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The Great Jimmy Debate!


For a long time :rawb: has called us Jimmies. Now it is time to find out who is the greatest Jimmy.

BUT, this isn't about us. It's about Jimmy. The REAL Jimmy. All the real Jimmies!

So post a Jimmy. Tell us why He's a great Jimmy. If your name really is Jimmy, toss your hat into the ring!(Or don't. Up to you.)

....Huh, I guess this is less of a debate and more of a show and tell, but with Jimmies. WELL WHATEVER!

I'll start us off. And I'll start off strong!
James Euringer AKA. Jimmy Urine
He's the singer of Mindless Self Indulgence. Never heard of them?
You're welcome.


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    I'm going to vote Jimmy, of that old webcomic i read once... can't remember it's name, but i still have a picture of him saved to my computer

    • Psychic Powers
    • Plays the video games
    • Green hair
    • Rewound all of time to make sure friend's boyfreind didn't get his dick cut off (Yes really)
    • Awsome.
    • Powers are so strong, he accidently sent a child flying into deep space because the kid wanted to fly. (The parents were okay with it, they had like 12+ other kids at the time with more on the way)
    • His mother.
    • One major reason for rewinding time and preventing the guy's dick from getting cut off was so that said guy wouldn't date his freind, allowing Jimmy to date her instead.
    • In his first few appearences, all he could say was "I play the video games" for... some reason.
    • Spaces out a lot, probably related to his vast psychic powers
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    Im gonna vote for Jimmy Broadbent.

    Pros: Sim racing shed boy
    Pro tractor driver
    rice enthusiast.
    doesnt condone becoming a missile.
    On same team as the legendary Kettle F1 driver: Boiley.

    Cons: Plz No Punterino
    Too many basement dwellers
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