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  • @friskyBrisky ;
    ”I ultra want this gift father! Please give it to me!!”

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    (@Rein, Gonna give you an hour or so, then I'll just post for you.)

    @bl1ndn3rd "ALRIGHT," Thor says, not very convinced. Squire has his eyes closed, and for a few seconds, he waits for something... But after a few moments, nothing happens, he opens his eyes and he no longer sees the Party or Shadow Thor; he just sees the reality of Combat.

    (Squire will get his Legendary when he needs it the most... Which will be in a few moments, actually. :p )
  • Oh are we in combat, uhhh, @friskyBrisky ;
    *ill just go invisible*

    *Then run up and whack those elemental things with a gore if i can*
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    @Rein (Yes, we're fighting the Murder Bros. :p )

    Mhifu first goes invisible. Since Chimera can't see where Mhifu is, he's going to use his action to throw a sword at Maelstrom. "Maelstrom, catch!" He yells. Maelstrom catches the sword, and unsheaths it. He now holds a shiney, dark katana that is emitting some kind of dark magic out of it. "Use it wisely, bro." Maelstrom cackles with delight.

    Then Mhifu uses his Invisibility to get near to Maelstrom, and Gore him. Maelstrom, Chimera and Empussa are all Gored, Stunning them (although Maelstrom doesn't have any Actions do to a Crit Fail). Chimera is going to Ray of Frost at one of the Kobold Squires. Chimera freezes Zan's Squire.
  • (@Pufflemore, @Rein, @bl1ndn3rd, @Maris, @Loreteck, @Toruk. And now the fun begins. >:) )


    Empussa, seeing the Stonequisitors are begging for it, is going to take out her Snakehunter, and shoot right at Ivy's face, using custom card on her. (You're probably gonna want to Dodge this.)
  • @friskyBrisky ;
    inturpet with a police officer type of hold please...sooo how will rolling for this will work?
  • @Pufflemore (Roll 1 Dice, beat a 5. Just don't Crit Fail and you should be fine.)
  • @Pufflemore Ivy, not wanting to get shot gunned in the face, grabs Empussa's gun, twirls her around, and holds the gun against her, Capturing her. Empussa is now going to try to break free.
  • @Pufflemore Empussa immediately breaks free of the capture, and shoots Ivy straight in the Stomach, forcing a Death Roll. (Do you want to Roll or should I?... Or do you want to try to Counter this? I guess technically you can...)
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    @Pufflemore (Man, lucky! :p )

    Ivy, again not wanting to get shotgunned in the face, again grabs Empussa's gun, and holds Empussa in between her and Ivy. The only difference is, this time, Ivy bends and warps Empussa's gun, locking her into the gun as well as holding her. She's Captured, and can not use her Weapon anymore.

    Empussa will again try to break free, at least from Ivy's grasp. (Not good enough on a 20.) Empussa can not break free this Round of Combat.
  • "Oh great!" Chimera yells. "Good job, sis!"

    "Shut up!" Empussa yells. "Get yer ass over here and kill this bastard!"

    "Fine. Gotta do everything for your dumb asses."

    Chimera is going to run up to Ivy (@Pufflemore).
  • Chimera is going to start Basic Attacking Ivy (@Pufflemore), up to 4 times.

  • @friskyBrisky
    Gonna itterupt him by ray of frosting Chimera

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    Um hello I frozen him as he try to run up to her.
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    Chimera successfully deals 40 Damage to Ivy with his Sword. Ivy is still at Normal Stability (from that Crit).

    Lastly, 4 Air Sprites are moving up to Ajal (@Toruk), and 1 is moving up to Okami (@bl1ndn3rd). (Just gonna Roll 1 time because you both have En Garde up.)

    All the Air Sprites attack one after the other, and in turn, Ajal and Okami hit them once and they die. Ajal takes 8 Damage, and Okami takes 2.

    (@bl1ndn3rd, @Rein, @Pufflemore, @Loreteck, @Maris, @Toruk)

    (Also, currently everyone but @Maris, @Rein, Squire, and the Robots, are Frozen. @Maris can't be Frozen. :p )
  • @friskyBrisky ;
  • Alright, I can unfreeze people... but I also deal a lot of damage.
    If nobody asks me to unfreeze for a few hours I'll just attack Maelstrom many more times
  • @Loreteck (Sorry I see that until now. My Bad.)

    Drake attempts to Ray of Frost Chimera. However, because Ray of Frost isn't a Counter Action, Drake's action fails. (And remember, Chimera attempted the same trick against @Toruk's Charge, and failed too.)
  • @friskyBrisky
    (What why? it doesn't need to be a counter action if it was his move not action. it should succeed and plus he did not expect it so there's no way it could fail unless he use an action to try to dodge it.)
  • @Loreteck (Because Ray of Frost does not have the Shield (Counter) Icon; basically, think of Ray of Frost as a Spell that needs concentration and effort to cast. Without a High Roll, the Character doesn't have the quick thought and power to cast it so quickly, and thus isn't a good Counter Spell.)
  • @friskyBrisky
    (You said that to counter actions of others you would need the shield icon however you never said you need one to do any action so is that or countering actions because if it's that then it should work but I want to redact that since you didn't said that the first time, if it's just countering then it should work because it's move action not a regular action or limited one.) 
  • @Loreteck (That's completely fair; if I didn't explain it enough, I meant you can use any Action to Counter, but if it doesn't have the Shield Icon, you need a High Roll for it to succeed. That is probably my fault; again I really should post the damn rules soon. So we'll redact that action.)
  • (Oh, also, @Loreteck, John and your Robot isn't frozen either. John can't be Frozen because of his Armor. :p )
  • @friskyBrisky
    (Alright cool just wanted to know in the future cause if I had know I would probably saved it)
    Alright since it's our turn now I'm thinking of john first going to...actually wait I got a question if john speed of light through people does he freeze them?
  • @Loreteck (He should, so yes. :p )
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