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Event Rolls! (New Mechanic)

Hey Guys, I have been running a few URealms campaigns myself and I am always looking for hpw to improve it in any way possible. One thing that the show has the average games don't are Supporter Events. I really enjoy Supporter Events because it adds a sense of tension, mystery, and excitement to the show. You aren't sure what is going to happen but you can see that bar fill up almost like a timer for when something crazy will change the game. Though it is usually reserved for the show I think I have found the best way to add it to your home games that doesn't break the theme and doesn't force your players to pay for things to happen. :smile: 

Playing with Event Rolls:
This is what the mechanic would look like on the board.

Event Rolls usually are just a pictures with a number underneath it. Every Round you ask ONE player to roll a D20. Lets say they rolls a 6. They then get to choose one of the Events to subtract their roll from. The middle one with the eye looks the most interesting so they choose that one making it's total 14. When the number of the Event Roll total hits 0 the event is activated. If the player Rolls a number higher than the total they have to add the rest of it to another Event. If the player doesn't like any of the Events shown that's too bad they should hope for a low number. It's that simple during the game but let me quickly tell you how I design Event Rolls.

Designing Event Rolls:
Typically you want all of your Event Rolls to add up to 50 Per Encounter (The average Roll of a D20, 10, times the 5 Rounds). Of course you can raise an lower the numbers depending on how easily you want them to activate the Events. The picture above is the Event Rolls of a Boss Fight, so I made it add up to 60 making it a more of a pick and choose instead of essentially forcing them all to activate. It's important to remember that they always add their number to an event so if you make them low enough you are most likely guaranteeing they will all go off. Though you are still ultimately in control, I find the players find that Rolling and choosing the events give them the feeling of power. The Old Gods are making these things happen, which is what URealms is all about. The lack of information under an Event is what I find as the preferred way for Events when your Players have control. When my Players fund the "Supporter Events" they will usually exclusively choose what is beneficial for themselves. Carefully choosing your pictures though, can leave them often unsure whether an Event is good or bad but still give them a general idea of what may happen. I encourage you to throw a couple of tricks in the Events, but make sure there is enough good ones to keep the Players optimistic when they do an Event Roll. The last Event in the example can make a Sin of the Unforgotten so I thought it was best to make sure the Players knew the ramifications of that, which you may find is best with some of your Events when you want an Event to be more intimidating.

Event Roll Condensed Rules:
Choose a single Player to Roll a D20 at the start of the Players Turn. They then choose an event to subtract their Roll from. They MUST subtract their Roll from one of the Events. If the Roll is higher than the Event total then their number must spill into a second Event of their choosing. If the Event total hits zero then the effects of the Event activate.

If you are confused about any of it or want more examples just let me know and I will reply as soon as I can! Thank you for reading all of this and I hope you enjoy adding Event Rolls to your games!
- TechFX


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