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Nuff said
Lets all take the time to appreciate this song


  • Man. Classic Jerma985 was so great. His Stream Highlight Channel is pretty good, but I will always look back on his TF2 and Pre-Streaming Days. Heck, Jerma's shpees were my inspiration for the Pigmis.
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    Master crafted song. It takes a tiny streamer to make content about tiny creatures. 
  • ... that's a "3D movie maker" background there, probably the rats too.

    i remember that game. My masterpeice was entitled "Flying Baby", where something serious was always the main focus, in one instance, a scientist accidentally creating and then running away from a bunch of monsters while they tried to kill him. But, and here's the kicker. There was a random baby. just... flying in the sky. In every scene. Nobody acknowledged it, or explained where it came from, or how it got from one scene to the other. It was just there.

    truly 8 year old me was a cinematic genius.
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