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Looking to Recruit More Players

Hey, my online group of players has been shrinking recently and I wanted to recruit some more players.  The goal is to get a couple more players to join my current group.  But if we get enough people, I might start an another group.  However, this is one big catch.  I have drastically (and still am) changed the game.  We still use the core rules of urealms but have many new mechanics, rules, and completely different lore.  I am not trying to scare people away by saying this, I just want people to be aware that this is like a completely new game.  I can go into more specifics in the changes if you are interested, but the plan is to a test run to get new players used to the new changes and see if they like the version.  So if you are into trying a different version and need a group, comment on this post or just dm me.  


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