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What makes a weapon Legendary?

This could be applied to both mechanics in URealms or just in general? What makes a weapon legendary? If its it's effects, and if so what kinda magical effects make it go from just cool treasure to Legendary status? If it's history, what kind of history does a weapon need to become legendary? 

I'm curious as to what everyone thinks, let me know below.


  • I think it's sort of a combination. The more history, power, and general flair, the more legendary an item is. Not to mention how the legendary itself is used by the character/player.

    Like Susurflame, for example. We now have plenty of history behind it, and it is clearly powerful - blocking Dragon Fire easily, doing massive damage, and we had some epic moments with it in Den of Dragons, Unexpected Discovery, and Lightbeards. I feel Susurflame is really a solid legendary sword.

    Something like the Tentacle Staff that Bopen gave to Justin's guy is a little less 'Legendary' in my opinion. It's kinda neat, but it's just a severed tentacle from Bopen's pet Behemoth on a stick...
  • I think there are generally 3 aspects that define a legendary and every card labeled legendary has all of them in varying quantities.
    1. History - in some cases just the lore behind an object or skill is so important that it can't be helped but seen as a super special thing.
    2. Power - some items have such strong abilities that there is no way they can be counted among the common equipment you see everyday.
    3. Uniqueness - some items are legendary because they are one of a kind even if the general utility is a bit lacking

    Sursurflame for example has a very deep lore explained in Lightbeards, is very powerful as seen in every campaign its been in, and there is one of a kind.
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