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Egg world. thoughts

so in the Loré stream Rob and DB Have been Playing around with the Idea of Having the Urealm live planet being egg shaped, now this is far from Canon yet and migth Never becom Canon, But i think it could be a fun Idea That could fit with the curent back story specifically the beenus history pretty well! it becomes kind of fitting that the dragon that made the beenu long ago choose a egg shaped planet to make a bird race on. It could even be That the dragon made the planet for his creations, or just shaped it to better fit his creations. which could end up having importance in futer storys!

But That is just some of My thougths, do you folks Have any fun ideas how a egg world could effect the story?!


  • That's just what Big Egg wants you to believe! Wake up! The world is a triangle!
  • I cant wait for the egg to hatch
  • ehh, i'm hesitant about it. On the one hand it's neat, on the other hand it might make things too complicated, idk.

    definitely better then the "the earth is shaped like a bowl of soup" thing from Fighting Foodons :P
  • The world is actually an inwards cube. And the stars are actually towns on the other sides of the world cube. And in the middle is an old man who turns on the lights.
  • @nikiduke IDK if you actually think that is canon or not but most of that is actually from an very old lore stream years ago and they scrapped the cube idea a long time ago  :)

    The egg world idea isn't canon YET because nothing in lore streams is canon until you see it in the show. I personally think the more time they spend developing an idea the more likely it would be that they could add it to the show at some point.
  • @Meganzoor ; Yeah i know man. Just making a joke  >:)
  • @nikiduke oh sorry! I wasn't sure if you were serious :wink: 
  • Having the world shaped like an egg just seems like it’s mostly just going to complicate things more than anything else. The egg is just going to add unbessicary complications when it comes to figuring out where things are, if you make it a sphere the math with distances between places gets way simpler.
  • @kreeperkiller63 i think its kinda cooler though if you take a look at the flattened out shape. its going distort part of the world to make it look bigger then it really is like a triangle shape map
  • I dont think a Egg world has to be That complicated, proper physics are rarely up hold in fantasy to begin with so the weird gravity a egg world could create is something you could just ignore or adapt as needed, the map would be weird But not hard to make and other then That i cant really se to much That would be That complicated? You Have to remember That the player dont need to know every single detail of how a world works, just the thinks That make the world grounded enough That they buy it. And That is often less then you would think.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the egg-shaped world decided on at first so that the giant cheese wheel could divide the world into non-equal halves? If that's the only reason for it, then I think that's silly, because the cheese wheel could just roll along the equivalent of the tropic of capricorn or cancer on a spherical world, it would just have to essentially be always turning in addition to rolling.

    But, as long Rawb's sold on it for more than just the cheese wheel, then I'm fine with it. Like Rawb says, it will probably look pretty cool on a map, and differing levels of gravity is neat, since it means everything on the North Side can be bigger since there is less gravity, and thus there's less worry about stuff becoming too heavy and collapsing and its easier to move material.

    PS: Quick question, but what is the planned side for the Elves to be on? I've gotten confused as to whether Yvander and thus the known (to us) world is on the north or south side.
  • @CaesarBarringster
    The elves are on the north because they're fighting the frost shit 
  • The egg world is funny. Nuff said.
    I think it makes the world more unique. And is also logical in some way since the beenu were the original inhabitants of this world
  • @Kingedyou

    If by north you mean top side of the egg I don't think that is correct. Due to the gravity on the smaller top side being bigger it was decided the beenu had their capital there and that the elves were on the bottom (south side) of the cheesewheel.
  • the gravity on the egg depends on a lot of things but mainly the gravity should be effected by it's centre of mass which means where massive things like the dragons are could effect gravity and so could the titanium great sword. you'd be able to calculate the gravity at certain parts of the egg if you knew it's total mass and size 

  • Think egg-shaped planets and asteroids are real things that exist, so it's certainly not implausible. Not sure how gravity would work on them to be fair, or life for that matter, but hey it's fiction.

    And easy fix for the gravity situation could possibly be something like "The thinner section is denser and has more mass then the wider section" or some other just-believable-enough hoohaw to explain how you could have consistent earth-like gravity and atmosphere all around the surface. It'd certainly be easier then trying to calculate it for a cube-world.

    like, the wide end is probably easy enough to explain as it's fairly earth-like. but the closer you get to the thin end, the denser the planet's core gets, attracting more gravity to that area. Millennia of the planet existing like this has allowed gravity, magma movements, and other forces to eventually balance out in such a way that there is consistent atmosphere and gravity through the entire planet. So much so that one might believe it's a sphere if they didn't take the proper measurements or witness it from space.

    or i suppose you could be boring and just say "Magic does it". That could also work.
  • so got a random thought, how does a egg world affect the moons orbit? wouldn't the moon like have a really weird it would appear in different places every night?
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