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The first pantheon. Birth of the first planet (God rp) (Finished)



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    ( @nikiduke )
    (Fuck i do not like this)
    Wron Drow prepares that knife he made, the one that with three enchantments, in which i only remember it can go through armor. Inside his cloaks as he says. "Enough of this madness, explain yourself now before I have to make a brash desition, now tell me what just happened"
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    @WritingWyvern ; She grabs onto herself. Almost like shes hugging herself. And says "Ahhhhh... it has been o so very wrong without thee dearest heart!" *A portion of her face begins to turn from blue to red. Her left horn un-curving and turning red as well. "I would like to thank the vessel that you have created. Without him and his sacrifice i would never have felt this way anymore...." *She sighs* "If only this feeling would last forever... i am saddened that i must soon once again part with thee dearest heart" *You feel a strange thumping. Almost as if in response to this demon's words.
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    ( @nikiduke )
    Wron Drow not liking any of this summon shadow chains to well chain this thing's arms and legs to the ground (Damn it k4, not now! Justin is gone!)
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    @WritingWyvern ; Your shadow chains are swatted away by this figure. Her body shifts back to being blue ".... You are annoying... I am annoyed by you... Yes. I remember now how great it was to feel things" *She brings up her finger and flicks it. 
    Give me a death roll
  • ( @nikiduke )
    Shit, you got to be kidding me 
  • @WritingWyvern ; She flicks her finger. And you are tossed back out of the room. The door closing harshly. Before disappearing. Wanda drops what she was carrying and looks petrified. Eyes and mouth wide open. Confused by all of this*
    Whilst it might not have killed you. You get the feeling that this person. Whoever they were. Was a giant. And you were an ant.
  • ( @nikiduke )
    He tightens his fist and let out a blood curling scream of anger, before leaving to his lab. He is going to start experimenting with the demon power he got from Wren who got it from Moonchild. Trying to learn and master it, with Paisley taking note  
    (also going to bed, good night(
  • @WritingWyvern ; You work day in and day out to try and master this demonic power. You find that it hurts you slightly the more you try and harness it. Though you are not giving up. Paisley tries to calm you down from your anger all the way through.
    (Good night mah boi)
  • ( @nikiduke )
    hm seeing how this affects him he will try using both his godly power and his demonic power at the same time, tryyto balance both out 
  • @WritingWyvern ; Success! You manage to combine the two powers
  • @nikiduke
    Time for the daily Shaggy search 
  • @Kingedyou ; You do not find shaggy
  • @nikiduke ;
    verrrry interesting.
    Mortem is going to create a bag. A powerful bag, meant for holding powerful souls. It looks like a backpack with a skull on it.

  • @bl1ndn3rd ; You make a skull backpack for storing souls
  • @nikiduke ;
    Mortem...I guess is gonna float around and look for the demons. Maybe look for that moonchild 
  • ( @nikiduke )
    (oh boy, I got the mixture of both demonic and godly powers, so I got more powers from the demonic without the weakness of it, same with my godly powers?)
    okay either way, he is ready for the big move. He will make his own dimensions, not a small picket dimension, but his own realm that can hold a lot of people. That is right he is going to make the Shadow Realms!!!! 
  • @bl1ndn3rd ; You go back to hell and find 2 of them (CP and CP's brother)
    Sitting on their thrones. CP is lazing around and reading a book whilst drinking some tea.
    The Crimson Prince is playing around with some demon flesh and rolling around in blood
  • @Writing My man. This is very perfect for my lore.
    Using the demonic power you have obtained. Combined with the power of the gods. You begin to form a portal to a new dimension of your making. Paisley flips through Tom Paisleys guide on inter-dimensional travel "Keep going my lord. You are doing great"
  • @nikiduke ;
    I throw a raw steak at the crimson prince 

  • @bl1ndn3rd ; It lands in his mouth. He swallows it in a single gulp
  • ( @nikiduke )
    he keeps going, making a realm of darkness, like the shadow lands but with a purple sphere in the sky and those purple magical lakes and river from before. With strange white plants growing all over the place.
    (if this is another roll then here 
  • @WritingWyvern ; The dimension is formed. Almost too easily
  • @nikiduke
    Is terra up yet? I hate being rp locked because I'm stuck on my back
  • @Kingedyou ; Nobody has come to help you yet
  • @nikiduke
    Terra didn't bury Grot too far from the Walpgarts if they yell loud enough can't they come help?
  • @Kingedyou ; i guess you can try
  • @Kingedyou ; Yeah ok. You've had your punishment. A couple of people come down and flip you over
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