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Are there other Silver Mines?

At the end of season 1 we all know that Golestandt was freed, but with this that mean they have nothin to mine as the dragon silver was coming from his scales so does that mean that elves will start ageing and will that start chaos cause rich elves who have been eating silver for a long time will go crazy cause they have never aged before.


  • Its been a little while since my last watch, but I'm pretty sure there aren't any other mines (although we don't know much about most the aspects so there technically *could* be other mines). However, it sounds like Golestandt will go back to sleep soon after a bit of mayhem. So whoever controls the location where he sleeps (like Deadlantis wanted to during the Senate of..), they will have access to the Dragon Silver. So the elves should have enough stockpile left over to carry them until Golestandt lands and sleeps again. Question is, will they control him this time?
  • The short answer is we don't know. The fact that it's called Dragon Silver implies that it can be from other dragons and we do not know where almost all the dragons are. It has been mentioned that Quintara may give her scales to special people when they fall off, but she's chaotic so it is far away from a reliable source of Dragon Silver. The elves have mentioned dealing with Golestandt before though so I am sure that keep an extra supply of Dragon Silver for when he goes on his temper tantrum.
  • I hope not. I'm going to guess no, considering the mountain was essentially a dragon. No dragon, no silvermine mountains, no indefinite supply of scales. I imagine they have reserves strewn about, and there would likely be a good portion remaining where Golestandt left.
  • We know that Golestandt had other resting places before, where his scales were mined (e.g. the Silverflats). Certainly the elves expect that this cycle will continue but indeed it seems like we do not know if the ageless war will affect this.
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