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Minecraft: Snapshot Server RETURNS



  • hey, so i don't want to be "that guy" but i sent my application in a few days ago, do you have an average time for how long your review process usually takes?
  • This sounds like it could be alot of fun, sent in an application. Username is Sixhshot_cupcake
  • @onefinegent according to my whitelist everyone whoses applied and been approved has been added, if you still cannot connect, please message me on discord! I'm much more active there then here!
  • New snapshot server up! Info in first post.
  • this sounds like fun
  • Whitelist is current all up to date based on applications, if you applied/were part of the older server and would like to be added and have not yet, please let us know in the discord!

    We are working on getting plugins up and running! Please avoid building in the spawn mesa for the time being!
  • HEY SO! I've decided to give pixelmon another try after all this time, info is in the first post. Decided to swap the snapshot server over since no one was really using it!
  • I've been having troubles with the modpack link, it didn't have all the mods on it so I had to manually download most of them off of the modlist that was in the file, however, the modlist is not complete so I cannot download all the missing mods, can you pleasae send a list of all the mods that are not on the mod list?
  • or make the modpack available on the twitch launcher? 
  • edited February 2019
  • Hey so that is why I've linked the discord as it has regular updates to the pack, I cannot post the modpack to the launcher as it has pixelmon and a few other mods, mostly sidemods to pixelmon which twitch does not support. I will post occasional updates here, but I would prefer players to join the discord as it also lets me give regular notice on when I am doing server maintenance and working out bugs. 
  • Note that i did have to recently take the last discord link down a day or two ago since some spammers/link posted had gotten a hold of it, but please join the discord if you wish to regularly get updated packs @TalMiko ;
  • Alright, thanks, will do soon
  • I think the discord invite has expired, can't use it anymore.
  • and we're back to snapshots boyssss.

    The Inkcraft PixelPack will return maybe one day. Server got a bit funky with the last update, may return with a non-pixelmon modpack, but not for a while.
  • Edited first post with new discord link, version of mc, and also link to website page that will be kept up to date much more often then here will.
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