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Drawing every day for a year (106 out of 365 complete) I'm back?



  • Oops, I've been forgetting to post again! Well, here are some random doodles for you guys. Also, nice to see you again @TheGallantKnight

  • Here are some more! I do like the one that I drew on my computer the most, I think he looks cute even if he's a bit rushed!

  • Here are some more drawings! My favorite is the slime dissolving the bread basket, and that strange creature was just to try making something look shaggy.

  • Here are some more drawings! Sorry that one is sideways, but I don't have the time to fix that...

  • Hey! Here are a few for the last few days, various doodles from spare time during school.

  • Here is one for today!

  • Here are some more doodles! I'm just going to call my drawings of knights "Knighty nite" now. There is also one of Hornet for hollow knight, so yeah...

  • Merry Christmas! Here's a Holiday Frog for you!

  • @Javo i love that frog, so silly looking.
    loving all the art, keep going!
  • Here's a house.

  • Here are some more pieces since I've been absent for a while. The first bunch of them and kind of hollow knight inspired, and the second one I have no idea...

  • Here are some more little bugs!

  • Here are some things that I did at school, some weird creature and some birbs.

  • Here are some more doodles! Sorry about the infrequent posting, I just keep forgetting to do it because of everything already on my plate, but I'm nearing the finish line nonetheless.

  • Here are some more! The accordion is a bit off, but overall I'm pleased with these! Also, I will not give any context on the second picture, live with that.

  • Here are some more doodles from over the past week! The second one is me trying to draw my little cousin's DnD character and I think it turned out pretty well! The third picture was me trying to draw my other cousin's character, but I had trouble getting the perspective right.

  • Here are some doodles I made yesterday!

  • @Javo
    im really enjoying looking through tall your art, keep it up mate 
  • Thanks for the encouragement! Less than a month is left on this challenge, so I'm not going to give up now! Here are two more, both drawn from looking at an image.

  • Here are some more that I made on Friday, another landscape, a whale skeleton, and some random doodles!

  • One week to go and I thought better late than never to join back in. Here's what I've been up to since my last post, if I've done my numbers right that means I'm 5 drawings behind.
    I've split it into albums of around 50 for the sake of counting

    1. 50 (contains figure drawing/nudity)
    2. 50 (mostly doodles)
    3. 41 (mostly digital)

    Last post was 212; plus 141 puts me at 353. Don't think I'll find time to make up the five I'm behind before the thirteenth but I'll try. :o 

    Today's is below, also in the above albums. Not the most exciting thing to come back on I know  :p

    Massive props to Javo for keeping it going, I've been lurking the thread and love all your drawings. Your most recent landscape drawing and the whale skeleton look really fantastic!
    Also one final spanish inquisition for @TheGallantKnight and @SiennaMyDog
  • Pizza counts an art form around here. Right?
  • Welcome Back! It's great to see you guys around again! Here's another landscape!

  • @siennamydog It IS a pretty fantastic looking pizza

    @Javo Love how you did the reflection in the lake, the mountain looks really good.

    Here's mine for today, some doodles of zombies.

  • Me again! Just a dude with a skull mask.

  • Thanks @Femmipoo ! Here are some quick-ish golems I made yesterday (sorry about the lighting)!

  • @Javo Lookin good man, I really like both of them!

    Just some colour on yesterdays, nothing exciting from me.

  • just a grumpy elf in a tree today

  • Here are some doodles I made yesterday! Also, @Femmipoo , I just want to say I love how dynamic your characters are!

  • @Javo Thank you! I like the flowery plant, is it based on any specific kind of plant?

    Been doodling all weekend and have a couple to post. Just three to go and one behind, weird to think it's been a whole year. :oh: 


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