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Who do you think has the potential to become a dragon?


  • Bumbely in roamins band of thieves was pretty innocent, he was a thief but he never did the not kind parts of it. The real thing that’s blocking him is I don’t think he’ll ever focus his mind.
  • Deadbones’ Kobold Child from The Sandbolds
    Vitali Zankovich

    To name a few characters who are genuinely good people who have show feats of magic and physical prowess

  • They need to be smart, stronge, masters of the light, and always kind. No one named yet has all of these(other than maybe yohan).
    Though technically any character could ascend at some point. Assuming they don’t die first.
  • Hey um guys

    why hasnt Nader ascended, when he also knows he is just a character like Maelstrom

  • @bl1ndn3rd Maybe he doesn't want to? He's seen the ramifications of doing so. Plus he still has to train his body and mind (though as an elf he probably could, but just isn't as I'm thinking).
  • @MasterDJV ;
    I mean Nader is one of the earliest elves so I just assumed the mind and body aspects he would have down since he’s been around for quite some time
  • @bl1ndn3rd

    You also need to be Mortal to become a Dragon. Since Nader lived back when Elves were perpetually immortal, and presuming he takes Dragon Silver to remain so now, he may be automatically disqualified no matter what he tries. 

    at BEST an Elf born post birth-of-magic may have a chance. Not sure if they'd need to forgo Silver or not though.
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