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Urealms Landmarks - what are yours?



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    @Awesomeagle23 and we can’t forget the silverflats another one of his resting spots 
  • The Great Waste

    A massive desert created by massive amounts of destructive magic released by the BOM its is nearly uninhabitable as clouds of magical essence float around the area casting spells randomly in all directions. It’s only occupants are either subterranean creatures or creatures that have high resilience or immunity to most magics such as Sandfin’s and Ogres
  • @Technobread
    I feel bad that you wrote so much and not a single person gave feedback, I think your ideas are super cool and I love finally giving Rokesh something to do and the whole mystery aspect behind these gates, as well as the possibility to have a campaign taking place at any of these gates, it's all hella cool
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    A town that messes with directions. So like in bugs bunny, people literally take a wrong turn at Albuquerque. It would just be named something else of course.

    Another idea would be a place everyone refers to, but it doesn't exist. Everyone has a different idea of where they think it is at. It just becomes a general use term for giving directions.
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    The Snowman
    A fort built by followers of Yvander. It looks like a giant snowman with three layers and all. It can be moved by rolling the bottom ball around though this is tough. A mix of a dungeon and automaton. Hosts a party every year called the Snow Ball.
  • The Silent Dunes. A seemingly regular dessert with a dark mystery. Wurms have dug around and created small wormholes in the sand (similar to sandbender magic). Travelers through often get lost for weeks as they are constantly shifted randomly around the dessert against their will.
  • _________ forest. A biominesiant forest which glows radiantly at night. Faunas are encouraged to pilgramage here once in their lifetime to visit this wild marvel.
  • @Awesomeagle23 well goldstant was only the center of the mountain and him waking up collapsed most of the mountain but im sure there are a few rooms that have survived 
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    The Great Library
    A really really big tree filled with books of all kinds. From stories to all the way to a catalogue of all the spells. This place are mostly filled with Gumiohs, Raskum, and Wowzers. The library also contains everything from the start of recorded history (note the incorrect truths are the things that are also recorded)
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    A city where something in the city makes everyone have visions of unreality. Probably filled with the faint scent of a funk spray from long ago. No one is permanently afflicted by a funk per se, but the longer you are in the city, the more you hallucinate. There are completely fabricated issues that are created from subtle subconscious suggestion but have massive social or political implications in the society of the city. There is some sort of ruler who is already either seeing unreality or is nefariously immune and bending the city to their will.
    Located within the area outside Rem is the Lab of Remarks 
    The Lab is one of the only places experimenting with a cure to the hallucinations of a funk because scientists/researchers (walruses or gnomes or whoever) arrived and believe that it is the root of the plague on the city. The researchers. however, can not find someone brave enough to test the experimental serum by getting sprayed by a funk that lives near Rem and causes these types of Hallucinations. You could have the Lab be a place where people go to get a diagnosis of their visions? I'm not sure.
  • The Wiki:

    A grand Archive from the time of the Bennu known as the "The Wiki". It is unknown where the word comes from, but almost every event from the world's conception to even the most recent of events is cataloged there.

    After the extinction of the Bennu however, the library has fallen into disrepair. It is said to have fallen under the earth and is guarded by a Giant Owl named Tong.
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    puzzle plain
    a large field that have moving parts that are changing place. people that live here have adapted to the moving parts and plan there day around what part of the field will move by that day.
    Flower Field.
    a large forest made up of enormous flowers some of which are magical. flowers have started to cross pollinate with lacerators, leading to the creation of dangerous hybrids (insert flower pun like dandylion)
  • The Smartest City

    A place for people who think they are smart. 

    This city is full of people who think they are smart but are not. A few people are geniuses, but most people are of an average intelligence. It’s just a normal town where people think they are really smart. You will see things like things tied together and being called great inventions or someone creating something that already exists. There are even some people who steal ideas from other people and call it their own causing huge problems about who actually created what. Everyone is pretentious about how smart they are when they are not. 

  • You can't have a magical world without a cliche Giant ass world pool somewhere in the world. 
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    A big chicken that layed the egg planet
  • @Emperor
    that sounds like Avatar
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    The Great Lake

    A huge lake that was filled with the tears of a divine (i think Kallisto) when Phanto died. As it was the tears of the gods people say that it helps to keep a youthful appearance. When the water is removed from the lake the power was removed. The lake does not increase lifespan. The gnomes have taken over so they can look young and cute for other races no matter what their age.
  • @Kingedyou ;

    Yep, I looked up the name of the Owl just to put a small hint in there  :p
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    Thor's Afterbirth
    A huge crater left from the mountain that Thor was created from. The area still hums with the echos of creation magic.

    People Town
    An isolated town full of Elemechs that believe they are other races such as Elves, Dwarves, etc until they actually meet other races. 
  • Hi rawb hows your day?

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    City of Lava

    There is a volcano that never stops pouring lava. A great wizard shaped the lava so that it created a city. The wizard is now known as the first flamedancer. He lived there and taught what he learned to others. Now the flamedancers live there, they use the lava to build things.

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    It's your average canyon. The only unique aspect is: There's one long canyon with a number of smaller, less deeper, canyons at the top. There's also your usual canyon people. If you would observe it from the air, it's in the shape of a giant footprint. 
  • A town very similar to the "town controlled by a medusa" deal, except that it's a town full of people that are actually the theurgist elemental spirits. Every person is actually a spirit created by a single theurgist, reanimated as a member of a race. Just like all minions, these people dearly love the main theurgist and will protect them forever. According to the awaken passive that all spirits have, once they die, this theurgist may reincarnate them as another element. 
    The theurgist made this because they are lonely and wanted friends.
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    The holding city

    A city that exists for the people that exist within the bag of holding. Most of the people that go there are either wizard's whos experiments who went wrong or dumb people who got curious. Because of this, new people are always viewed negatively.

    The Scar
    This land was forever stained when the birth of magic occurred. In this area instead of developing mutations creates exploded leaving the land scared black. Nothing can grow there as it has been permanently scared.
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    Gadget Factory
    A Willy Wonka type factory but instead of candy they make all the cool nonsensical gadgets of the realm, for example fistinabox or headcannonhelmet they're constantly experimenting with new treasures and gadgets innovating and making newer wackier inventions, there are tons of health code violations like people are dying here daily, also there are tours and Oompa Loompas which are actually just goblins because they don't have jobs so whoever this is adopted them as slave labor and nobody knows because nobody goes into the factory besides these tours
    Edit: The Willy Wonka could be a Nisovin who's book has the word "eccentric" added to it 
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    The Evolving Waters, also known as Aqualand
    A giant glass sphere filled with some rare and interesting aquatic creatures. This was created by maybe a divine with too much time on their hands or a group of scientists. This sphere has since been turned into a tourist attraction, possibly part of a zoo now. This sphere is massive and over the years some of the aquatic creatures have started to evolve into a much smarter species unknowingly to the outside world. I would assume the creatures would be kinda pissed they have been trapped and watched for many years. These creatures could be waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike and gain their freedom. 

  • Catapult Island

    An island on the back of a giant Catapult Turtle. Instead of earthquakes, if they anger the turtle they'll experience a "HOP" where everyone flies into the air and falls down, almost always killing them when they fall back to the ground. The culture there has adapted and now have metal boots affixed to the ground in random places. Everyone has to fight over who gets the boots to survive. Those who fail to get the boots will surely die. It is considered a crime to even say the word HOP because of the negative connotation associated with it. 
  • Delusional Cave
    A cave full of meta Ytts who have transformed into all sorts of people like Gwyneth or Young Ladyr but the difference is these Ytts have convinced themselves that they actually are these people and refuse to untransform so they've created what is essentially a society crossing over characters who could never possibly meet and anybody who goes into this cave would be terrified seeing all of these people like Virgo and Bopen living together 
  • aw man my main idea didnt go through becuase of dead puppies even though it had no dead dogs which doesnt make sense but ok i guess

  • Goblin Liberation Front Headquarters inside a large garbage dump outside of Abracadab where goblins plan for the liberation of there people from the intolerant elves but the Goblin Liberation Front is made up entirely of non goblin sympathizers who speak on behalf of the goblins but dont actually represent goblin values
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