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Bloody Bulwark Life Drain

So I am running a campaign and I need help on a combo they got on accident so my player has a bloodybulwark and they also have lifedrain which with the wording of the cards it seems they can dump a bunch of health into his life drain then just heal it back and he has 126 stamina so he can hit for 140 dmg a turn as long as he rolls average. I'm just wondering if I'm reading the card wrong or if someone else has a better way to explain it to me so that I'm not scaling with one person doing 140 and everyone else hitting for around 20-30 dmg.


  • While that is how the card works Life drain goes off before bloody bullwark. So the life drain effect goes first. So for example your player life drains, restores all their Stamina, and THEN can drain Stamina to Bloody Bullwark. So that way if they do want to drain all their life for 140 dmg they then have to go an entire turn on 1 hp potentially getting killed.
  • It does not say it adds damage to the attack, it says you may drain your health to deal extra damage. Bulwark would also occur right after you did Damage, so you would not get the health back imo. I would probly allow it on the fly without thinking about it tho.
  • One thing I like to do is allow the players to get away with a broken combination every now and then, but then heavily punish them when they miss/crit fail. Like I'd force them to state how much damage they're putting into the attack before rolling. And if they have ways of avoiding rolling like the Elemental Mage Gauntlet, make them roll anyway. I know you'd technically be breaking a rule, but when something like a 100 stamina damage action is involved, it makes sense that they're playing with so much power that they'd have to roll for it. Even then, you could have an enemy attempt to interrupt the attack in the very moment between the stamina is drained from the Bloody Bulwark and gained back from Life Drain.

    So the combo is still pretty overpowered, but they lose a lot of stamina every time they miss, basically making a miss act like a pseudo crit fail.
  • Going off of @Sonderp 's suggestion, one solution could be giving the enemies more anytimes and mostly only use them if the player is using this combo. If you keep making it so the player can't hit and therefore can't deal damage, they won't be able to activate life drain and heal.

    Also you could always just make all of the enemies ageless lol
  • I think Sonderp's method is definitely a pretty good way of going about it, and aggressively using Anytimes to stop stuff from going off is also cool, because both methods make these overpowered combos that much more rewarding when they do go off. Of course, that's why it's always a good idea to wait for bodybuilder to show up before you scan the shop for the very best abilities possible.

    Responding to an overpowered combo by making it completely useless in encounters does not seem like the best way to go about it, however, unless it's gotten to the point where the other players basically just fade into the background. Still, you'll want to prepare a very good reason for doing so.
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