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Kobold Weight

How much do Kobold weigh? we know their height but do they weigh like stones? if so What stone? Very impotent question. How much do their dicks weight, please don't answer this


  • I'd think that they are at least a lot heavier than say a dwarf of the same size. Considering kobold fur is made of rocks, I imagine they are quite dense, literally. For reference, the average rock density is around 2.5 times the average human density (yes i did google average human density).

    Then again, dverg dvergs have rocky skin, so they'd also be pretty heavy. 
  • @magnetised Dvergr's also have Rock Skeletons, which has to make them a lot heavier as well.

    OT: I honestly wouldn't know. We know nothing about Race General Weights; even if we were to guess Elves weigh about the same as Humans (We have similar heights to them), we don't know what kind of material the rocky fur is made out of. If I had to guess, I'd say a furless Kobold's average would weigh around 175 lbs, similar to real world Wolves (which are roughly the same height I think), but the fur throws it off.
  • Im thinking around 300, as I think they would be a little more heavy then Dwarfs
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  • Kobolds don't have dicks.
    It's like... been said everywhere except on the actual show though.
    As close to canon as can be.
  • Also another question. how long do Kobolds Live for? Like without Silver?
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