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Space squirls canonicity

so apperantly space squirls takes place in the same universe as urealms in outer space does that make everything that happens in space squirls cannon to the urealms universe?


  • It isn't a real show and might Never become one so No, it might be the case If the show became real one day But for now the answer is No.
  • it's a fun idea rob has so he keeps it in mind, but its literally not important 
  • Nothing is hard canon until physically seen in a campaign and then not retconned.
  • @agenttrap coes quest and naders tales is also cannon is it really that much of a strech that space squirls could be cannon aswell
  • @Revoltman but space squirrels is nothing, it's just an idea right now, it does not really even "exist" in any show as anything more than a concept. It can't be canon.
  • ^

    Also 3:22 am megan?! 
  • Also once Space Squirrels is made, it technically would be more of an expansive universe than Urealms so really
    Urealms would have taken place in the Space Squirrels Universe. Multiverse. Thing.

    im ready for when the urealms forums are turned into the space squirrel forums and we all get squirrel avatars 
  • @Meganzoor its more IF space squirls becomes a thing
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