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Favorite Badass urealms characters

Man, for me its gotta be Percy Bast. The purge was hands down one of my favorite campaigns simply because of his character arc. His final stand against Bopen, flipping him off by just walking away was just...... I loved it. And I think its probably cooler even to the likes of duke daring, because he went from a nobody/dork to an emotionally conflicted character all the way to standing his ground against DEATH (more or less). I dunno, what do you guys think?


  • Karl Landers is another that comes to mind. Both in and out of combat were amazing.
  • Yeah Karl And Percy have got to be up there for most badass characters but Virgo still takes the cake for me, but it’s kinda cheating since he’s a main important story character and has had a lot of screen time
  • Johnny Feo has one of the highest kill counts probably outside of the assassin characters. Killed like a dozen dudes in one turn, an entire town of innocents.
  • Yohan, he's too good of a boy for the group he was raised with. And there's nothing more badass than being a good boy in my opinion.
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    Gwennith Sunsword for sure. If there was ever anything resembling a "main character" for URealms, she'd be it. 

    Though she is dead now. and the new Grand Paladin will probably be even more badass once she gets to do something.
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    umm excuse me? Phineas is our established main character, thank you very much. He even dances for you every day. @TamTroll

    Honestly though, the 4 player characters of Woodcarvers are all badasses on their own. There is something inherently appealing about characters who are full of scars yet still trudging forward, hoping for the best.
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