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[Retired] The World of Nations [9/9 Slots taken]



  • I vote Yes
  • I vote no.
  • I vote yes
    (surprise how many people are going with this idea)
  • I would vote no.
    But i am happy to be convinced otherwise
  • Charles is voting no
  • ( @nikiduke )
    Director Goseph, I believe unity between nations would lead to more trading between each other later down the line. So I believe you should support this policy."
  • @WritingWyvern ; "I know trade. And that's bullshit."
  • The Grand Priestess votes no
  • ( @nikiduke )
    I didn't say it's trading but would lead to more trade, later on, this system will encourage speaking between nations, this would, of course, mean more business deals."

    ( @Toruk ) ( @Gushy48 )
    "Can i get reasons why you guys vote no?"
  • @WritingWyvern
    ”I have no interests in other countries’ affairs. Unless they involve my nation.”
  • ( @Gushy48 )
    "Well this would be used by other nations when they need to speak with yours or when you wish to make deals with others. These Embassies will be fairly useful if i do say so myself."
  • @WritingWyvern ; "I can make connections on my own thank you."
  • ( @nikiduke )
    ”hm, I guess we have to wait for what everyone else thinks in that case.”
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    ”Hired mercenaries is not the best way and benefits you as you control them if they are from your nation and guild. I would be willing to change my vote if it was an offical military of the council, created by the council, and only used by the council. That military mostly being the guards”
  • ( @Toruk )
    "Hm, I would love to set up a future defense force of the council, but I rather set up these protected embassies first, if you or someone else in the future is able to set up this force, I will not be against it, but in the now I rather get this policy up first using the means we have now. Like I said I will not fight for the change of the guard, I just personally trust my men to do their job as fast as possible."
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    @WritingWyvern @Toruk ; "It's very clear what this is Grand Priestess. He thinks to assume control. We cannot possibly trust a force that has loyalties with another nation"
  • Gaia votes no
  • ( @nikiduke ) ( @Toruk )
    "My people are loyal to money and the guild, but money is always above that. Now I do not wish to command these people, in the policy it says the council pays for the upkeep of these troops, but to the troops no me. Meaning they are being paid by the council, do you need to reread the papers I made sir?"
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    @WritingWyvern @Toruk ; "I need only follow the mind of a sane man. Your words mean nothing. They might be payed by the council. But they are still your men. If you wish to be fair. Then the embassies would be headed by soldiers from every nation. Volunteers that have been proven to have no other loyalties. You can argue and claim all you want. But ive been in the trading business long enough to know that words are just words. And a crime is only a crime if you get caught. You might be honest about this. Or you might be playing us for fools. Either way this proposal is suspicious. I can feel it. And honestly i have no reason to take the risk"
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    @nikiduke @WritingWyvern ;"Well.. that may also be an issue. As if the guards interact negatively  and are from separate entities, then it could lead to even worse negative outcomes. Like if my guards were to injure or harrass yours, would you not be angry and possibly rash?"
  • @WritingWyvern @Toruk "I never said it was a good idea Grand Priestess. Its simply how i would do it if i was forced to. Which i am not. The best outcome is nothing at all"
  • ( @Toruk ) ( @nikiduke )
    "I see the Grand Priestess understands my point a bit, but let me clear it up. If we had counties from all over, their allegiances would be split, now here is one of thing you all have been ignoring. I said if anything happens to the guards, or vice versa, there would be fines for my guards if they do something. I'm willing to pay fines with there is evidence on what my guards did. This Means I'm the one who would be to blame, no other nations could blame then if the guards do anything out of order. while for the Director's clams of my words just being words."
    He would pull out his dagger and stabs his other hand, that is on the table and leaves it there for a bit, before says
    "So Director, are you willing to back up your words, or are you all talk?"
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    @WritingWyvern ; "What? you want me to stab my hand? You hurting yourself has no impact on my point. And my point is. I'm not taking this risk. Because its unnecessary. And most of the people here agree" *The Director pulls out a pipe and looks at a nearby guard* "You have a match? Thanks Jim" *He then takes a puff of it* "Besides. I don't have a reason to prove myself. What i say is simple business and experience nothing more my dear lad"
  • ( @nikiduke )
    "You business types are just all talk in the end. Mercenary work is more than promising items and delivering them. You have to fight in the dirt beside your brothers and trust they got your back. And if you ask me, it's a slit issue. 50/50 at the moment, with the other nations to decide it. So in the end, your just a sleazy businessman who is just able to talk in the end."
  • @WritingWyvern ; "That is my job. I am a voice sir. The director is a voice of the people. Ofcourse i will talk. But if you think that physically hurting yourself somehow proves your point. You are sorely mistaken. see. I'm uncertain if you know who brought Karvalia together and made it what it was today. I will give you a hint. It starts with a G and ends with an H. I rose from the dirt as a child. And earned my position through the power of my peoples dreams and wishes. You downplay my importance. But if anybody only talks big game it would be you sir."
  • ( @nikiduke )
    He starts cleaning his dagger as you speak and crack a smile.
    "The damage to myself was to prove I follow up my words with action, to prove myself in front of all of you, but it seems like you need more convincing sirs. You speak about how I downplay your importance and how you raised from nothing, but aren't you doing the same right now? I know what it takes to over through a government, like you as well. We are simalar in some ways, but different in other ways.
    ( @Gushy48 ) ( @Loreteck ) ( @Toruk ) ( @nikiduke )
    "The King of Valakura betrayed the 
    Vendreads guild, betray is something I know personally." He said touching the cloth covering his right eye, "So any who has doubt of my reasoning listen now. If the guards do anything, I said that the nation would have to pay a fine equal to what they did. Meaning if the guards do anything I will be the one who is paying, and that part about war also affects me as well. The policy was made to double check the Nations, Councill, and me. So I do hope you can trust me, as for Mr. Karval's claims about me, I act as I had before I was the leader of the Guild. I do not just talk, I fight and win, or I wouldn't be standing here right now. I hope you all reconsider your choices before the vote ends."
  • @WritingWyvern ; "You overthrew a single king. I overthrew thousands dear sir. To get where i am. To free my people from the shackles of greed and unchecked tyranny. I do not downplay your achievements. I'm certain of your military expertise. However when you talk with me. You talk money." *He leans in* "And if i don't see money in something. If it serves no purpose to my people aside from "keeping us in check". Then i couldn't give... a single... little... microscopic shit. About what you wish to sacrifice for this badly thought out plan. So my answer is still no.
    @Gushy48 ) ( @Loreteck ) ( @Toruk)
    He turns his coat to face the leaders
    "I ask you dear friends. What argument is won by stabbing ones hand? A person only resorts to physical violence. When there is no point to be made. He says that he would pay for the transgressions of his troops. But i ask you what reason do we have to bother with an embassy. When the control of that embassy. And the land around it. Serve as nothing but a roadblock to our individual sovereignty, A small observatory to keep us the children in check. I say no!
    Respect is a thing valued by a free man. Respect for ones independence and right to rule what you claim as yours. A right of the people to not be bound down by the chains of foreign intervention. Nay.
    We are leaders of nations. And as leaders of nations. We must ensure our individual freedom and sovereignty. And as a skilled merchant i know very well that giving in inch.
    Often results in a mile"

  • @WritingWyvern @nikiduke
    ”How bold of both of you to assume that I care about this conversation. I am only interested in my own affairs. Leave my nation out of your business.”
  • @Gushy48 ; "Yes. As am i. My fight is that of sovereignty. Not being tied to a body that only blocks what is to be done to better our collective nations. Thank you for your support"
  • ( @nikiduke )
    "You took down many smaller nations in chaos, We had to take down a large and united nation from the very start, so please don't hold your head higher than others. You would act like the kings you overtook, and you won't want to be like them, now do you?"

     ( @Gushy48 ) ( @Loreteck ) ( @Toruk)
    "This will be my finally plead, this international law would protect diplomats from other nations and strength this council. I do not wish to see any more wars, but I'm ready for it all the same. With this policy may be the job of a mercenary wouldn't be needed, either way here I stand, asking you as a solder, think about what this really means. Each one of us would state we are willing to respect each other and this council. We would state the willingness to hold each other accountable so no more nations have to be overthought for peace. So I ask you all to listen and read, as well to think about what can be gain from these Embassies." He said wrapping his hand from the stab wound.
    "Things can be fixed without the need of another stabbing, that is what cloth is for, be the cloth and not the dagger," he said with a grin at 
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