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Pitchmagedon (The writing prompt game)

                                                               WELCOME TO PITCHMAGEDON!
                                        (Also known as that game where niki makes you come up with lore)

And yes i did say game. This is kinda a little fun thing ive been thinking of doing. Since i realized that whilst my world does have a good amount of lore. It needs more small lore. Things that whilst not very important to the entire universe. Help flesh it out and give the world life.

In this thread. You will all be writing short stories. Using certain resources and themes that i provide you. As well as general info on the world. As this is my lore. Even if it isnt listed. You are free to ask me lore questions. (Please do. I fucking love answering lore questions.)

Everybody who wishes to participate can write a short story. And you may make it as long or short as you want. Write a novel for all i care.

From the submissions i will pick the story that i like the most (So if you think you know what i enjoy. You are free to pander to me. But please dont. Atleast dont try to. Id like you to be creative)

And the winning story will become canon. If i like multiple stories. Ill make all canon as long as they don't contradict each other in some way. But most of the time i will be picking the best story in terms of setting, the quality of the writing, the lore accuracy, and generally how much i like the characters. Think of me as a book reviewer. Rating your work from 1 to 11 (Because i like to go one step beyond)

But dont get upset if your story doesnt make the cut! Chances are i might like some of the themes in it. And i might use parts of it.

Anyways. The winner of the certain Pitchmagedon theme in question will receive GBP. Or Good Boy Points.
What do you do with these GBP's? Well you exchange them for stuff at the (Patent pending) Good boy shop

(Excuse me whilst i post the good boy shop)


Allows you to have a chicken companion in any one of my regular rps
Owners: @Personguy ;

You may use this once per one of my rps to get a free 20

Once per one of my rps you may avoid a death roll.

You may play as a half-angel in any one of my rps

You may play as a swole-shark in any one of my rps (Yes. It is as amazing as it sounds)

Once in any of my rps. You may use this to take control of your character and do 2 actions as basically yourself.

You may come up with one small event, character, or place/town. It will then become canon as long as it doesnt break my lore.

You may play as a polar bear folk in any rp of mine (King this is for you)

You may come up with 4 animals or beasts for my world.

Has no effect. Just adorable. And a sign of being the ultimate good boy

You are also allowed to use good points for special things in my other rps (When i do create other rps)

Anyways thats about it for the introduction. I will be posting all the resources and the first theme shortly.

A few rules first tho.
1. Stick with the theme i give you.
2. Don't make up your own races, gods or deities. This is my world.
3. Joking is fine. But i would prefer atleast a semi-serious story. You are allowed to make jokes. But don't make that your entire story
4. Don't get mad if i don't pick your story. I like what i like. And if you need an explenation for why i picked a story you think wasn't worthy. Ill be happy to answer that.
5. Have fun



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    The tinkers are a race of relatively short humanoids created by the god tavos. they are slightly shorter then humans and are characterised by their bad temper, harsh deminor, rough hair and very pointy teeth. tinker lifespans are comparible to that of humans. with most tinkers dying at the avarage age of 46. Though Tinker nobility has been known to live far longer. Some living up to 200 years. tinkers have a negative reputation with most other races due to their expansionist desires and a mutual negative outlook on everything not tinker. tinkers are very intelligent and develop quickly. their IQ is only rivaled by that of the gnomes. tinkers take no pleasure from sexual activity. and only see sex as a means of reproduction. That said Tinkers often have very large families. Partially due to the high mortality rates with peasants. But mostly due to the very high probability of several children per bearth. (About 3 to 6 per bearth) tinkers can not use very powerful magic by normal means. tinker women may use magic by becoming witches. tinkers live in a feudal society run by dukes and lords. Their government is a complex bureaucracy made up of several "high courts" Which are run by local nobles in a select region. their emperor/empress is an absolute monarch that has unlimited political power. the tinker empire is one of the 2 world powers in the world. (The other being the coalition) tinkers can't reproduce with most races. The only rare exception to this are elves.

    The humans are a race of avarage height created by the god bermuda. human lifespans avarage at 50 humans are generaly liked by gnomes and elves. they are either disliked or neutral with other races. humans have a rather average IQ that is lower then most races. Though they have shown the ability of being very smart occasionally. humans are a very open race that lives alongside alot of other races. Their lands being open to pretty much everyone humans live in a feudal society run by dukes and lords. their king has limited power and must abide by the laws of the state. Humans are able to use most magic. Their "Kingdom" Is actually a federation or coalition of smaller kingdoms. All of which have a King.

     The gnomes are a race of short humanoids that seperated from the tinkers thousands of years ago. they are characterised by their small size and their affinity for magic gnome lifespans are comparible to that of humans. with most gnomes dying at the age of 45 gnomes have a very high IQ that is only overshadowed by the tinkers. the gnomes are generaly liked all around. the tinkers see them as weird and like to not associate with them. gnomes are very prominent traders and enjoy selling tons of useless gadgets. gnomes live in an oligarchal society ruled by powerfull mage lords.

    Elves are a race of tall people with weird pointy ears. They were created by Minerva They can live for over 400 years Elves are fairly isolationist. So not alot is known about their culture. Though they do seem pretty friendly. Elves live on an island called Cordia

     Fish people. Live in tribes. Not very important rn Other races that dont matter that much rn (But can still be used)
    LIZARDFOLK (Aztec style)
    BEARFOLK (Americans. Yeah. Cowboys and shit)
    POLAR BEARFOLK (Eskimos and canadians)
    YSTRAM (viking elves)
    AMALII TINKERS (Tinker sub-race. Basically Tinkers with fox ears and a fox tail)
    DUARGIAN TINKERS (Tinker sub-race again. The closest you will ever get to dwarfs. They wear gas masks and stuff)
    HORVINIANS (A fairly rare race. Only found in the coldest parts of the frozen tundra. Able to use ice magic. Sometimes considered monsters. Highly dangerous)
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    Terrain map

    faction map

    The empire. Detailed
    The human lands (And also greensland which is independent now)
  • officiall list of gods:
     Tavos (god of Tinkers, The great sculptor, earth god)
     Bermuda (god of Humans) 
    Minerva (goddess of magic)
     Amelia (goddess of nature)
     Marcus (god of the sea)

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    Beasts and evils of the world (Currently)
    Goblins (Small and scrawny forest and cave dwellers)
    Wolfmen (Very aggressive. Live in packs and raid traiding caravans to survive)
    Forest spiders (Spiders in forests. Duh.)
    High spiders (A unique monster that disguises itself as a person. They are known to stalk their prey for years. Becoming their friends, maybe even being in a relationship with them. Before striking and revealing their sharp spear like feet. Though there have also been instances of the High Spider simply wishing to live as a person as well.)
    Dire wolves (Very big and scary wolves. Found in the northern parts of the world)
    Low vampires (Vampires who were turned and proven unworthy of being taught the ways of the vampire)
    High vampires (The ones who were worthy)
    Changelings (Creatures that can change into anything or anyone)
    Demons (Creatures from the crimson court. Fairly rare)
    Fairies (Evil. Pure evil)
    Sirens (Terrifying singers that live in abandoned underwater shipwrecks. Their songs have been known to drown sailors)
    Mermaids (Same thing except they are actively hostile and have fish tails)
    Imps (Also spawns from the crimson court. A little more common)
    Bandits (Sometimes nice. Sometimes actual bandits)
    Sand snakes (Giant snakes that roam the sands of the eastern deserts
    Dire sharks (Big scary sharks the size of boats)
    Dragons (About what you expect. Only 3 in existence)
    Leprechauns (Evil incarnate. Will copyright all)
    Sporelings (A small itty bitty part of a larger fungoid hivemind present in some forests)
    Sporetitans (Giant hulking mushroom monsters that create sporelings as they trample forests. Highly dangerous. But also very rare)
    Harpies (Very dangerous monsters capable of flight. Most notable for their piratical raids of unprotected trading vessels. The greatest enemy of vampires)
    Mothmires (A rare monster of legend. Not much is known about them.)
    Dreads (Basically zombies. These are men and women forever forced to roam the earth. They cannot die but can be hurt.)
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    The tinker empire (Arguably the strongest country in the world. Influances from all across the board. Roman,Russian,British. Basically all european empires)
    Leader: Empress Margret Qrow
    National anthem: "Oh empire. Dearly beloved" By Thom Grimel
    The coalition (A coalition of kingdoms. All human. That have united under their king.)
    Leader: King Adam
    National anthem: "In unity (We trust in unity)" By an unknown author
    The Gnome Kingdoms (What it says on the tin. Ruled by wizards)
    Leader: The Magical order
    National anthem: "The sheep song" By Bush beard the wizard
    Land of thieves (A country where thieves and pirates roam free)
    Leader: The robed mistress
    National anthem: "A thief is a thief" By an unknown author
    Elves (Yes)
    Leader: Eldgar Dragonbane
    National anthem: Unknown
    United states of Ursa (Bear america)
    Leader: President Grills
    National anthem: Too busy shooting guns and knocking down houses
    Lizard tribes (Like the aztecs)
    Leader: Unknown
    National anthem: Unknown
    Fishfolk tribes (Yes indeed. Those are fishy tribes)
    Leader: High chief Puddlecreek
    National anthem: Unknown
    Ystram clans (You don't wanna mess with these hot muscly viking elves)
    Leader: King Brodius
    National anthem: "We are so great!" By King Brodius
    Saltport (Human colony. Worst place in the world)
    Leader: Mayor Delvian (For now)
    National anthem: "Opportunity in shit" By the Saltport musical bar troop
    North colonia (Tinker colony. Ores and stuff)
    Leader: Ron Karv
    National anthem: "To the north we dig" By Greham Nurn
    White maiden (Tinker colony, Shovels and snow and shit)
    Leader: George Revel
    National anthem: "Take me home" By Zackory Porridge
    Goblin wastes (Barely a nation. Just a bunch of goblins in a desert)
    Leader: Multiple goblin bosses
    National anthem: Yeah right
    Greensland (Revolutionary place. Tinkers. French isnpired)
    Leader: President Jim Wollowick
    National anthem: "A muskets song" By Hardwin Malinker
    Alternate battle anthem: "To arms" By Twilly Brighter

    Garkrot (Think of the hottest place you've ever been to. Multiply it by 10)
    The nameless isle (An isle shrouded in fog. Filled with skeletons probably)
    The scorched north (Its like Garkrot except 100 times worse and grey)
    Bandit Tundra (Here be bandits. Watch out)
    Frozen Tundra (Take the scorched north. Reverse it)
    Arctic (Worse than that)
    Blood kiss isle (The place where the vampires live. Dark and gloomy. Basically Romania)
    The swamps of Mirl (Dino swamps)
    Pirate islands (Lots of pirates and tropical scenery)
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    Margret Qrow (The empress of the Tinker empire, very regal)
    King Adam (The young king of the humans, badass)
    Bush beard (Old gnome dude. One of the gnomes on the mage council of gnome land)
    Tom Paisley (Everybody seems to know this guy for some reason. For different reasons also)
    Eldgar Dragonbane (King of the Elves. Slayer of a dragon. Likes long walks on the beach)
    The 3 muses (Angels that pronounce heroes. Think of them as the muses from hercules)
    Maxwell Wigg (Fucking legendary businessman. The only person the leprechauns are too scared to mess with)
    Goldwinkle (Evil)
    Liv Moltfire (A witch known for going around and stirring shit up)
  • These will be updated as i remember more stuff. But these things are a good base i think
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    Drum roll

    Your theme is! An adventuring party
    The rules for this one are:
    None. Come up with stuff. And feel free to ask me any questions. It will probably be required.
    The only requirement is that it sticks with the theme.
    OH also. The reward is 1000 GBP
  • Peeps are free to comment or ask questions here btw.
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  • I've got this
  • The Pree 
    Eight people all adventurers traveling the world hunting down changelings, their father trained them to be the perfect Changeling assassins. Despite calling them father only Nora and Klyon are his biological children, the rest are kidnapped without their knowledge (All human by the way). Their father Graygor Graymon was for most of his life a relatively gentle man, despite being in the military and having a gift for combat he didn't enjoy battle or fighting, all he wanted was to finish his training get his money/benefits and head home to marry his girlfriend Sasha. He already had two children, twins both two years old from a previous marriage though their mother tragically died in an accident, Sasha appeared to Graygor during the funeral, introducing herself as an old friend of his late wife. They hit it off quickly and started dating, 3 years later after he is discharged from the military he finally reunites with his children and Sasha who had been taking care of them. They get married and live a happy life... for two years. After these two years Graygor became suspicious of his wife, after a lot of snooping around and spying using his military training he confirmed it, Sasha was a changeling. Lots went down after this but the point is he murdered her and made her admit that she murdered his ex-wife so she could marry him and sustain herself off him like a parasite. Graygor dedicated the rest of his life to killing changelings except... he was getting old. Instead, he trained his two children into impressive assassins, along with them are six orphans he essentially stole and also trained. By the time they were all young adults Graygor passed away, giving them one task. Kill all changelings. Now as powerful trained assassins they travel the world killing changelings, they've adopted the name "The Pree." They've been known to take money for ridding towns of changelings (though they would do it for free). It also isn't very uncommon for The Pree to attack normal people assuming they're changelings when they really aren't.
  • @Kingedyou ; Good effort.
    That is more of a description then a short story.
    But ill take it nonetheless
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    Yall have a good day
  • question, could I give Twig a chicken?
  • @Kingedyou ; If you had the hat of Arnhelm you could.
    But ive yet to make your stuff canon since id like to see if anybody else has ideas
  • @nikiduke
    Yeah yeah I know just curious how much Twig constitutes as "My character"
  • @Kingedyou Twig could probably get a chicken. I dunno.
    Maybe if alot of people got the chicken hat
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    I should mention that if people need more info or have questions.
    They are free to ask.
    This comment's secret purpose is also to bump up the thread

  • The monster table was updated. Just thought id let ya know
  • Ive added a new race to the race pool.
    Also removed the spoilers cuz the forums were being a bitch and wouldn't let me do what i wanted
  • That feeling when you are essentially talking to yourself
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  • Stories are harrrddd
  • @Firelie ; If you can write a block of text for a characters backstory. I don't think writing a short story would be that hard. But ok
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    Ive updated the nation list to feature the leader names and anthems.
    Have a good day
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