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[Fan Theory] The tower of ultimate wizardry is a lie

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We've seen multiple sides of Quintara Lotus. We've seen her helping mortals, and hurting them in fits of rage. Some people may think of the tower of ultimate wizardry as a fun challenge with amazing rewards at the end. I don't think so.

Creating your own floor and a free wish? This may be true but I think a third thing happens when you reach the top. Let's take a second to remember what it takes to become a divine. You must train the body, the mind, master magic, and be kind. If you make it to the top of the tower of ultimate wizardry, you've certainly been able to train your body and your mind, and definitely master magic. I think the tower was created by Quintara to kill people who are close to becoming divines.

So what do I think might be happening to people who reach the top? It's likely they do create a floor and get a wish, but I think quintara does something else to those people. I think she casts a curse on them to make sure they're never kind enough to become a dragon. Why else would quintara create this tower? Just to reward people who are strong? I think not.

Let's think of this from Rawb's POV. When he puts something in his world he first thinks of something crazy, then tries to rationalize why it would ever be there in the first place. He obviously thought of it from his old cartoon, but I think he rationalized putting it in his world by thinking it's a great way to put all the people close to becoming divines in one spot, so that the current divines have better control on stopping there being more divines in the world.

tl;dr - Quintara curses anyone who reaches the top of the tower to make sure they never become divines.


  • That would explain why the only confirmed character to reach the top, Lyn Azveltara, is a massive bitch
  • @Kingedyou Yeah, the only thing confusing with it is Nisovin. I don't know if he reached the tower pre-believer, post-believer, if he did it multiple times before and after. I'm not even 100% sure if it's confirmed he went up the tower.
  • Naw quintara is the god of chaos, maybe she would do that to a few who make it to the top, but all of them, no she wouldn’t ever do something so consistently
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    @kreeperkiller63 Rawb himself called her more of a "Monkey's paw god" in a lore stream. So good but with bad at the same time.
  • Don't think the tower has anything to do with the song of dragons to be honest. i think Quintara was just really bored and wanted to watch some people struggle, suffer, and succeed.
  • Did Rob say that the tower was made before or after the birth of magic? If it's before it could have been for training or just for fun like an amusement park since you couldn't die. If it was made after, it was probably just the crazy greiving of Quintora symbolized in an even crazier tower, and if you make it to the top she just gives you what you want, she's a divine it wouldn't be too hard.
  • @Disgumiting
    it has never been confirmed however it is likely post BOM as before the BOM Nader Leomaris second of all elves was using a regular old sack to carry gifts he gave out.

    if the realm of holding ( which the TOUW floors reside in ) had existed pre BOM The second of all elves would definitely have been using it but he wasn’t so it likely didn’t exist back then.
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