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Urealms Landmarks - what are yours?



  • What happens in lost vegas.
    Stays in lost vegas.
  • Corner-vil, Ilean 
    cube world corner city idea. It was carved into the side of a big mountain. 
    a - only people are effected by the gravity change stuff still falls down.
    b - town hall could be in a connecting 3 towers on each surface that connect
    c - some wizards made this place to be a cool tourist trap or there is some silly cube of warping gravity or something cool sounding (the grand rubix maybe its alive too.)
    d - it should be powered by something maybe not too ethical 
  • The Barringster Mausoleum would be fun.  They bury their dead there and it happens to be where their family dungeon is.
  • A giant mouse that chases the cheese wheel
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    A dead(I guess he could be alive if Dead is too gruesome for you, but part of what I have next won’t apply anymore) Dwarf who is been enlarged to the size of maybe an island and suspended in the air, face down. Harpies have formed their own society on the back of his body, and use healing magic to preserve his corpse. Different parts of his body are referred to as if they were normal terrain, like his back hair is a forrest and his buttocks are mountains. One day the harpies might accidentally use too much healing magic and revive the dwarf, who finds out that he is huge, floating, and covered in harpies. The harpies will then either serve the dwarf and he becomes Momma Harpy, or immediately freak out and kill him and reinhabit his corpse.(Reposted at the request of a friend)
  • There is a giant flying elimech bird that was set to fly in a certain direction back in the good ol beenu days, and has been flying ever since uninterrupted. It is beginning to run out of magic power and it might crash into the ground or something. 
  • Glass Badlands

    Basically it is a desert that instead of sand it is reflective glass shards. The heat reflected off the glass burns easily, but rumor has it that there is a tomb buried underneath that contains mysterious treasure.
  • A Stonehenge type location on top of a hill that Theurgists go to commune greater with the elemental spirits. Seen as a holy site that Theurgists must go to at least once in their life
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    The Purple Light District
    A place Quintara Lotus given her blessing to, and a second home for all Rouges'. It was once the district to a bigger city, but when said city tried to wall off the district it caused an uproar ending with the district expanding several streets and destroying the rest of the city, only leaving ruins.
    The Purple Light District are known for it's sensual shows, flashy attires, wild festivals, and the chance to be made into a Concubine.
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    Long Long Lake

    A ranch specializing in bull/cow ogres situated on an island in the longest lake in the realms.

  • Train Yard City
    A city where instead of streets or roads there are train lines that run all over in a grid or other pattern. The rich ride around town on their personal trains while a lower class toils to fuel them.

    Great Whirlpool
    A break has appeared in the bottom of one of the lakes, the water flooding into a giant underground cavern. As the water drains it forms a massive and dangerous whirlpool which disturbs undersea life and fishing operations. As the water level lowers, great seams of precious metal are revealed in the once lake floor, and prospectors come from far and wide to take advantage of this new resource.
  • 2 new Ideas:

    Varmis Fjord
    A frozen tundra that is right over the lair of a Fire Dragon. Lava spews through out the cracks and holes of the thick ice, and there's even an Ice Volcano that is just gushing lava constantly.

    Blotted Forest
    A forest with unusual magical properties; the whole forest is in blacks, whites and shades of gray. The Creatures that have lived there, which are also these basic colors, have taken on very odd proportions, like large eyes, thin limbs, and odd, rubbery, constant movements. Even the Trees and shrubs have this strange rubber property.
  • Shroom Trent Forest Additional Ideas

    Make the Trees giant so that they mostly block out the sun. Shroom Trents would be like mushrooms that like dark mushy rooms. Then the Shroom Trents can then be everywhere carpeting the Forest floor.

    Make some plants there Bio-Luminescent because that always looks nice and feels mystical.

    Make large tile sized Scorpion Elemechs that live in the forest and are still autonomously manufactured by the broken facility in the forest.

    Maybe Shroom Trents are passive when not searching for a good place to live. If they are content they just chill making most of them in the forest safe to even jump on.
    When a Shroom Trent wanders out of this forest they find it difficult to find a dark location where they can chill making them always aggressive. Because of this people usually assume Shroom Trents are aggressive.
  • Add a geothermal geyser that refills the lake with all the lost water every so often. :)
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    Fort Fort
    A Dverg Dverg fortress devoted on being a fort to be the greatest fort of all time. Of course after it’s finished, they’ll first need to dig a lava moat around the fortress and construct Super Venice 2: 500 Cannons immune to lava boogaloo, and we’re only getting started here because that’s only about 0.5% of what they need to become the best fort. 

    The Great Sauna
    Steam punk people were gonna build a gigantic steam engine using an aqueduct that went down into an abandoned dragon den that had SUPER GOD LAVA. The water and the GOD LAVA made such GODLY STEAM no engine would be worth it. So instead they just left it be as some sort of SUPER GOD SAUNA which makes so much steam the entire area for miles is a sauna. 

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    King Kong Ytt 

    a Ytt that tried to transform into a divine or giant realm creature like the gemporer, or the king slime. When they reverted back, they were giant. Itf divine, maybe confused sentience? 

    Whatever it transforms into also gets huge. So like it walks to catfight island, suddenly there’s a huge raskum. 
  • Underwater Grand Hall

    If you couldn’t die pre birth of magic, surely there would be underwater Grand Halls/cities which have since been abandoned.  I imagine these Grand Halls are now training facilities for hardcore Ageless.
  • The Legion-Dairy HQ 

    Located in the Cheesewheel, these brave heroes are a cheese relief rescue squad, who despite over 3000 years of cheese wheeling, are there to save and help those who suffer from cheese related incidences. 

    Is there a vile villian, tying up a damsel in front of the cheese? The Legion Dairy will save you! 
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    City of Shadows
    a city that in a first glance seem to be a illusion of a city made up of black silhouette of buildings and people that move around as if they where alive, but the truth is that the city folk have used dark magic to change place with their shadow which lets them live in the shadow world wile there shadow mimics there actions in the real world.
    Foot Rock
    its a large rock that kind of look like a foot. it has hundreds of myths about it but they are all most likely fake.
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    Lilly-pad Lake
    A huge swamp and lake land where nearly all the water is covered in enormous size lilly-pads. Strong enough to hold people  and even small villages. Could be a fun campaign to include for Gnolls, Octodraks, Cowfrogs and catapult turtles. Swamps are great for creepy factor and hey who doesn't like the chance to fall straight through a lilly-pad into the depths.

    Stone-man Stop
    Think Terracotta Army. Out in a waste hundreds of men and woman geared for battle, tents and campfires all paused in time, set in stone. What where they out to fight? What could have possibly done this to the entire garrison? 

    Capsized Capital 
    Is that entire dwarven city upside down?
    Welcome to one of the most inconvenient places to live. A magical accident years back flipped every single building in this town on its head. But dwarfs are stubborn folk and weren't planning to leave just because of some woopy wizard. Want to spend a night in a bar? Better climb the hand holds to get upto that door. Planning to go visit the keep? Time to get a harness so you don't fall 20ft once your inside.

    Wormhole Wagon 
    Psst wanna go shopping in the realm of holding. This travelling wagon made of more than a few eccentric folk has a whole world of shopping to offer you. Be careful though  one wrong step and who knows where you'll end up.

    Adding some more because hey Sunday off work and I've just finished dinner.

    Redfall Reef
    On the east coast sailors and pirates alike talk of an impassable reef that swallows every ship that passes nearby. The bright red coral below seems to reach out to the ocean luring ships in. Is there something beneath the water? Or is something else afoot.

    Tripping Treeline
    A dense forest home to some peculiar plants. The roots and vines of this place seem to reach out trying to trip anyone up and drag them into the mud. Honestly this could be more of a one off creature thats in the world than a small area. 

    Cowfrog Caravan
    Out in the open plains cowfrogs are being rangled and hearded by banditos. These heards of hundreds are a sight to be seen, just don't get to close now.

    Nibus Neighborhood 
    All those lost nimbi need to go somewhere. For some reason they've decided to collate in this city street and man are they hostile. The councils best bonedancers, cabalist and monks have all tried to clear this infestation out and failed.

    Ytt Yippee
    Come one come all come to the traveling circus well known for its Ytts! These captive animals are made to put on all kinds of shows depending on who they can copy.
  • dang I missed the stream. how far into this thread did they get?
  • @Hunter To add on to the skelemech idea I know Dvergs cannot turn ageless due to lack of a bone structure but elemechs have their spirits exposed through the tops of their heads. plus i honestly just want some sort of giant elemech or robot landmark in general because that is way too badass.
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    Sorry, only made this post because the thread wouldn't let me remove a draft i decided not to post. thought i could delete it but apparently not.
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    The Pit Of Devils
    Big dragon den that had an accident which made it a pit instead of a den. Now the surrounding area is filled with dragons and random fires spewing out of the pit.
  • The Gilded Peaks:

    The mountains in which the suns first rose from on the far distant horizon; then in time it too became the birthplace of all gods and the holiest grounds of the light.
  • The Ever-Lasting Vharknado. 
    In a friendly competition, two powerful beings were dueling - with vharks. However, one of the competitors so powerful, when he whipped his vhark, it caused the vhark to spin so fast it became a miniature tornado. This tornado was unstoppable, destroying the entire town as it grew bigger and bigger. Eventually the original vhark died, however more and more vharks get sucked into the tornado, resulting in an ever-lasting vharknado. Whenever it passes through a town, it is ransacked as the vharks are trying to grab onto everything, trying to stop themselves from spinning, but it is too powerful. The elves cant stop it by themselves, and none of the divines want to help, and it doesn't really effect them, only the wastes which is kobold territory anyway, so they let it be. 
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    Bone Island
    An ageless fortress made out of bones on an island. A dwarven ship wreck escalated quickly and eventually ten thousand ageless were dead, the survivors made defenses with there remains. Later ageless took over the Island and have grown fond of its spooky skeleton vibe, going so far to import bone breaker remains to build onto it. 
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    Adventure Land
    This is a place with totally new rides. Don't worry no one has sued us before. All the charges were dropped when they went missing. Totally no proof.

    The Hole
    A huge crater in the world that existed before the dragons came back. It is a remnant of the world before them. 
  • The Observatory Station

    On top of a hill or mountain with the clearest of skies during the night

    Originally a beennu facilty built for calculating time, trajectory of the sun dragons, and mapping the world has been abandoned until a group of gnomes and walruses rediscover this forgotten station. Now it’s been remodeled into astrology/astronomy research station to discover what lies beyond the urealms planet, to answer the many questions like what are those lights in the sky when it turns night are they realms of holding, other sun dragon gods, creation of Phanto and Kallisto to light up the sky when it turns dark, or are they something else entirely... Well it doesn’t matter anymore almost all research has been put on hold due to the fact that Mr Burger has been inflicted with rare genetic disease, most of all the researchers either gnomes or walruses have left to solve the Mr.Burger problem. All that remains in the station are an exiled walrus, couple gnome researchers, and the ancient beenu guardians that protect the station.
    Whether we the old gods allow these researchers to look beyond there world from the sun dragons interference will dramatically change this world as they know it.

    Note: If anyone can help me on how to improve this landmark I would appreciate it like where to fix grammar maistakes and edits on the story flow.

    Note 2 My Thoughts: I’ve been thinking about this for a while ever since the Galen sunsword campaign ending cutscene why are there stars in the sky are they the old gods who are watching, the other sun dragons, or actual suns because it’s been never explained why there stars until 1.0 lore stream on Youtube that might be or not lore why there’s stars and then thought of the idea on how the urealms inhabitants interpret the stars as. Then the problem on why no one actually research astronomy so I thought the idea that Phanto and Kallisto body being so close to the planet and giving off huge amounts of energy  effected the telescopes to look beyond the stars. Also we need some astrology lore.
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