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Urealms Creatures

So in my digital imaging class we had to make Chimeras, I made an Eaglebear, tada!


  • I love it XD
  • Really like how the blur in the background makes the Eaglebear look like it's traveling to the left at supersonic speed lmao
  • You look at it at first and think wow that's neat and well done, but the more I look at it the more I realize that something like that in real life would be terrifying. Do you see the size of that mouth and just imagine how fast it can move, or just drop out of the sky on top of you. It's a goofy concept because it's not real but if this was something that we had just walking around we would be seriously terrified of those things.
  • @DungeonDavid ; I think this applies to a lot of things throughout URealms. Vharks, Lacerators, Dragonflies, Cowfrogs...

    But then if these creatures DID exist, you'd also get Donkeys, Puppies, Bears, Pigs... Wait a second...
  • Thank you guys for the comments, I thoroughly enjoy seeing a discussion about this.
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