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Looking to Recruit More Players

Hey, my online group of players has been shrinking recently and I wanted to recruit some more players.  The goal is to get a couple more players to join my current group.  But if we get enough people, I might start an another group.  However, this is one big catch.  I have drastically (and still am) changed the game.  We still use the core rules of urealms but have many new mechanics, rules, and completely different lore.  I am not trying to scare people away by saying this, I just want people to be aware that this is like a completely new game.  I can go into more specifics in the changes if you are interested, but the plan is to a test run to get new players used to the new changes and see if they like the version.  So if you are into trying a different version and need a group, comment on this post or just dm me.  


  • I'm down for it
  • I would not mind joining
  • If you are still looking for a player, I might be interested (based on when you guys tend to play to see if my schedule would allow me to).
  • @baconplayer based on the days, I could do it
  • Few days late on this thread, but I'm looking a for a group to join, if the offer's still out.
  • Im really late to this part buy im also down for a good group @baconplayer ;

  • Just to let everyone know, I am always accepting people, so do you be shy because you were late.  I have been talking to everyone on dms, so that is why you have not seen updates here.  So you can respond to this thread whenever, and I'll eventually get in contact with you.
  • I may be able to depending on time. Pm me with info though and ill see if I can. 
  • I'd love to join just need the scheduling to make sure i'm able to
  • Time to be the super late. This sounds super exciting, if possible, I would love to be pmed the schedule to see if I could make it. <3
  • Yeah. why not
  • It's been forever since I actually played URealms. I wanna get back into it.
  • I'm a new player and would love to join if you're still recruiting @baconplayer ;
  • I know this was from February, but if it is still open, my boyfriend and I are looking to get into the game ourselves. Let me know if we can join or if you need any players :)
  • @ForensicAly If you want to get into the game, here's a discord server where games are hosted pretty much daily, and if you're new Gms will pick you and teach you about the game! it's the biggest urealms server from what i know with several dedicated people, remaking the Season 3 mod and their own GM-Friendly CC. 
  • if this is still open i would be willing to join
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