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Dead Realms Thread: The Cartwright Caper

I always forget to put these threads up man.


  • I loved the 3 man format it meant each of the players had more screen time and it made easier to empathise with the players even if it was over a shorter time frame. The characters simply had more time to develop and more time for myself to grow attached to them.

    I think stories especially those with emotional moments and or tense moments is better suits 3 man as the stakes are higher and the loss is that much greater. Additionally as we saw it made it easier to add companions because there was more space even if it was for just a couple more jokes .  
  • Hands down, best dead realms campaign to date. Roamin was fantastic as usual. The three person format worked great as well. I would like to see it in a couple live campaigns. 
  • Probably my favourite DeadRealms. I also thought the three person format worked great. I especially liked all the role play throughout, and Deadbones' concept of a house of thieves was perfect. All that was missing in that thread I felt was the one party-goer who was just there for a good time and didn't hear about any treasure. Some good solid story arcs that seemed to make sense, especially Roamin's creepy end which suited and gave new meaning to his puppet with its red eyes.
  • Lately I couldn't keep up with DR cause I was swamped with work and shit. Are they still one off stories or there is plot connection between them? The last one I watched was the jungle one with Pause.
  • @Noubi From what I have watched, it seems they are mostly one-shots with some things connecting them. For example, the "Clown Clampdown" campaign was about how the clowns from the moon in the first campaign carry a disease that turns other people into clowns and the party was entrusted to exterminate the problem. I can only assume there will be more connectors as Dead Realms continues, but I doubt it'll be as intricate as URealms. 
  • Screw Roamin actually killing the house. Taking over was unexpected and makes for a funnier story. :smilebold:
  • I loved this campaign and it was definitely better than some of the official campaigns. It kind of reminded me of something I might see in season 2 of Urealms, which is in my opinion the best stories told in Urealms.

    The three person format works. I dont know that intentionally planning a three person campaign is ideal as I prefer more players to less, but if you cant get together a full four person group for a scheduled campaign three person works just fine and an acceptable alternative to skipping a campaign.
  • I feel like a three person campaign might be better for telling smaller stories. Roamin was amazing, but he did end up taking most of the spotlight. Otherwise, it was the best Deadrealms campaign so far and the concept alone made me wish the canon card was pulled.
  • In my opinion there should be a mix of 3 player and 4 player campaigns. For "important" campaigns like season finales and very shocking moments (ex. Azveltara Z, The Last Beenu.)  should be 4 players. Whereas more "filler " campaigns (i hate the word filler but I can't think of a better way to put it.) should be 3 players. Or you could make Deadrealms 3 players because of the wacky, crazy stuff and keep Urealms 4 players. But that just my two cents.
  • I liked how unplanned it seemed. Just a fun concept, fun characters, and a small sandbox to explore what happens when you toss em together. The feeling that combat could happen at any time but also could end just as easily was also fun.
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    Woo! Finally caught up on campaigns again! It may have gone off the rails immediately and never looked back, but I'll be damned if it wasn't entertaining, and highly quotable.
  • I liked that there was only three players. I felt like everyone got to talk and kinda flesh out their characters more and play on their traits than they normally would have. I hope it happens more often, even if by mistake
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