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Urealms Landmarks - what are yours?



  • The Serpent Timberlands

    A large forest (with a land mass shaped like a boot) that houses the many snakes of The Realms, whether it be Blood or Whisper. The few people who dare to enter hear that within the middle of the forest is a pair of boots that not only make the wearer feel comfortable but can ignore the Status effects of the snakes within. 
  • The Vharknado City
    It was once a normal clifface with a regular wasteland town, until a stray vharknado hit the landmass. Then the landmass ended up circling the vharknado, and a clever gnome created a propeller to keep the landmass perpetually spinning, and being able to direct the vharknado through magic physics. Now, the Vharknado city is one of the most impenetrable cities in the realm, with a big natural defense system of vharks, housing the largest vhark farm and a bank that rivals Under Construction. 

    How you get into the city are set drop off points where the varhk-nado drives by, and you have to jump onto it, like a radical bus stop. It's a city which attacks all other cities, so it became the best city. 
  • House of lonely mirrors 

    Somewhere in the world there is a giant house of mirrors with a civilization of people made out of mirrors. They aren't necessarily monsters, but just don't have personalities of their own they just copy those around them, and as such are very bored of each other because they all are effectively husks without anyone new. 

    To alleviate this they put magical mirrors around the world that instantly swaps the person who looks into the mirror with one of the mirror beings who instantly steals their appearance and personality as well as a face level understanding of them. 

    The mirror being that takes the persons place just kind of pretends to be the person whose identity they stole so they can talk to other people and the person who is transported to the house of mirrors is oogled over by the mirror beings
  • A dwarven city built at the foot of a volcano. Due to a large iron deposit surrounding the volcano the dwarves setup a city devoted to the processing and manufacturing of steel. Due to the volcano being near by the dwarves had the idea of harnessing the heat of the lava itself to help produce weapons and steel. 
  • Mon Nitroga: A dwarven bank built in to the side of a volcano. Mon Nitroga's vaults sit surrounded by the bubbling magma produced by the volcano, meaning the only way in is through the bank itself. It also makes it quite handy for storing anything with high value, or danger to life.
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    The Basalt Boscage 
    A vast region of stone like the Stone Forest and Giant's Causeway that while most newer races believe to be old and sacred ground, is actually the ongoing pet project of a group of competitive masons constantly trying to outdo one another. A real hot spot for tourists, even though they're occasionally crushed by the odd boulder.
    If you're after a landmark this one's set in stone
  • A cult that dedicated themself to draining the ocean by throwing bags of holding inside of it because lakes that big are unnatural and should not exist.
    there is an anual "Bag Festival" that has become a big tourist attraction.
  • The "Pocket" Dimension

    A Realm of Holding that uses connects people's pockets to the corruptedbagofholding
    The Operator moves someone's pocket to a hand of someone in need of something. Sometimes, they'll fish out something random and unexpected; other times they either get ignored or unnoticed as it is merely one person moving pockets to others. 

    The idea of how this person or "Operator" got in was that a seeker decided to get out of the box one day and tamper with the magic of one of the bags. They eventually succeeded but grew greedy over time, stuffing themselves inside to steal and swipe without anyone ever noticing. However, they were not the only one who thought of this idea and suddenly, their hoard began to diminish over time. Now they live their life of moving other peoples hands to others riches in order to prevent any strays from robbing their riches. 
  • Pile of Weird Notes: a pile of notes describing locations that dont exist yet becuase they havent been put in a stream or coes quest yet alternatively they could be all the rejected landmark ideas
  • A massive water whirpool that sucks in and expels water, would provide a "tide" for the world, instead of the moon doing so. Almost certainly a hazard for ships. Source could be many things, such as a large beast gathering prey, or a phenomenon with the heartbeat of the embryo-sun-dragon in the center of the world (if thats canon). 

    Also an idea that i feel may be too much but adds some campaign possibility, and some goofiness: The source could be a massive sponge that is allowed to absorb water, and then is harvested for whatever it collects (animals, plants, parts) by a race of Angler-Fish like beings (probably mutated by the birth of magic), and then the sponge could be squeezed via a large contraption, several beasts of burden, or like a ton of Angler people. I imagine their society is tribal level advanced with a hive mind, and predatory. Rarely seen, and residing in the cold dark caverns of the whirlpool, harvesting, and inadvertently creating the worlds tides. For extra spooks they could be an ageless race like spiders.
  • Thor's Afterbirth
    A huge crater left from the mountain that Thor was created from. The area still hums with the echos of creation magic.

    People Town
    An isolated town full of Elemechs that believe they are other races such as Elves, Dwarves, etc until they actually meet other races. 

    P.S. Posting this again because they missed most of page 4 in the streams. They finished the first stream towards the top of page 4 and started on page 5 in the second.
  • Gadget Factory
    A Willy Wonka type factory but instead of candy they make all the cool nonsensical gadgets of the realm, for example Treasure / Fist in a Box or Treasure / Headcannon Helmet they're constantly experimenting with new treasures and gadgets innovating and making newer wackier inventions, there are tons of health code violations like people are dying here daily, also there are tours and Oompa Loompas which are actually just goblins because they don't have jobs so whoever this is adopted them as slave labor and nobody knows because nobody goes into the factory besides these tours
    Edit: The Willy Wonka could be a Nisovin who's book has the word "eccentric" added to it 

    Delusional Cave
    A cave full of meta Ytts who have transformed into all sorts of people like Gwyneth or Young Ladyr but the difference is these Ytts have convinced themselves that they actually are these people and refuse to untransform so they've created what is essentially a society crossing over characters who could never possibly meet and anybody who goes into this cave would be terrified seeing all of these people like Virgo and Bopen living together 
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    Dunno if anyone's mentioned this before, my apologizes if they have.
    City in a Skeleton
    A city, in my mind in a desert of some sort but anywhere can work, thats entirely housed in a giant skeleton. Originally, I was going to say a dragon skeleton, but any super large skeleton works. Its ribs could be towering pillars filled with windows of apartment-like rooms. The skull could be a palace or a temple of some sort, and the so forth.

    Despite the theme of being in a giant skeleton, the residents do not need to be ageless, I actually think a city of living dwarves, elves, or kobolds (or a combination thereof) to be more interesting. Maybe something like in WoW (Warlords of Draenor, it was crap expansion but it had great aesthetics), specifically Frostfire Ridge or Gorgrond.
  • A giant albino leviathan that roams the long lakes being the surge of all sailors who dare cross. it would be twice to three times larger than normal leviathans and is very territorial giving another region why we haven't seen the south side 
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       an entire area where towns encourage small children about the age of 11 to leave their houses and go capture wild animals that they train to fight each other and eventually defeat an elite group of animal trainers to become The Champion. These battles only end when the other animals are all dead and very frequently the animals are brutally murdered by the others. at the end of the battles they take the dead bodies and a group of flesh weavers use the bodies and have a goal to create the most powerful animal in existence. These flesh weavers are most likely responsible for many gruesome creations in the world.

    additional info
    -immortal creatures are not allowed to be captured and used for battles.
    -There is no rule that humanoid creatures can't be used.
    -a lot of the children turn into flesh weavers because when they think their animals have achieved a certain level of power they begin to add "improvements" to them like extra arms or horns.
    -also whenever someone wins and the other person's animals are dead the people usually force the loser to pay large sums of gold
  • The Way To Magical Archipelago
    A very normal archipelago which was a common tourist spot for the more rich elves due to its beaches that were enchanted by a dragon aspect to make all sorts of family fun! But something was off about the enchantments and when the birth of magic happend half of the islands exploded. Now there’s all these islands that are magically deformed. 
    It’s now become a tourist attraction for cruises, why look at big beavers when you could go see an eternally exploding island?
  •  I think it could be cool to have a waterfall with no river attached. The source could be an everfullgoblet, that is tipped over so it is eternally spilling. I would initially have thought that there could be a bag of holding at the bottom, but given the new weight limit philosophy it seems that wouldn't be feasible. So you could have the liquid be consumed another way, or you could have it be an ever growing pool that will over time add more lakes to the world.
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    Weiss City: (Pronounced "Vice")

    A city founded by Orvan Weiss (for the heck of it/he was bored/ he hadn't founded a city before). Mostly populated by goblins, and is a hive of scum and villainy. This is where Orvan recruits his cartel. Has a Miami-like climate.

    Old Karazeim ruins
    (because there isn't enough places named Karazeim).
    Once built into a mountain. This Kobold town was destroyed back when a kobold ate a load-bearing rock, causing the city to collapse in on itself.
    When questioned about Old Karazeim the monks of Karazeim resoundly say "We don't talk about Old Karazeim".

    The city was so short-lived (having lasted less than a century, and destroyed so long ago) that the current Karazeim is just called Karazeim.
  • Salty Crush Mine
    This mine used to be just any normal Kobold Cave, but it expanded until they ate into a massive gem made of  Gemlings and Gemlords that died in a wave of lava from a volcanic eruption. They're compressed into one big gem that is mostly stuck to the cave, and is controlled by one gemling that remained alive. The Gemling will channel some arcane energy into pieces that are about to be eaten up, attempting to enchant the minds of those who bite into it, causing them to think of it as a god. The gem wants to be freed from the mountain, so it gets some of its slaves to convince some other Kobolds to bite into pieces of it to build its number of slaves dedicated to getting it out of the rock.

    Some Kobolds still remain in the cave, but they've noticed that anyone who bites into the gem become charmed to it, so they don't try to eat it and of course know to refuse any offers of food made by the Kobolds they know are charmed to it. The charmed Kobolds will some times grind some pieces of the gem into fine dust, treating it like salt and selling it around cities to people, recruiting some people of potentially other races to help mine.
  • Birthing pods

    A humanoid species which cannot ever see each other. Or  when another one of their species is near they become camouflaged if the pervious is to vague.

    This means they always think they are the last of their species and will either always disbelieve if they are told otherwise or try to seek them out.

    At a certain point in their life they will have a strong urge and desire to return to thire place of birth. They die and let eggs or spores out e.c.t which give birth to more of them in that location. No one knows at what age they do this, how they know the location or why they have this urge.

    They are adaptable by nature and having no parents can seek others for guidance untill they grow up.

    It is possible to create more birthing pods by killing enough of them in a location to sustain a new population. Equally it is possible to destroy a pod by stopping them from reaching their birth pod for various methods such as barring the pod of or killing them before they reach it.

    No one knows how many there are since they can't even see each other or notice each other However they can still bump into eachotheac

    I thought it would be really funny and annoying to have a species which couldn't ever see each other or notice each other in combat or roleplay situations and i couldn't think of another way they could exist so I made a backstory for them.

  • S.S. Moranne-CHOR

    A large ship that was stolen by a band of misfits that was to be given to a family friend of the Tarcial'Embeart. The ship's creation was meant for personal travel and only meant to hold cargo/trade. However, the thieves have stolen supplies from other boats (choosing to steal rather than fight) and have transformed it into a barely functional warship. 

    While they sound a wee bit strong, they're actual major pushovers and are only about 4 to 5 people big. They end up causing their own destructions themselves (like Team Rocket) and have occasionally lost their ship from time to time. 

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    A giant skull. When creating life the Dragons one-upped each other in making the largest animal, which culminated in one contestant creating a creature so massive that the ground couldn't support its weight. It immediately sunk through the rock, leaving only its head above the surface, the rest trapped underground.
  • The Cloud Coasts

    A high mountain range that reaches just above the clouds and is inhabited by different templar orders. People that live on the Cloud Coasts interact with the clouds as if the clouds were solid water. They use different swimming and sailing techniques to get from mountain to mountain. And they call this gifted ability for "cloud swimming" (or “cloud walking”) and each of the different templar orders explain the reason behind this ability differently (it’s likely connected to the Birth of Magic).

    However not all natives possess the ability to "cloud swim" and the unfortunate typically falls through the sky cover during their first “swimming” lesson. The people in the valley below have noticed these falling children and try to catch all these babies, who they see as gifts. The valley dwellers also have different for explanations among them as to why children are falling from the skies. It could be the Divine (but it’s not). The fallen children are integrated into the people in the valley but a few climb the high mountains as adults in an attempt to find their origin.

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    The Plague House

    Pre-birth of magic, the Elves noticed the Beenu getting sick. As they were immortal, they had never experienced anything like this before, and were interested. They asked the Beenu to infect them, simply as a matter of curiosity. The Beenu had to work hard on doing this (Why? I dunno, cash money/dragon sliver probably), eventually managing to create a few magic resistant strains of bacteria/viruses, which could then infect the Elves. Of course, the Elves never felt anything worse then mild discomfort from these sicknesses, but even this made them feel more alive than they had before, so it was seen as a novelty/form of entertainment. Now, of course, post birth of magic, the whole place is under quarantine, as incredibly deadly, magic resistant, diseases are absolutely everywhere inside of it.

    I'd imagine that on a map, the house would have a big red shaded area marking it off, and entering would be illegal. Maybe some good old fashioned barbed wire/magic cutty spells fencing around it and such.
  • If you don't have magic schools on this list, you need to add magic schools because some of those can be pretty significant landmarks.
  • Goblin refugee/slums or maybe camps?
  • The Barringster memorial
    A place where barringsters memorialize all those who have fallen.
    Could also just be where they put up statues of themselves while they're alive
    I feel like the barringsters can be kind of unintentionally vain in some form, maybe more just forward in getting a good name for themselves and a place filled with barringsters would be cool

    MAYBE ITS LIKE EASTER ISLAND but barringster statues....
    Phineas could have one made of BOOOOONNNESSSS
  • Marbled Myhami
    A underground city for the goblin gangstas - where do goblins go to retire? Marbled Myhami. An underground resort, marbled and white, with a wine stream from the Wine river, and a natural lake. It is a prime hubub of goblin criminal activity. 
    The gnomes created this shield try and put under the giant sword, but it fell over and eventually filled up with water, so now it's just a big lake.
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    The Pub
    The Pub is a drab old wooden building and has a faded sign above the door. It is unremarkable but the inside is just as unremarkable. It features a stained wooden bar and there are a few tables scattered about. Their ale is sub par and their food is about what you would expect. Nothing ever changes in this pub. The barkeep is a grizzled old dwarf who only nods, but is always willing to lend an ear.  Though, there is one remarkable thing about it, and it is that it is always filled with legendary adventures, people, or those who will be legendary. No one knows why this is it just is. Some say Thor blessed this pub one night on one of his legendary benders, but no one could say for sure. The Pub is a constant in a lot of these adventurers lives and it is a place to reminisce on days past. 
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