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[RP] Misfits and Fools



  • @Gushy48 ;
    Pollux nods to Dienes as he shouts to attack.
    ”Alright, Together!”
    Pollux will be performing 
    Ability 1: Duel Combo - Grant an Ally a free Action (that they need to Roll). Both of you will perform a dual strike for [PD1 + MD1 x 2] each to a single Foe. This Damage is considered to be Physical. [11-20] with Dienes, attacking at the beast’s other limbs 

    My damage should be a total of 52
  • @Kingedyou ;
    Only the first round of combat unfortunately. It was basically useless since I started combat at -9 despite hours of rest prior.
  • @Kingedyou @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @bl1ndn3rd @cj_the_magic_man ;
    With the combined attacks of everyone, the Moon Beast falls on the ground. It breathes heavily as its eyes dart at each and every one of you.

    Dienes sighs, "Good...We defeated it before it had a chance of killing us." He looks at the beast with eyes of pity. He brings his sword and swiftly ends its suffering. "Let's get the key."
    Takara grabs the Key being a waterbender and all. Everyone travels back to the cavern. Dienes takes the Key and goes up to the statue. He sees a keyhole behind it. With a deep breath, he inserts it. The statue moves on one knee, putting Nero's Sword in its palms.

    Quest complete.

    Veni - A beautiful silver blade. Its hilt is golden, decorated with exotic and rare jewels that can be found nowhere else. It’s truly one of a kind. If wielded by a Human, double this Weapon’s PD and MD. You must be Level 6 and skilled with swords to wield this Weapon.
    15 Physical Damage
    10 Magical Damage
    Everyone gains 2 Battles from this combat
  • @bl1ndn3rd ;
    Pick an ability to upgrade.
    Pick an equipment to upgrade
    Pick an equipment to upgrade
  • edited March 12
    Nice. Not a tool at all for Bouph, not that she intends on using an actual weapon like that, but still neat.

    I'm gonna leave which I upgrade to chance:
    1-10, I upgrade my bracelets
    11-20, and I'll max out my Seismic Sense.

    Lets upgrade the bracelets then.
  • @Gushy48
    Did someone say main quest?

    Also, did you update our things on the OOC Doc? Just asking.
  • edited March 12
    Yeah, I'm waiting on Cj to finish his upgrade before I save it.
  • I’m here!
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @Pufflemore @Kingedyou @cj_the_magic_man ;
    Crown Among Ragged Heads
    Takara, Boulph, Caroline, and Palema join Dienes into a trip in Constantium. They travel to the marketplace, bustling in activity. Everyone splits off into their own groups to buy needed supplies for the journey ahead. Everything is peaceful...That's soon ruined by a horn. The horn announcing the King's arrival. King Marcus of Constantium.

    The merchants close their stalls to respect the King. The citizens stand on the sides of the path. Some are even kneeling, fearing their lives. Only the sound of quiet chatter mixing with the wind is heard. The distant footsteps of Elven Knights get louder and louder. Some peer their heads over the path. King Marcus stood in the front.

    The King wears a yellow cape lined with white fur made from an exotic animal. He wears a crown, symbol of his legitimacy. It's adorned with colorful jewels that's worth a hundred times more than everything in the market. And at his hip is a sheathe made from the finest of leather. The hilt of his sword is silver. 

    His presence is enough to induce complete silence. Once him and his knights make it to the center of the marketplace, they stop. Dienes stands behind the front row of people, hoping to not be seen. His hopes die as King Marcus began to speak.

    "I heard a particular Human man is here. He goes by a foul name...'Dienes'. I simply need him for a talk, that's all."

    A few seconds go by without a single movement. It seems like an eternity. King Marcus simply sighs, his voice is full of annoyance, "If one does not bring me this man, I'll star-"

    "I'm right here, oh my great King," Dienes steps out of the crowd, facing Marcus. Some faceless in the crowd gasp as this insubordination. The King simply sighs before suddenly drawing his blade at Dienes. The tip just barely stops at his neck, "You should show me more respect 'Dienes'."

    King Marcus's blade is golden. One cannot mistake it. Dragon Gold, a material that's greater than Dragon Silver itself. Just a mere cut the length of a needle could kill a man. Yet, Dienes does not flinch.

    "What is this 'talk' you want?" Dienes retorts back, unshaken by Marcus's threat. The latter simply laughs and sheathes his sword, "Knights, take him back to the castle."

    Two Elven Knights goes up to Dienes and take him by the arms. He forces them away, "I have legs for a reason." Marcus waves them away as they walk off to the castle in the distance. 
    You may feel fear for his life, but some of you may pity him as you didn't know him long. Those feelings disappear as Dienes appear in the Trojan Inn a few hours later, alive. Nothing was taken, not even Nero's sword. He's alive.
  • @Gushy48
    Bouph sort of comments in Dienes' direction, intended to talk to him as she feels like he knows enough that she probably is paying attention even if not looking at him.
    "You're back? Wasn't the king threatening your life? What was the talk about?"
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ
    "Long story, can you gather everyone here?"
  • @Gushy48
    "Sure, It shouldn't be too hard."
    She says, before going around and gathering the members of the party.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ (Wanna pretend they're here?)
  • @Gushy48
    Sure, best @ everyone though.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ  @Gushy48 
    *if Dienes will allow this Carloine will hug him
    "are you ok?"
  • @Pufflemore
    Dienes doesn't accept the hug, "I'm fine. What about you?"
  • @Gushy48 ;
    "I am ok...but I was really scared..."
  • (I'm there in spirit!)
  • @Domokl
    wanna roll to escape?
    "Don't be. They wouldn't do anything to me."
  • @Gushy48 ;
    "K..." *she smiles up at him

    wait what happened to you...
  • @Gushy48
    "So what exactly did happen then?"
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ
    "King Marcus assigned us a Quest. We have to go to the village of Aurelis to fetch a jewel from a jewelcutter. That's it."
  • @Gushy48

    I was kidnapped after me and 2 others failed a mission
  • @Gushy48
    "...That's it? Surely it's not that simple..."

    Could Bouph sense if he's lying? If his heartbeat is faster or if he's twitchy or anything?
  • @Pufflemore
    "We're all going."
    Roll two more times.
    "It is that simple. I don't know what Marcus is planning though," he says. He isn't lying.
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