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Campaign Thread: Hooligan Hustle

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Oh sheesh guys sorry to make a campaign thread for this one. I was zonked out setting up this campaign for sure! If your wondering why this campaign thread is dead is cause Rob didn't make it till 2am after the campaign ended!


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    Hey that was a pretty good deadrealms I quite liked it

    No but seriously I loved how goofy this show was, might be my favourite deadrealms campaign  :)
  • There was a Deadrealms? Now I have to go be a VOD watching gremlin…
  • I saw up to the Server going down due to the Update, but what I did see was funny. I too will have to find the VOD and watch it again.
  • I had a lot of fun with this. I loved the wrestling shenanigans and every character you guys brought to the table. Though the highlight of the night for me was when the server went down, everyone was going Macho Man, and Rob getting a little overwhelmed by the voices.

    "I Feel like I'm being Attacked, when you have multiple people doing Macho Man Randy Savage at you, its scary." ~ Rob 01/26/2019

    Great show, can't wait for the next one.
  • The Dead Realms keep getting better!  I loved watching all those random spells... Man, what was it? 15 critical hit random spells?? That was ridiculous!
  • This was my absolute favorite Dead Realms so far, bar none.

    The concept was very grounded and the fun and reactions made it really stand out.
  • Yeah I'd agree this was the most entertaining Deadrealms so far, it was basically like a Season 1 Campaign where the focus was just having everyone goof off and have a good time.
  • Best dead realms yet.
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    feeling bad for roamin in episode 8 : P
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