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What things would you want our old god to do

This old god character will be able to do anything so what stupid things would you wanna see
My list is

fotms BDSM cult with quintara
Is only able to eat dwarfs and nothing else
Makes more cheese
Leads a underground pot puppy fighting ring
Kills justin's companion from GPO campaign
Can cast a spell to make believers


  • Can jump to different alternate dimensions instantly, but never remembers the "lore" for the dimension it currently resides in.
  • is a walrus

  • Is a walrus and becomes the new mr.burger (god i hope that lore gets put in)
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    Create weird dragon aspects. I mean what About a dragon aspect of anvils? I’d love to see a great blacksmith wizard cast the legendary spell Greater Anvill and kill a god by summoning the anvil above it. What about a dragon aspect of dragon aspects? What happens when someone summons a dragon aspect elemental? The possibilties are endless and yet Kallisto and Phanto chose the most basic of them, I wanna see some wild ones.
  • I just want one that's more serious then it is silly. Be an agent of chaos and change sure, but no "l0LrandumbwalRusrainbow cheeze f@rtZ!" stuff.
  • I’ve had a few ideas 
    first a true god of chaos, a god that just runs around doing who knows what, where ever he is he will just cause all nearby objects to do all sorts of things. Make to lovers hate each other, teleport anyone from one point of the world to another, make characters play out of character. You name it he does it. Basically a more chaotic and active quintara. Way way more chaotic than quintara. (Casts a spell that turns off his immortality, just because)

    A god that is just pure evil. Rapes and murders people, and gods. Kills off entire city’s. Captures people and torchers them, really bad unimaginable creation magic torcher. He gets joy from the suffering of others.

    Finally a god who just doesn’t care about what’s going on around him, just likes to sit around and watch the good show if urealms play out. Likes to make fun of people for being wrong, or for acting as if there actions are moral. He would be very cocky about it too. I would have him be in a place where he is next to someone important’s lover, and watch as they get murdered, then applauding the murderer. Just to make him hated.
  • I think it would be interesting to have him act like someone's controlling him while playing a video game, so he'd think that he's the main character, make him shallow and childish with very little empathy for others and he'd do whatever he finds the most fun in the moment.

    Though the more I describe him, the more it sounds like I'm describing Quintara Lotus.
  • We should just make him a murder hobo
  • They would think that the world is just a tabletop role-playing game and is in a constant state of confusion about why would the other players act like it isn't one. Never uses their godlike powers unless they earned it through leveling up. The world lore and story bores them and constantly tries to game the system instead. Is constantly trying to bet and barter with chat whenever it is about to do something stupid FUN. @Sonderp ;
  • I want him to be very plot relevant but at the same time do absolutely nothing. I also want him to really annoy maelstrom. Their a person who ends up, coincidentally but also with the power of old gods showing up everywhere, and he does/say things which change the universe. 

    Like say in the Ghostblade campaign - he would show up, want to brawl ghostblade, then maelstrom would show up, and they'd hve a meta discussion of why they can't kill ghostblade. Then the Old God conceds when maelstrom thretens to go full dragon on him. However ghostblade now knows he turns into this pro killer because our old god is loose lipped.

  • Yeah I'm sort of in the same boat, I want our old god to be really relevant because it would be funny of course, and have him wield the full power of the old gods but he's just is there doin stuff. Really important fight scene between Gwyneth and Bopen? He's chillin in the back. Important discussion in the Mana arc? He's just right there. I want it so if he does get into a fight its like some one punch insta kill gimmick, but he just commands maelstrom around and his posse of old god followers to just do stupid stuff like Ed, Edd N Eddy money making schemes exactly how maelstrom was the shopkeeper in a night to remember. I think it would be cool to have our character be in those scarce serious moments in the various campaigns they will appear in but also keep him care free because after all it IS just a board game... Right?
  • I want him to be a human and just a normal guy named like frank or something and he wears casual clothes and is really confused because he works in IT and theres all this magic and shit but he just wants to go home and see his family... but also he has god powers that he has no idea about and likely will never discover the only thing he ever does with them is passively avoiding death like if a pyroblast comes at him his god power will without prompt create a forcefield and he'll be really confused and just want to go home 
  • @Kingedyou Omg that's amazing
  • @LuckyLOO
    I think I might make a whole separate thread for it 
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