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Rokesh or Ouro'ras lore?

Is their any concrete lore between these two aspects? I can't seem to find anything on the wiki about them. Even on their personal wiki page it seems kind of empty.


  • The Lightbeards opening movie gave a ton of Ouro'ras lore regarding the relationship between him and the Grand Paladin. 
  • I think Rokesh is the only Dragon Aspect that hasn't been mentioned anywhere, which makes me really sad because that's the one I've always been most interested in. I mean hes a dragon that doesn't seems to have wings. Plus the earth aspect has always been pretty calm so Im just thinking Rokesh might be some stoned hippy lizard and that sounds dope.
  • @Timedagger100 Yeah, I personally imagine Rokesh like the Alice In Wonderland Caterpillar; just smoking a hookah and thinking about things, maybe with creatures pampering him to keep him comfortable.
  • @friskyBrisky holy shit I love that. Maybe when the guys do forn lore he'll just be chilling around the world tree like Jormundgandr just smoking exp while forn take care of his every whim
  • Well, in theory he would balance out Quintara's chaos. So perhaps he fuels the world tree? I always envisioned Rokesh as a huge snake wrapped around the tree. Maybe he's been there so long he just kinda blends in with plant life growing directly on him. Or, unlike his sister, he doesnt want to be seen so hides
  • Most of what we know about Rokesh we know because of Karl Landers being big into him. Even then, that isn't much. 
  • @CPTSKIM I like the idea that Rokesh is an unseen force as it balances well with Quintara's outward personality. Wouldn't the balance for extreme chaos be extreme order? So Rokesh would be doing something that is sustaining the world.
  • I love this idea of Rokesh being some big snake like dragon wrapped around the world tree, overgrown with plants and such.
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