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Legendary Spell Ideas!



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    Electric Magic Pulse: Gets rid of the use of spells until the end of combat.
  • Super Enlarge - makes you a 5x5 tile and u now deal 5x damage with basic attacks
  • The Absolutely not a rip-off of Omega Frost Cannon based on the idea of Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire - What it says on the tin.
    custom card
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    RIP idea
  • Tambok's Sideshow - Summon a powerful tome that when opened opens a portal that releases the Divine Tambok with 500 Stamina and casts random Spells at random Targets. If this boss is killed in three turns, give everyone in the Party a Tambok Ticket. If not, this boss disappears and leaves the Party with immeasurable disappointment. custom card
  • Bury - Shoves a character you pick underneath the earth
  • Tornado (or something idk dude)-spawn a tornado that moves 5 spaces in a random direction every round, roll: 1-5 up, 6-10 right, 11-15 down, 16-20 left. throwing anything in its path for some damage
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    a spell that summons a barrel hound thee very powerful adult forum of pot puppy's which are extremely rare due to thee absurdly high mortally rate of pot puppy's                                                     
    some kind of supper cure that can remove all the effects positive and negative from everything on the battle field
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    Molten Flesh Spike- Create a ball of fire that produces spikes like a sea urchin every few seconds that spreads out 100 ft. After combat, any dead or alive creature that was skewered by a fire spike fuse together to form an amalgamation of every creature. This creature has the abilities of all of the creature fused into it.
  • - Heart of the Spells -
    You're imbued with the power of the light, as you feel fate-warping magic fill your egoism. Draw a random spell, which can be reworded in any way you want in order to complete your goal while still sticking to the idea of the spell. If it does damage, opponents must brutal death roll. You also must recite every action do you in a shounen-protagonist way. 
  • Combine Mind: Combine the minds of you and all your allies, becoming a Hive Mind. You may distribute your actions across all character until end of combat. For example, 1 character can use all 4 actions while another character uses 2 moves. 
  • Retrospect Song- A heartfilled melody bursts forth from the caster's mouth, encircling the target and catching the attention of all creatures around. The weight the targeted individuals evil actions crushes them until their bodies collapse into a pile of dust, forcing a death roll scaling on how evil of a person they are. An individual that is pure of heart instead is filled with all the energy of the legendary spell, resulting in their stamina being fully restored and being immune to any death effect that would not kill a divine for 10 rounds. 
  • Solarburst - summon a small sun within range that starts eradiating powerful light magic that deals 5 damage at the start of each round and only light magic is allowed to be cast when standing in it's light
  • Dance of Death- Cause people in a 25 foot range to spontaneously dance. They will dance until they run out of stamina, enter the Danger state and also have to do a Death roll. If it the roll to cast this spell is a 15 or above, the death roll will be a Brutal Death roll and if it is a critical success, they will have to do an impossible Death roll. On a critical failure, you cast it on yourself.
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    Divine Decree- Cast a spell that instead of using gold as your magic focus, you instead pay with your life. The spell is as powerful as the character that casts it. The spell has an effect chosen by the Game Master.

    Utter Chaos- Summon a spell that changes magical energy every second. When ever the spell hits a target, the spell splits into two. both with different effects and changing times. The spell is as fast as the ball thing in Men In Black.
  • Divine Inspiration- Create a creature from the mind of the caster. This creature is its own being and will not blindly follow orders of its creator, however, it will see him/her as its god. It has 2x the stamina of its creator and deals 4x the basic damage of its creator.
  • Summon Cheese: Cause Rawb to summon a piece of cheese to feed the Old Gods. 
  • Forbidden Candymancy

    Grab a target and infuse them with a dark magic that forces them to death roll, failing said roll converts their flesh to a sugary abominaation. The target draws 3 random companions and replaces their race with one, becoming an aberretion of sugar and flesh that is charmed to the caster.
  • White Eyes Blue Dragon(beam)
    Puff your chest with air, as your lungs expand to take in a plethora of oxygen. Spewing out the air, it turns into a pitch white beam of laser destruction in a straight line dealing 99 damage. It causes a brutal death roll to the first person hit. The second person takes the full blow of the remaining damage and causes a death roll.
  • Revise Story - The caster may change one thing that happened in the past few minutes. This causes no one but the caster to remember the actual events before the use of this spell, instead playing out the events that the caster dictated. This spell is very dangerous, as the more complex the change is, the more negative outcomes can come out of it.
  • "Unforgetfulness"
    Spell that inserts yourself into someone's memories. So say I cast it on an enemy, suddenly they remember me as their childhood best friend
  • Ale Hail - Frozen ale rains from the sky dealing damage, in the next round the ale melts causing all living beings to become drunk if someone is already drunk they gain 2 bonus actions this lasts for 2 rounds.
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    MoonBeam- A beam using the magical power straight from the moon to smite a 20 by 20 radius on the battlefield. 
  • To Many Truths you learn the secrets of the world uttering these words make many go mad 
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    Always be Kind - A spell that erases its user, and revives every creature that had died in a 50x50 range in the last day. The caster is erased from the memory of every creature, and nobody will remember that anybody who was revived died originally. The original caster is unknown.
  • Werewolf - Draw a random beast companion and inherit the traits of that beast. Your body becomes a combination of both your old form and the beast
  • Mini Me - Create a clone of yourself, that is a carbon copy, except for the fact that it's a Keen Gnome. The Gnome is an exact copy of you, knowing your past, your abilities, and your relationships.
  • The Countdown in ten turns if combat doe not end every one deathrolls 
  • Break The mold Change your Race
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