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Legendary Spell Ideas!



  • sorry about that every one in combat forgets each others transgressions 
  • Thors Spell Of Bearding Wave your hands infront of your face summoning a beard with divine properties that lasts 2 rounds, the beard causes all foes to hit themselves using a move action to do so, if they don't they can't do anything other than stare at your beard.
  • Alpha and Omega- summon forth a legendary sword that has a power equal to the entire collective power of the realm. Its power is so great and unsustainable  that the user must roll a 20 after each attack to see if the blade disappears. It has the power to slice through anything ,even reality, and destroy it, cannot destroy the universe only rip a hole in it. the user must brutal death roll after it is gone to see if their body can handle wielding such power. 
  • why not, I got two ideas, just spitballing i guess
    Spell of pure injury: (I'm bad with names)
    Basically, a spell that causes a permanent injury to a character, making sure no magic can heal the wound. This wound can be anything from the loss of an eye to hands, legs and maybe even mental problems, idk? This could explain how people get scares and things that characters have
    Ultimate Arcane Beams: .
    Arcane magic flows into your fingertips, and you can fire small Arcane beams from your fingertips. You get 5 shots her dominant hand and they are massively powerful. Like I think It should either be like either Greater Pryoblast or empahvision
    (Basically Freezas finger beams from Dragon Ball Z)
  • A spell where you can go inside the targets body and expand out until your back to size causing the target's body to blow up from the inside 
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    Sanguinity: Blood magic only known by Vampire lords and Master Flesh Weavers that drains a target entirely of its blood and pulls it out explosively, dealing 200 damage to the receiver, and 50 to all targets within 3 tiles. If the original target is killed they become a powerful sentient but subservient ghoul linked to the caster.

    Old God's Curse: A timeless hex that causes the caster to emit power beyond their wildest imaginations, channeling the power of the old gods, it allows the player to cast a spell that can do anything they want (As long as the game master allows it). 

    Consecrate: Using the power of Kallisto the caster takes a slice of pure immortality, allowing them to be protected from any attack, including impossible deathrolls and divine killers. 

    Dreambend: Walking the line of a pure dreamweaver, the essence of the dreamworld is siphoned into the target, causing them to see the casters wildest dreams and worst nightmares, permanently charming them, even affecting divines. 

    Quintara's Chaos: Quintara Lotus herself bends time and space, empowering the caster with the true powers of the arcane. Draw another legendary spell and it becomes a critical hit.
  • @etoy22 I like the general idea of duality. I made something from it called Soul Split.
  • The MADman's Curse-
    Choose a Target, whenever you take damage that target takes exactly that damage. If that Target takes damage you take the same damage. If one were to die, then the other would also die. This curse cannot be broken except by divines.
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    Life Candle
    A spell That take a persons soul and form it in to a item called a life candle, the flame on the candle represent the person's life force, the amount of time it takes for the flame to go thru the candle and snuff itself out naturally is the same amount of time the person Have left to live. If someone would blow out the flame the person will die in a form of unnatural accident within seconds after the flame dies out. The spell is often used to hold a persons life hostage.
    Divine Moment.
    You push the magic Within you to its limit which elevat you to divine status for a brief moment, while in thes form you are just like other divine creatures imun from normal damage and magic, But you can still get hurt by legendary magic and weapon made to hurt divine creatures, your attacks in this form count as That of a divine creature. After the spell end you Have to brutal Death roll as your body Have been pushed beyond its limits
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    The Glassplage,
    you sneeze out a magical disease That infect a target, the target will start sneezing at the start of evry turn infecting an adjacent targets to them, after a target Have been infected they start taking 30 damage at the starte of evry turné for the rest of there life! As there body starts turnig to glass from with in. The disease is incurable by normal magic. And a target That dies from the disease turn in to a glass statue. 
  • FrostPoint 
    Place your had over the target heart or major arteries and freeze the blood of them
    It cause the target to brutal death roll and if they live then one of their limb is dead 
  • The Meme Beam
    Unleash the chaos of old gods as you make sounds and actions none of this reality would understand. This does, however, make a divine killing beam from the essence of magic itself. But if you kill a dragon aspect with this spell Sweet Victory will start playing as you dab.
  • Song of Misfortune 
    you sing a grim song of tragedy that curse a target with bad luck for the rest of there life, all roles the target rolls that isn't high is considered a fail and low rolls are critical falls.
  • @Connormur
    "Gonna cry? Gonna piss your pants maybe? Maybe shit and cum?"
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    kill any target on the battle field as a no roll
  • Spell of Expulsion - Summon forth the contents bubble from the realm of holding, the GM will decide the contents based on your roll. If you summon then above a target, the target must roll to dodge or immediately become poisoned and take 99 damage as a wave of nausea washes over them due to the smell.

    Hybrid Arcanum - Pick 2 spells of different elements and permanently combine their effects into one spell that you may cast for the rest of combat each turn. (Example: Each turn when I cast either Waterbolt or Fireball, I cast them both.)

    Alternate Identity - In a flash of divine magic, the technique of shapeshifting awakens within your mind. Describe a secondary appearance to the game master. From now on, on your turn you may choose to assume this appearance and you may switch back and forth at will. All wounds and damage are carried over between forms but all other visual aspects can change.

    Swammie Slammie - As you cast this spell, everything in your view appears to be made of blocks and you suddenly become extremely energetic. You can move to any space on the battlefield at the end of every turn, but you have to roll for every movement. All arcane attacks deal double damage while this effect is active.
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    Discard your physical form and shatter your essence, implanting a part of yourself upon each of your Allies to enhance their abilities. For the rest of Combat, all Allies deal Triple Damage with Basic Attacks and will only miss on a Critical Failure. Additionally, whenever an Ally uses an Action, you may use a Spell as a No-Roll Bonus Action using their body. At the end of Combat, you may give any Cards in your inventory to your Allies for them to use as their own. You may continue to converse with your Allies for the rest of the game at which point your spirit will slowly fade into their subconscious.

    (Wording and name need work but hopefully the concept comes across)
  • Supernova - Summon forth a massive explosion that deals 99 damage in an area of 10 and knocks all targets away until they hit a wall or another target, at which point they take 20 damage from the impact unless there's anything that cushions the blow. You may roll for the explosion to have safe pockets for each ally caught in the area. Low rolls negate the damage from the explosions but they are still knocked away.

    Basically, Supernova is a counterpart to Wormhole. One thing that would be really fun with the effect of this card would be to launch characters into space by casting it underneath them.

    Free Spirit - Cut the connection between your body and your spirit, allowing you to connect and disconnect with other bodies. When connected with another living character's body, the owner may roll to regain control over their body on a high roll. You may use an action to permanently connect with the new body, forcing old owner of your new body to use your old body.

    Simple possession/body swap spell. In retrospect, I realize that characters that use this spell can basically become immortal by just disconnecting their body and then affect combats by just possessing enemies over and over again. So not sure if that's a good thing or not. Would probably make it possible for the spirit to take damage when it's not connected to a body at least.
  • Bubble Pop- it is believed that this spell would pop every bubble in the realm of holding so people refuse to learn it and use it but in actuality it creates a normal bubble in the real world and then makes it pop causing a funny sound.
  • Oh my god, that is such a great spell idea for a Legendary spell for roleplay @DoZe_Crabby
  • Mini Me - Create an exact copy of your Character that knows your history and has access to your abilities, personality and looks exactly like your Character. The only difference is that the character is a Keen Gnome, and not your original race.
  • Amour Royale - Release a powerful charming magic on everyone on the battlefield, causing all alliances in combat to break. Every character affected by the spell now consider everyone but you an enemy.
  • Feast or famine- Summon a giant feast that smells and looks wonderful to anyone who sees it. the feast tastes like the most delicious thing  to anyone that eat its . People who the caster sees as allies will fully heal when eating  and people who the caster sees as enemies who eat this must brutal death roll. 
  • Burning Rage - Refresh all of your anytimes. At any time you can refresh one anytime for 10 stamina, until the end of combat. At the end of combat you have a heart attack and you must death roll. 
    Dance Macabre - Perform an ancient ballet known for its power. You can now move triple your movement speed, and you can kick with deadly precision for 99 power. If your kick kills a foe, you may twirl and kick in an area around you. If it kills again, this repeats to a cap of 3 times. 
    Faulty Eject Button - Pull out a gnomish device and launch from your location. On the next turn, land anywhere on the battlefield crashing down in an large explosion radius, dealing 99 damage in an area. After that, the chair bounces to anywhere within 10 spaces. 
    Ancient Furry - Call upon ancient wrath, causing fur to sprout all over your body. The fur doubles your armor, and you are compelled to dive into your enemies, your hand turning into claws that swipe for 99 damage, and you can attack twice per turn. The transformation ends after 3 turns. 

    (I don't know enough to know how to balance these, but the basic concepts seem fun in my opinion)

  • Cosmic Mirror - Mirror all Targets in a line across an imaginary fourth spacial axis. For the rest of the game, all Low Rolls by affected Targets will cause the move/action to go in the wrong direction, and Critical Fails will cause them to lose their mind. This effect can be undone by another Cosmic Mirror.
    (line:5, aoe:3)
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    Did some legendary changes in a URealms mod if anyone wants to check them out. Credits to Phil for helpin me make these.

    Here's a lot of the legendaries in there, you can download the mod or look at the screenshots to see a few more and some changed versions of old ones.

  • Carried Burdens - After this spell is cast, all creatures (including yourself, companions, and party members) flip a coin. Heads will have nothing happen, but tails will have damage taken by any creature will also be inflicted with the damage. 
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