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Old God Divine Idea: Frank The Normal Dude

I want our god to be a human and he's just a normal guy named Frank and he wears casual clothes and is really confused because he works in IT and there's all this magic and shit but he just wants to go home and see his family... but also he has god powers that he has no idea about and likely will never discover the only thing he ever does with them is passively avoiding death like if a pyroblast comes at him his god power will without prompt create a forcefield and he'll be really confused and just want to go home because he's confused and worried about his family and he left a casserole in the oven 


  • I approve but will do my own thing 
  • He also forgot to walk the dog and his wife is probably gonna be mad about that
  • He just deals with normal everyday problems

    ”roll to cook dinner”
    ”you cut your finger and decide to order pizza. -1 stamina.”
  • One day after being confused for so long he's gonna realize he's a god. What will he do? Create more humans? Start the industrial revolution? Conquer the world? I personally think he's just gonna get an infinite bag of Doritos and bring bob from the bar to chill.
  • He just gets summoned by the order of chaos, " Hey what the? Where am I? What the hell just happened? Where's my wife?"
  • Sounds kinda like the plot of an anime, just a normal business man who finds himself in a fantasy world.
  • @Lucius_E
    we transport some poor guy who just got hit by Truck-kun and Isekai him
  • I basically want the stereotypical barbeque socks and sandles dad. "You guys don't have lawnmowers? Or Football? Where the hell am I?"
  • I kinda want to remake kazuma now that you mention the animeness off it all
  • This is the greatest idea for an old god divine i've ever heard. The streets will run beige with the confusion of frank!
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    Man this is the best idea ever. Even more that I’m thinking of how it would play out.
    So ole frank is summoned into this world through some weird demonic ritual by a spooky dragon god thingy into all he can tell is hell. Then the dragon tells him he is a divine and can do anything he wants before he can even ask where’s is he. So what does he do from this point? I may joke and say he’ll just get an infinite bag of Doritos but I think he’d do much much more then that.
    A lot of things would change after he’d get his footing. For entertainment frank would magic in the internet, Netflix, Amazon, Television, Google, Modern Housing, Baseball, Soft drinks, And so much more, but what what really is exciting is he’d create some humans that are probably immortal. 
    So sure we could have an old god who could change the world in so many other ways like nuking city’s, Having a puppy farm, Dethroning the dragons aspects, And stuff like that, but what if the world changed due to ole frank needing some Netflix and chill with his wife?
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  • Bump for this idea since we're making our Old God soon, keep in mind that on top of comedic value Frank The Normal Dude would also be significant as it's us the Old Gods sending one of our own to watch over Urealms... The issue is we sent the wrong guy and he has no idea what Urealms is he just wants to see his kids and get back to his job he also may have left the oven on and is extremely worried and confused
  • We MUST do this
  • Although a walrus is clearly the best old god idea this is definitely the 2nd best old god idea
  • Actually now that i think about it frank seems like a waste
    we could do so many cool things we will only get to do this every year or so and even so urealms wont last forever
    It could give some good jokes though i guess
  • Frank is the hero we need to ressurect the Beenu and make them a playable race in URealms.
  • Frank is clearly the superior life form. Making a walrus god is what rawb probably expects us to do anyways. It would be 1000 times more fun for us to do something like Frank
  • @Revoltman
    Frank wouldn't really be a waste, at least not the way I look at it. Sure there's a whole lot of comedic value in the idea but we also get a literal Old God who has been transported to Urealms and has no idea why he's there, he'd probably search for his purpose or a way to get home or how to unlock the power he has. Ya know that kind of thing.
  • @Kingedyou remember the old gods are US like us us and last time i checked it would be impossible to walk into our computer monitors and stumble into urealms so if this idea came to fruition we would just get the equivalent of a normal urealms character with average who happens too not be able to die when we could do so many cooler things and you could get the same level of comedic value with other ideas just seems like a waste too me
  • ok we need a second divine to go with Frank
  • First thing I thought of was a port of a pet? (Like, his dog in a Urealms body?) Dunno if that'd be feasible in the 16 race choices, though
  • @PoppyrusRose
    hmmmm, he could have a dog... or a walrus?
  • oh. my. gods. I think the idea of a house pet w unrivaled power is the only OGD idea I'm invested in lmaooo
  • Im fine with frank as long as the other god isnt a waste
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