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A Walrus Old God Divine (OGD Idea)



  • Professor Walrus: "But Timmy, that's soooo EVIL"
  • @Dolfinmaster I think he meant something more like "I would rather the being we create be unique to us as OGs for increased intrusion and storytelling potential, rather than a semi-recreation of a preexisting character that is only relative to one facet of the Realms."
  • yea that's pretty much what I mean
  • @Simona  but if its a penguin we cant unify the race under a SUPREME PENGUIN (supreme leader) since there are no other penguins in urealms 
  • but why a walrus? Walruses are ugly.
  • edited October 2018
    BURN THE HERITIC (serious answer: do we need a reason?( more serious answer: because if you check the walrus companion card it says that walruses can become as intelligent as an elf if ejimacated meaning that we can make a walrus nation lead by are walrus boi if we right his/her destiny correctly))
  • We dont know if there are penguins yet to be discovered! 
    And if its one and only we could have a milbiee teddy bear situation on hands. :P
  • things have been set into motion that cannot be undone
  • edited November 2018
    alright so if walrus isn't an available race then we should do the next best thing and chose spider and just flip around the race instead of supreme walrus supreme spider
  • This discussion was a big prophecy for the recent lore stream. Walrus is in fact best race cannonically now. Amen.
  • @Disgumiting Yeah, now that Walrus's might be super genius's, I don't think we need a Walrus God. Walrus's are already top tier; it'd be like making an Elven God.
  • @friskyBrisky ; No, since walruses don't suffer from any flaws that the other races do, we could impliment our own sleeper agent into the walrus society thus being able to use the most intelligent society to secretly further our will.
  • We could single handedly shape the future of the realm with our old god walrus as he persuades walrus society to our will, all under the noses of the other walruses cause they'll be too busy with Mr.Bugers if this all makes it into canon 
  • This accualy works now that durring the lore stream Rob and Deadbones talked about a super powerful/smart walrus

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