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Final Gift Usage?

Can a believer cast final gift?

If so would they be able to merge with a normal person?

What thoughts do you have on this? 


  • I imagine final gift just doesn't work with believers just like time magic 
  • Final Gift could potentially work between 2 Believers, but I don't think a Believer could merge with a Normal Person. And when this Merged Believer dies, it creates a new story that's a weird mash up of the 2.
  • Maybe the believer can cast the spell and take over the body of someone else, and either the book somehow still applies but the character is changed, or maybe the spirit could just turn the body into a vegetable after being torn away from the book and put into body.
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    I imagine that it'd be similar to other situations. The spirits return to the book so as long as the book is still there I assume if the merged version died the spirit would return to the book. I'd assume the same for something like rebirth, it's more of a linked spirit type of thing rather than the body binding them.

    The only real argueable thing is whether the spirits split apart again and the believer spirit returns alone or the merged spirit is dragged in, or they both go to wherever people go when they die.
  • The Final gift card ( finalgift ) specifies that you "fuse spirits with an ally to transform into what's known as a Valkyrie". Which leads me to believe that if you cast Final Gift on a Believer, you would fuse with the believer spirit. I'm not sure what all this implies, but I feel like the character would then act like they want to possess books or act like characters they'd read about. Of course, if it's a believer spirit casting it on another believer spirit, it'd be more simple. Like it'd probably just be a Believer spirit that creates more powerful characters.

    But I guess Believers can't read, so they can't use Spell Scrolls and thus can't cast Final Gift? I don't really know, Rob's said that they can't read though they think they can and just make stuff up, but nothing on the attribute card says anything about them being unable to read.

    Though if that's not the case, I think if the Believer cast Final Gift, it'd depend on whether the book the spirit inhabits would mention anything about it. If the Believer is casting Final Gift without there being anything that states the character in the book would cast Final Gift, I think the believer spirit would merge with the dead person, giving them control over what book they would go on to possess and maybe even inject some of their own personality in the books they possess. Maybe they'd even be able to think it's a possibility they are a believer?

    However, if the book states that the character would cast Final Gift at some point, the dead body that final gift was cast on would merge with the believer body and give the previously dead person control over the book-based body. When a Believer book-body controlled by a non-believer would die, I guess the Believer spirit would go on to possess another book without the spirit of the dead person.

    My reasoning is that because it's specified in the book that the character would cast final gift, it's the character that's casting the spell, not the believer spirit itself. If it's not specified that the character would cast final gift, it's the actual spirit taking the decision to cast Final Gift. When a believer body dies, the spirit moves on to possess another book, in the case of Final Gift, the body is alive, but the spirit of the caster is destroyed/merged with the dead person. So the believer spirit is still there to give a body to the book, even if its character is dead in some way.

    But that's all my theorizing about how it would work

    Believers can't read and thus can't use Final Gift, however I guess they can still try and succeed on a crit, or draw Final Gift as a random spell.

    -Person using Final gift on a Believer spirit: The person would still be in control of their body, however they'd be fighting for control with the believer spirit. The hard mechanics of it would be that I'd just double the character's stamina and every time they'd use an action, I'd cast a spell for them at the same time that may or may not be anti-party.

    -Believer using it on another believer: The Believer target leaves their book-based body to fuse with the caster, the character they act like is unaffected, but gains the bonus action spell and extra stamina mentioned on the card.

    -Believer using it on a person without it being mentioned in the book. Functionally, it'll work just like Final Gift normally does, but every character the believer would go on to possess would keep some of the personality of the person and some self-awareness, being aware that they are a Believer. This effect would translate whenever the believer would move on to another book to possess.

    -Believer using it on a person with it being mentioned in the book. Functionally the same, however this time it'd just be that the person would just completely take over the Believer book-body. When the Believer body dies, the spirit leaves to possess another book as if it never happened.
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