characters/NPCs within range (based on element). You shed your mortal form, and take on the form of an avatar of a Divine/Dragon Aspect (based on element). After all immediate threats are dealt with (if any), you are teleported to an astral plane of existence where you rest for a very long time, leaving behind an artifact item/statue (of your description) where your mortal form once was.

    Lots of room for creativity, hope ya like the idea if nothing else!
  • Caustic Warhead
    99 Damage, 10 Range, 3x3 AoE
    The user consumes any potions in their possession and concentrates the reaction combined with their own digestive juices within themselves before violently regurgitating the vile concoction at a target. For every two potions consumed, increase the AoE to the next square area. All tiles in the AoE become Dangerous Terrain. After casting, the user is put in Danger from the stress on their body. Once out of danger, the user will have an extreme thirst for pure water, and potions will have no effect on them for the rest of the campaign. If the casting critically fails, the user Brutal Death rolls as they are dissolved from the inside.
  • Death wish
    - by killing yourself, kill as many people as you are thinking of
  • @PoppyrusRose people assume that the spell only effects ageless but it deals damage to any living creature caught in the crossfire
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    custom card

    It is almost obligatory to shout "RODA-RORADA!" when using this spell IMO.
  • Some classic elemental stuff (Damage numbers placeholder):

    Ice Age
    Place your hand on the ground and release a wave of ice that engulfs the entire battlefield, turning it into rough terrain (ice). Every enemy flips a coin, if they land on tails they are frozen and take 50 damage. If they are frozen already, they brutal deathroll. The player may feel free to shout an ice-pun of their liking.

    (I know that the whole "entire battlefield" thing is difficult to do in practice, but you could just draw a blue border around it and tell the players its frozen.)

    Wrath of the Storm
    Conjure up to three magical lightning rods down from the heavens, anywhere on the battlefield. In a 3x3 space around these rods, an incredible lightning storm is created that persists for three turns and deals 50 damage to all targets inside the zone.

  • Reht's Con - Rewrite the memories of near by Characters. Convincing them that past events happened differently. If a Character effected by this spell experiences something that contradicts the new memories, they treat it as a continuity error and ignore it.
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