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Urealms card ideas for season 4

Noticed the notice about the lore streams and how they will be working on cards and I also noticed the fact that nobody made a thread about that it would probably be easier for rawb if all the ideas were in one place so I made this thread


  • Roleplay spells for me tend to stem from overuse of magic where a simple tool or simple patience would do just fine.

    -Bushwacker: Trim back leaves and branches in a straight line; for better or worse this spell can't cause major damage to plant life but can cause minor damage to non-plant life if used recklessly.
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  • Don't forget Wooden Nunchucks!
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    I made some

    A spell that creates a lava tsunami by magically puking all of the users energy. Actually a very easy spell to do spell if you practice it, which will be very hard considering every time you use it you have a 19/20 chance of dying. This spell is not to be confused with normal Tsunamis, the actual pronunciation is Tuh-Zu-Nami
    Legendary / T-Su–Nami (custom)
    Inspired by an old DvZ stream where bruce warned of "Tushunamis" the official spelling was Tsunami but with gaps between the T, The Su, and the Nami.

    Hidey Hole
    A spell that creates a small realm of holding large enough to fit anything that's less heavy than the average black boar.
    custom card

  • My good buddy Stuart and I have a whole Custom mod but these are the cards that we think would fit base Urealms the best.

    Blood Of The Magi - It's not fancy mechanics wise, but dang if that ain't some good RP. You've got magic flowing through you so thick it literally bursts from you at random moments.

    Titan's Cuirass - Giants still haven't been seen in Urealms, but their blood seems to have some enhancement properties and that applied to metal would probably just make it stronger.

    Leather Straps - A touch on the new anytime system, the idea of sacrificing some protection for extra flexibility in combat has always been a sacrifice table top players have to thing about.

    Kingsmail -  A simple 30 stamina armor with an occasional upside, this is more for the flavor of having armor that literally makes you immune to the peasants. 

    Gobo Friend Bag - A fun thing where you pull out a goblin and he could be a friend, or you could just straight murder him because he's a goblin and get some loot because of it. Helps define a character.

    Soda Fountain Of Youth - A useful full heal with a nice anytime rider, this is more for the flavor of you've got the water from the fountain of youth, but more importantly DIET COLA all the time.

    Time Clogs - The power of the legendary ghumio, but in strange wooden clogs. These look incredibly strong, but you really only get one do over. Plus you wear silly wooden shoes.

    Cluster Launcher - Did you every want to not only shoot someone, but everyone around them? This gnomish riot gun will help you out.

    Tiger Fist - You ever wanted to punch something REALLY hard while not having a shirt on? Boy do I have a card for you! A high damage weapon that makes you commit.

    Hexblade - I've always had a soft spot for melee casters and this is how I justified it in Urealms. A sword that gets stronger the more schools you're skilled in. And no, if you get double damage it doesn't double the additional damage. It would be a 10 damage sword then add the bonuses.

    Smashable Guitar - We wanted to be able to smash a guitar on someone so we made a guitar specifically designed to be smashed on someone's head.

    Lootbox - You could use this as the GM to help round out a player's character or you could give them garbage because their character is already busted. Who knows whats in the box.

    Prepared - You've trained your entire life for one moment. What is that moment? Could be saving a dog, could be punching a dude so hard he explodes, could be holding open a door and saving the team. You've got one shot to do it bud. Make it count.

    Fae Touched - So this one is odd. Because sure, you could have been raised Light Spirits or Sunwolves. You could just as easily have been raised by Gorgons or Ytts. Lets you make weird characters.

    Innocent - You're a sweet innocent little Jimmy who hasn't seen anything really bad. Wonder how long that'll last in this harsh world.

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  • Some of the more fun treasures items from my own Tabletop RPG game. Maybe they could work in Urealms?

    The Jabberwock: A mysterious sword that seems to bend in and out of reality. While some adventurers have claimed to find it deep inside of dungeons and caverns, others seem to have had visions of it come to them deep in their dreams. Whatever the case, it appears before you now. Doesn’t deal damage, but whenever you attack a character, remove it from this reality and swap it with the last person attacked by The Jabberwock, instantly removing this weapon from your inventory. On Critical Fails with this weapon, bend the fabric of the universe in a way that you no longer exist.

    Strong Knight's Shovel: 
    A deceptively powerful weapon, once wielded by the all-knowing knight-crime organization of the 5 Knights of the Dirt Spade. Deals 2 damage in addition to basic attacks, but doubles in damage every time you roll a Critical Success.

    Rusty Pocket Knife: 
    A stubby pocket knife, exactly the perfect size for gnomes. Deals 2 damage in addition to your basic attacks, but grants you an immediate bonus action whenever you roll an Odd number while attacking with it.

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