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[RP] Misfits and Fools



  • @cj_the_magic_man
    "I'm Bouph. I joined the group recently with my friend Takara. I heard about the group after Dienes was looking for those 3 guys, saying that two of em were killed."
  • @Kingedyou
    He walks over, "Takara, do you want to eat?"
  • gonna start in 10 minutes
  • @Gushy48
    She continues bending her water but turns towards him and makes sure not to bend any between them "Yeah that sounds good, thank you"
  • hm
    pollux is just gonna hang out with his sword and bow
  • @Kingedyou
    He goes and gets the meal you packed, "Here. Say, how did you and Boulph meet?"
  • @Gushy48
    She stops bending takes the food and prepares to eat "Well, that's a story, do we have time?"
  • @Kingedyou
    "We do. We have an hour or two before the moon comes out."
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    "Well, after leaving home I found myself in Bouphs hometown. I hung around a lake in the forest practicing my water bending when I noticed her, she was bending the earth around her it was incredible to me! I didn't realize there were more people out there bending the elements, so I approached her and tried to talk to her introducing myself, and she earth bended at me! She was so infuriating! We met like that a few more times every single time she attacked me like I was some bandit, but eventually, we came to an understanding and we became friends, now she's my best friend and we haven't been apart in years I don't know what I'd do without her."
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ

    "Huh. Yeah, we've had some losses recently. No one that was too likeable, to be fair."
  • @cj_the_magic_man
    "Really? It sounds like you've simply not been attached to anyone except Dienes from what I can tell."
  • @cj_the_magic_man @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @Kingedyou @bl1ndn3rd ;
    Boss Battle
    Alright, ten minutes has passed.
    Once the moon peaks at its highest, Dienes goes out of the waterfall and looks around. Nothing happens until a small pillar rises out of the small lake at the bottom of the waterfall. He calls for everyone else to come.

    Slowly, everyone takes a safe path down the fall to reach the lake. A silver key adorned in gold and jewels is placed in the center. It's amazing how no one found this sooner, but here you are.

    When everyone is just outside the lake, Boulph feels a horrifying presence. She looks around before it reveals itself by a roar that shakes the ground beneath everyone's feet. Dienes pulls out his sword, "What is this beast?"

    A large lion-like creature jumps in a clearing in front of you. The blue fur on its mane seems to float in the air. The color is not blue as water though, but bright blue. If the moon had a light, this would be the color of its fur. Its skin is between grey and pale, giving this beast a terrifying look. Dienes yells, "This beast only appears during a full moon! It's a dangerous creature that must be killed!"

    Combat has started.
    The Moon Beast takes its turn first. A purple aura surrounds its mane. The color is often associated with Magic.

    [7/6] Dienes: 79/79 [-4]
    [0/0] Takara: 60/60 [-4]
    [0/0] Boulph: 60/60 [-9]
    [5/5] Pollux: 55/55 [-4]
    [5/5] Palema: 80/80 [Living Transformation 3] [-4]

    [??/??] "Moon Beast": ???/???
  • @Kingedyou
    "Sounds like a complicated relationship," he laughs before glancing over to Palema.
  • @Gushy48 @cj_the_magic_man @bl1ndn3rd @Kingedyou ;
    "This is going to be pretty rough from what I can tell..."
    Bouph says, taking a basic defensive stance to try and protect herself should it attack.
    (No attack or Ability, just a standard Defense Action.)
  • @Gushy48

    "Oh hell."

    Palema's hand flies to the edge of her dress, ripping off the bottom, the material quickly shifting into her glaive.

    "Dienes, get ready to attack, I'm going to try and make an opening!"

    Palema plants the glaive tip first in the earth to throw herself skyward, aiming to make the creature look up too give an opening to her allies below, while she got ready to bring the weapon down into the beast's back.

    [Syncrohnized Attack.]

  • @bl1ndn3rd @Kingedyou ;
    I want to hopefully finish this in an hour, so I'm setting a timelimit of 10 minutes per your turn. I will disappear soon for hopefully not too long.
  • @Gushy48 ;
    Ability 3: Gemini’s Grief - Let out your anguish, your sadness, your fears, in a powerful scream and use that to your advantage. Deal [MD1 x 2] to all Foes. Afterwards, grant [SPIRITED] to an Ally. [7-20]

    Should deal 26 damage
    just using it as its the easiest thing i have to hit with

    uh buff up Palema with spirited i guess
  • @Gushy48 @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;
    Takara bends water around Bouph as a sort of shield "Bouph, get ready to attack"
  • @Kingedyou
    "I'll be ready in a sec... I'm still a bit tired from before..."
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    @Kingedyou @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @bl1ndn3rd @cj_the_magic_man ;
    Takara and Boulph stand guard of the Moon Beast.
    Palema runs over to the Moon Beast. It looks up at her just as she planned. As she came down to penetrate its fur, it suddenly lurches up with its hind legs. Palema barely had time to dodge and lands on the side.
    This creates an opportunity for Pollux to scream at the top of his lungs. It does nothing to the Moon Beast. 
    Dienes however comes in a a great moment. He pierces his sword into its flesh for 61 Damage.

    The Moon Beast roars in pain. It shakes its mane, making it glow an even brighter blue. Two curved blades fly from it, hitting both Boulph and Takara for 30 Damage each, inflicting [SILENCED] on both of them.
    Its aura changes to a red one full of rage. Things are about to get physical.
    [7/6] Dienes: 79/79 [-6]
    [0/0] Takara: 30/60 
    [0/0] Boulph: 30/60 
    [5/5] Pollux: 55/55 [-6]
    [5/5] Palema: 80/80 [Living Transformation 2] [-6]

    [??/??] "Moon Beast": ???/??? [-1]
  • edited March 12
    Aaaalright, now that my -9 is gone, i'm gonna A1:

    Ability 1: Morph Terrain - Manipulate the ground to shift a large mass of earth from the ground, before then launching it at a foe for [PD1 x2] Damage and inflicting [BETOKEN] [9-20]

    Wait a sec that's the level 1 move, the level 2 which I upgraded it to is this:

    Morph Terrain - Manipulate the ground to shift a large mass of earth from the ground, before then launching it at a Foe for [PD1 x 2] Damage and inflicting [BETOKEN]. On a Critical Success, they immediately go [UNCONSCIOUS] without a Death Roll. [7-20]

  • edited March 12
    Takara gathers the water around her towards her wound and uses 
    Hydrotherapy- Use the innate healing properties of water to soothe wounds. Fully restore the Health of yourself or an Ally of choice. [15-20]  and also I'm backing away
  • @Gushy48 ;
    Pollux is gonna just breath heavily and take a step back, that attack to the others scared him
  • @Gushy48

    Palema slams into the ground, rolling as her glaive bounces away from her. She shoots a tendril out, to grab it, pulling it back into her hand. Her knee collapses beneath her as she tries to stand, and just pulls back her hand to hurtle the glaive at the Moon Beast instead.

    [Basic Attack]

  • @cj_the_magic_man @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @Kingedyou @bl1ndn3rd
    Boulph shifts the earth beneath the Beast's feet. She rises it off of the ground and throws a big rock at it for 20 Damage and inflicting [BETOKEN[.
    Takara tries to heal herself, but fails. She backs away to Pollux
    Both Palema and Dienes goes in for a sychronized attack, but they are just a bit too slow. The Moon Beast jumps out of the way of their attack.

    The Beast slams its paw on Dienes, but he actually blocks the blow with his sword. He's strong enough to hold the paw back. He spins around and performs a Crescendo right at its paw, slicing it off completely. It takes 102 Damage, hoo boy. He turns to everyone else, "Attack it with everything you got!"

    Its aura changes from a mixture of both red and purple.
    [7/6] Dienes: 79/79 
    [0/0] Takara: 30/60 
    [0/0] Boulph: 30/60 
    [5/5] Pollux: 55/55 
    [5/5] Palema: 80/80 [Living Transformation 1] 

    [??/??] "Moon Beast": ???/??? [-2]
  • edited March 12
    Takara takes a deep breath holding her hands out and then clenching them tightly
    Blood Bend- Freeze an enemies bloodstream dealing [MD1 x 2] and inflicting them with [FRAIL]. [9-20]  80 damage
  • edited March 12
    Well, since he said everything we got, i'm gonna go for that A3, for PD1 x3 Damage, or 90 Damage not counting any statuses or resistances.

  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ
    Don't you have focused?
  • @Gushy48

    Palema feels her equipment shuddering beneath her, and takes a deep breath, opening her eyes again.

    Her glaive was behind the Moon Beast, and Yokubo was still barely up from the long day of travel. That left her with roughly one option.

    "Dienes! Cover me!"

    Palema rushed round the side of the Moon Beast, hoping that her allies would distract it long enough to grab her glaive, and land a stab into one of its back legs, propelled by her partner.

    [Snycronized Attack]

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