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The first pantheon. Birth of the first planet (God rp) (Finished)



  • ( @Kingedyou ) ( @nikiduke )
    (can Wron Drow hear this?)
  • @nikiduke
    "Why Terra take form turtle! It ok, Terra kid help, your name Grot, you help Terra turn over"
  • ( @nikiduke )
    "Then let's get going, where is it inside here?"
  • @Kingedyou ; Grot tries to do a flip and falls on his shell
  • @nikiduke
    "That adorable, Grot take nap, that what Terra do" Terra falls asleep until someone helps 
  • @WritingWyvern ; *He begins to walk down a hallway*
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    @Kingedyou ; And so Terra stays on her shell until another god decides to go and help. Nobody knows about it tho. So probably gonna take a while
  • ( @nikiduke (
    Okay he will follow Wallbert very closely, keeping an eye on him and his movements
  • @nikiduke
    welp who eventually comes to help
  • ( @Kingedyou )
    (Do a barrel roll)
  • @nikiduke @WritingWyvern
    (Why not) 
    While waiting Terra does a barrel roll 
  • @WritingWyvern ; You watch Wallbert. Who decides to take a few sharp turns as he goes down the hallways
  • ( @nikiduke )
    I said he follows him very closely, so he would be near him at every turn
  • @WritingWyvern ; Yeah i know. Anyways he stops at a certain room that you aren't really sure was even there before and knocks on it
  • ( @nikiduke )
    (I don't know why but i suspect something bad or stupid will happen, but i don't know what.)
    He watches closely and starts to sweat a bit, waiting for his other grandchild to get there.
  • @WritingWyvern ; The door opens. Nobody is there to open it though. As you look inside the room you notice a figure sitting by the window of the room. Looking up at the sky
  • ( @nikiduke )
    Wron will go in with Wallbert and says, "Um hello there, who are you?" he asks very nervously 
  • @WritingWyvern ; The figure steps down from the windowframe before turning her head. Two magnificent horns jut out from her head. She raises her arm and with a single finger signals Wallbert to come over. Wallbert begins to walk towards her slowly. You are somehow still unable to clearly see who the figure is. It is masked in shadow.
  • ( @nikiduke )
    Damn it, i feel like there is no right answer here, Wron drow grabs Wallbert's shoulder and says, "Wait, if you are his sister, then you can both explain to me what is happening here, like how I had no idea you existed until now. I need answers right now." 
  • @WritingWyvern ; Wallbert looks at you and then back at his "sister... Ignore the old man. He only want's us apart" *He slowly walks up and hugs this figure. The figure holds him before looking at you. Through the darkness you can see a faint blue light coming from a singular eye.*
  • ( @nikiduke )
    "Wallbert if I wanted that then i wouldn't have allowed you to be here and please don't call me that, only fools use that word to describe wise elders." (If only he knew) "Now can someone answer my questions or not?"
  • @WritingWyvern ; *They both look at each other intently... there is a very strange feeling in the atmosphere. Almost... intimate... "Hush now dear brother... All will be right soon" *The figure says in a monotone and emotionless voice*
  • ( @nikiduke )
    ( If the siblings fuck.... then i will end this damn world myself, this intimate atmosphere is a no no bad touch)
    "I will say this one more time what is going on.... and what are you two planning?"

  • @WritingWyvern ; (oof)
    "I wish to thank you shadow angel... after an eternity without my other half i will finally be whole again. It is quite sad that you will have to witness this however... I am sad to have my first few moments together and whole be in the presence of a fleeting being" *As the figure says that she looks at Wallbert. Wallbert looks at you. And you are unable to hear anything. Only seeing his lips move.
  • ( @nikiduke )
    "What the fuck, can you two explain one damn thing before i end this myself, seriously someone needs to explain this, Wallbert is only a few days old, which is strange because of the timeline and stuff, if he age after two days. but other than that weird time shit, tell me what is going on now." 
  • @WritingWyvern ... the two of them look at eachother... before a passionate kiss ensues. Before you can react though. Wallbert is gone. Only the figure being left standing infront of you... The figure though. Seems strangely comforting.
  • ( @nikiduke )
    (God damn it)
    "... what are you, explain now or this... this will get ugly." He already spells towards the figure
  • @WritingWyvern ; The figure begins to talk. But then it grabs it's chest and drops to the ground. You can hear and sense a loud thumping noise coming from the figures chest.
    "...I...i can... feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel" *She says with both of her eyes wide open. Clutching onto her chest "Heh...hehehe... Finally... big sister was wise to do this after all" *She looks at you with a wide. And gleeful grin* "Thank you... finally my other part is returned to me"
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