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[Retired] The World of Nations [9/9 Slots taken]



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    @WritingWyvern ; "I think you underestimate what uniting a land in utter chaos means good sir. I built my nation brick by brick. Free state by free state. I don't think that you could ever claim to have the managment or experience to say the same. Either way. I respect you as a brother. And will diplomatically say no. For this peace and stability i have built. This nation i have built. It is not mine. But the peoples and only theirs."

    @Gushy48 @Loreteck @Toruk ;
    "As for his argument. If i can say a single word of it. It would be embelishment and utopian thinking.
    Who is to say what an outcome of an embassy will be? A single major accident and i won't be surprised as it would all come crashing down. Again. We are free and sovereign nations. Increasing the councils power only serves to undermine our own. If you wish to be ruled by someone. Then bend down and say yes master.
    But i will never. Ever. Let a voiceless body such as this rule over us. As if we were children in a playpen. If it is to come to that. Mark my words. That you will have wished that you could knock that play pen down"
    Goseph says flaying his cape in the wind. With a rather convincing smile*
  • King Jackel silently changes his vote to No
  • ( Damn, looks like I'm losing now, rip my plans)
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    Month 4

    This month has been more focused towards fixing the damages of the natural weather over anything else, and things have been relatively quiet otherwise.

    The unknown ships that had been patrolling seem to have vanished over the last month, while the disasters of the previous month has helped to bring the nations closer together to a degree. Every now and then, a nation spots an unidentified ship, but that is about it.
    In the world council, the votes are tallied:

    3 voted in favor of the proposition.
    6 voted against the proposition.
    NPC Nations abstained from the vote.

    The proposition does not pass, and the Council Leader may now attempt to enact a different proposal.
    Rumors spread about the effects of the Earthquake of the previous month, as word spreads that Gaia started an archaeological dig near to the border shortly after the disaster struck.
    Rumors spread about some sort of strange 'Zombie', where things that should be dead are still living. Specifics of these rumors can be inquired about as individual nations.
    Okay guys, I'm going to have to change updates to be weekly, since things are busier in my life, and with the increasing workload of this thread it's becoming harder to maintain.

    I'm not sure how long i'll be able to keep this up, but I aim to try and keep it going as long as I can.
  • this still around?
  • @Kingedyou ; Jj gave up on it i think
  • Yeah, sorry about this, but i'm not really capable of sustaining the thread. I underestimated how much work it would be, and as such it quickly overwhelmed me, not helped with my life having been busier recently as well.
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